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February 14th, 2009, 11:11
I am relatively new to CFS so forgive my ignorance to the site's jargon. I'm looking for help. I am into the USAAF Campaign flying the P-51 strafing the airfield of Nazi jets (sorry I forget the name of the mission). Once the strafing is completed and goals achieved I head back to base in the general direction. Once I hit the "x" button to compress time I am routed back to Nazi strip. I again head west for a longer period only to hit "x" again and find my fuel tank empty and enprop windmilling. The only way to make it home is to continue to hit"x", set best glide speed, descend to approx. 500 ft. and repeat process. Am I doing something wrong? This is the only mission in which I have encountered a problem.

February 14th, 2009, 13:10

And don't be to shy about not knowing the lingo. English is not my first language and I get by pretty easy with the guys here.

Concerning that b***h of a mission, I experienced the same thing and, for a time, used the same exhausting method you actually practice. The problem here is that missions are going along way points, pre-programmed in the ".mis" folder. In this mission, you are in the "thick of it" before reaching that way point and, unfortunately, are being "thrown back" over the enemy airfield, loosing that precious fuel.

Assuming that you have accomplished your mission and that you are permitted to "jump", here is a trick that may work; before hitting X, cut your engine!!! Keep hitting X as long as you are not in view of your own base.

Is it cheating? IMHO, no more than what you're doing now. After all, this is a game.:173go1:

Have fun!:caked: