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September 29th, 2017, 02:12
Update 13 Details:

Things are getting visual in our update this week, with some long-awaited trueSKY updates coming into Flight Sim World.

That's not all though, with some major revisions to the PBR engine that will overhaul how things look inside the cockpit.

Read on for the full update notes:


Introduced ‘Stable cloud motion’ graphics display option to reduce the cloud edge motion artefacts during travel.
Reinstated rain audio effects for the internal cockpit views
Improved stars visibility at night

Please Note: Stable Cloud Motion is currently an ‘opt in’ setting. We encourage players to feedback on any performance of visual issues experienced by their setup. Pending community feedback, this will default to "on" in the sim for the next update.


PBR improvements have now been applied to all core aircraft

User Interface

Flights and flight plans can now be launched by double-clicking them.
Flight planner automatically populates with data from your last flight
“Show log in menu” and “Auto-open” ATC window options added
Adds support for missing French characters
Tick no longer appears on mission pack cards when not all missions have been completed


General improvements to PBR lighting model
Test solution to reduce distant autogen popping implemented
German keyboards now supported

That's it for the update this week, let us know what you think!

September 29th, 2017, 02:16
I would fix the quotes above but clicking "Edit Post" only shows an empty box with nothing to edit.

September 29th, 2017, 03:04
Thanks for the hu on the update.

September 30th, 2017, 13:18
Looks like this is coming to FSW soon from BlueSkyFS.com