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October 8th, 2008, 08:55
How does one turn on TileProxy once installed? How does it effect frame rates? What exactly does it do? Any screens?

I am interested, may install it of FS9 too.


October 8th, 2008, 10:18
Hey Caz,

Once installed, download the starter INI's. Install the FSX INI into the main TileProxy folder 'in' FSX. (There are two TileProxy folders, one in FSX, and one in the Microsoft Games folder. The one in the Microsoft Games folder is where the scenery is stored).

Once that is all done, you go to 'Start' and locate Programs/TileProxy/'Start Tile Proxy'. This will bring up a black DOS window and some code flashes, then it should say 'Ready to Fly'.

Then start up FSX (or FS9).

The Sim may stall and request verification that you are a human accessing a photo site, such as VE, GE, etc. (You can change which group you are downloading scenery tiles from, and its easily done via changing things on your INI file, sort of like tuning your FSX config file. Let me know and I can walk you through that).

Then fly...!

You cant go too fast on the first run as its new tiles. Once you have flown an area, its saved to Cache. Thus your second flight can be faster.

This is 'photo real scenery' and its extreme, so you will get blurries now and then. To 'Refresh Scenery' you will need to activate a keyboard key to make it work (I use 'C' key on my rig). When you hit C key on fresh tiles, it may take 5 min's. Once you have Cache downloaded, its quicker. FS9 is much faster.

Some photo groups do not have scenery that is in high rez at some locations. GE has some very new scenery, and I think theirs is also seasonal, so snow will be in winter time pictures. If you cant find your home town, etc, in high rez, switch out the photo sources to another, till you find one that has it. (There are 4 choices total).

You can turn off TileProxy (fly with it not running) and it appears gone and all AutoGen is returned to normal.

You can tune TileProxy to 'not go online' and run its scenery on Cache Mode only. You do this in the INI file, changing 'No' to 'Yes' on the 'offline flying command line' field.

So..... Basically, install TileProxy 7. Install setup INI for FSX. Start TileProxy, start FSX, and go... :)

Remember that its slow at first, (first run). It is downloading super huge JPG's, converting them to formats for FSX or FS9, then installing them (literally installing them) and laying them down 'in front' of your flight, so alot of things are going on as you fly.

FS9 is lower resolution, realise that. Nothing like what FSX can do.

You can 'increase' the resolution download zones (lowest and highest resolutions) via the INI file. I think 19 is highest on the present build of TP, and 9 is lowest. 9 and 17 are low/high stock settings. I boosted mine to 10 / 19. Its slower, but greater detail. But I now have blurries often and have to Refresh Scenery when needed.

There are alot of basics on how to tune the INI file here; http://www.sim-outhouse.com/sohforums/showthread.php?t=631

Let me know if you have questions.


Below photos;
1. San Diego
2. San Diego
3. Martha's Vineyard
4. Cape Cod Penninsula
5. Austria at Innsbruck
6. San Diego over Coronado Island
7. San Diego over Coronado Island

October 8th, 2008, 12:57
Wow! many thanks Bill, I shall try that very thing. I notice that FSX Fall textures are already in for my area, yet not so in FS9 yet,. The Fall textures in FSX are way too bright and overdone IMHO, Summer textures look much better.


October 8th, 2008, 13:23
I didn't know that TileProxy runs on FS9 - but I assume it must be quite slow:running:?

October 8th, 2008, 15:43
I didn't know that TileProxy runs on FS9 - but I assume it must be quite slow:running:?
Not at all really. . .I've yet to get FSX tiles to get beyond the blurry stage so I run FS9 exclusively. Figure it this way. . .autogen takes a big hit on a lot of systems, especially if turned up high. . . .with tileproxy, there is no autogen and so after the initial loading of all the tiles you'll actually see faster fps, not slower.

October 8th, 2008, 19:44
Note that the Tiles of high detail scenery and missing autogen is only when TP is running. When you fly without TP running in the background, the photo scenery is gone, your stock FS scenery is back, and the Autogen is back also.



With FSX, try pausing, or hitting Refresh Scenery. You have to assign a key to Refresh Scenery. I use 'C' key. In a new area though, it can take 5 min's to Refresh... (eeks... ).

FS9 seems to really do well with it. I flew from Innsbruck to Salzburg through the Alpine valleys and man... Talk about amazing... Now and then, a tile or 3 will turn black for some reason, but after a couple of min's, it reappears in high detail as you fly past it. Dont know whats causing it but its temporary.

I leave my FSX INI file in the main TP folder as TP seems to auto-adjust when you fire up FS9. (I wanted to see what FSX resolutions would look like in FS9 but it wouldnt do it. Probably wouldnt show up anyways.. arrgh).


October 8th, 2008, 20:32
With FSX, try pausing, or hitting Refresh Scenery. You have to assign a key to Refresh Scenery. I use 'C' key. In a new area though, it can take 5 min's to Refresh... (eeks... )
Yea I saw your mention of the refresh key setup somewhere and did that this evening. Gonna go back and try FSX again.