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December 30th, 2016, 06:04
***DCS Normandy year in review***

DCS: World War II, a Year in Review and Looking Forward
As 2016 closes, we are looking back to what we have done during the past year and reveal some of plans for 2017.

We completed several new tasks in 2016 for DCS:WWII. This included the official release of DCS: Bf 109 K-4, which was preceded by extensive work on flight model, skins, and training missions. We also added two FW 190 D-9 rocket types for air-to-air and air-to-ground missions.


The main event this year though was the Early Access release of DCS: Spitfire LF Mk. IX. The huge project to recreate this legendary British fighter included the virtual reconstruction of the external model, cockpit, systems and flight dynamics. We are proud to add this to our stable of DCS World War II aircraft. In 2017, our Spitfire work will continue with bug fixes and the addition of bombs and an external fuel tank.

Our next big World War II event will be the Early Access release of the DCS: Normandy 1944 map in the 1st quarter of 2017. The postponement of this release was the result of two primary factors:

DCS: Normandy 1944 will be the first DCS World map to use our new lighting system. As a result, we have had to remake all landscape textures and objects. This has been a massive task, but we believe it will be worth the time and effort.
As our first map for DCS: World War II, a great deal of time and effort has gone into creating many new period objects like tanks, trucks, air defense units, trains, ships, and AI bombers. We are also creating many objects that make up the “Atlantic Wall” along the Normandy coast. We believe these objects are essential for making great missions.

We hope these efforts will bring DCS: World War II to new level for us.


We are also still working on other previously announced features:

New aircraft damage model systems. This new system will be based on a much more precise system of positional agregats within an aircraft structure such that it will give players a new level of realistic air combat damage modeling- especially with machineguns. Because this system will dramatically change simulation balance, the system will be released for all World War II planes simultaneously.
Unpaved airfields. This feature will provide the ability to place additional, small airfields on flat ground surfaces via the Mission Editor. Such airfields were used by all sides in World War II for refuelling, emergency, and dummy airfields.


This is only a small part of our plan for 2017. Our goal is to create an entire World War II environment for our warbirds which will continue our strategic goal of creating an air combat simulation that spans the world and across the decades. Strap in!

Happy New Year!
The Eagle Dynamics Team

January 25th, 2017, 13:54
Extension into south England
https://forums.eagle.ru/attachment.php?attachmentid=155679&stc=1&thumb=1&d=1485354621 (https://forums.eagle.ru/attachment.php?attachmentid=155679&d=1485354621)

January 27th, 2017, 16:27

https://forums.eagle.ru/attachment.php?attachmentid=155828&stc=1&thumb=1&d=1485534730 (https://forums.eagle.ru/attachment.php?attachmentid=155828&d=1485534730)

January 30th, 2017, 02:37
Wags posted some more WIP Shots,Looks to be really taking shape:jump:

https://scontent.fjoi1-1.fna.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/16406406_10158201406720341_8818108039824241988_n.j pg?oh=a95a4ca26332ae730b7faf274a51d2fe&oe=5903392A
https://scontent.fjoi1-1.fna.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/16388131_10158201406725341_7176645740964785362_n.j pg?oh=392cac4874353d43f4da17715f462767&oe=5949444C
https://scontent.fjoi1-1.fna.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/16426104_10158201406690341_1073802010867752534_n.j pg?oh=cd578eb62b1028a2b03a5894ad744cee&oe=5914E0FD

January 30th, 2017, 02:39
https://scontent.fjoi1-1.fna.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/16298998_10158201406875341_6211513056604792000_n.j pg?oh=893a0a873b71c6e39d9c6b7fcf2a50f4&oe=590C864E
https://scontent.fjoi1-1.fna.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/16265873_10158201406900341_6044684215067997579_n.j pg?oh=862182b6ecc5ebc1bb53b474e05d6ba7&oe=58FE864A
https://scontent.fjoi1-1.fna.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/16406858_10158201407005341_4316399540603132098_n.j pg?oh=5add475e52f40236aa876437dbc44699&oe=5912D666

January 30th, 2017, 02:43
https://scontent.fjoi1-1.fna.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/16406533_10158201406830341_2692037052901573447_n.j pg?oh=4f6d3ef52d1b86686fbd76fc740445d9&oe=59465ECC

January 30th, 2017, 04:36
From MudSpike Forums

February 10th, 2017, 08:38
From Wags

Happy Friday everyone! Here are a few WIP images of the upcoming Normandy map. One of the big items we are working on now is populating the towns and cities to make them look more lived in. Cars, bicycles, carts, telephone poles, laundry hanging on lines, tractors, etc. We also have two different types of trains based on the year of the mission.
Attached Thumbnailshttps://forums.eagle.ru/attachment.php?attachmentid=156976&stc=1&thumb=1&d=1486746564 (https://forums.eagle.ru/attachment.php?attachmentid=156976&d=1486746564) https://forums.eagle.ru/attachment.php?attachmentid=156977&stc=1&thumb=1&d=1486746564 (https://forums.eagle.ru/attachment.php?attachmentid=156977&d=1486746564) https://forums.eagle.ru/attachment.php?attachmentid=156978&stc=1&thumb=1&d=1486746564 (https://forums.eagle.ru/attachment.php?attachmentid=156978&d=1486746564)

https://forums.eagle.ru/attachment.php?attachmentid=156979&stc=1&thumb=1&d=1486746572 (https://forums.eagle.ru/attachment.php?attachmentid=156979&d=1486746572)

February 15th, 2017, 13:27
Hello England!
Attached Thumbnailshttps://forums.eagle.ru/attachment.php?attachmentid=157307&stc=1&thumb=1&d=1487192549 (https://forums.eagle.ru/attachment.php?attachmentid=157307&d=1487192549) https://forums.eagle.ru/attachment.php?attachmentid=157308&stc=1&thumb=1&d=1487192549 (https://forums.eagle.ru/attachment.php?attachmentid=157308&d=1487192549) https://forums.eagle.ru/attachment.php?attachmentid=157309&stc=1&thumb=1&d=1487192549 (https://forums.eagle.ru/attachment.php?attachmentid=157309&d=1487192549)

February 16th, 2017, 16:18


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February 17th, 2017, 07:47
***DCS Update***

Normandy 1944 Map Update
When we started the DCS World War II series, we realized that one of the most important aspects of the series will be a great set of period maps to support the aircraft. Our first effort in this direction has been the Normandy 1944 map. Although originally scoped to just include the immediate area around the Normandy landing areas, the product has grown based on customer feedback and to create a great single player and multiplayer environment. This has taken the us in the following directions:


While not planned from the start, we have now added a portion of southern England, directly opposite of Normandy. This area includes the RAF airfields of Tangmere, Ford, Chailey, Funtington, and Needs Oar Point. While not at the detail level of Normandy, we believe these airfields will add valuable gameplay options.

Another map task we are working on is the inclusion of Le Havre city and port and providing all the cities and towns many types of every-day objects to make the urban areas look lived-in. This includes cars, carts, bicycles, tractors, laundry lines, etc. Along the Normandy coast, our team is also creating the “Atlantic Wall” with coastal batteries and pill boxes.

The team is also working realistic road and rail traffic that includes the option for period trains and auto-generated road traffic. In addition to the map, a very important aspect to create an immersive experience is to have the option to populate it with period air, land, and sea units. Many such units are being created now, and one of these new units includes the AI B-17G bomber. We are happy to share the first images of the B-17G in the game. Inclusion of the B-17G will provide more interesting gameplay options for the P-51D and Fw 190 D-9.

February 17th, 2017, 08:01
***From Wags***
Dear all,

On 25 February, I plan to do the first live stream of the Normandy 1944 map! This will probably be over Youtube livesteam.

If you have specific questions about this map, please post them here and I'll try to answer many of them during the stream.

Next week I will provide the exact time.

Look forward to seeing you all then,
Attached Thumbnailshttps://forums.eagle.ru/attachment.php?attachmentid=157384&stc=1&thumb=1&d=1487274248 (https://forums.eagle.ru/attachment.php?attachmentid=157384&d=1487274248)

February 19th, 2017, 16:07

February 20th, 2017, 05:16
New AI B-17 Coming for Normandy Map

February 20th, 2017, 13:23
****New info on Normandy Live Stream***
From Wags......
"Dear all,

Due to a pressing family matter, I will be traveling this weekend. So, I've had to postpone the live stream one week to 4 March 2017.

I look forward to seeing you all then.


February 22nd, 2017, 09:26
***From Wags***
Our map team is hard at work bringing the Normandy map to completion with most of the work focusing on bug clean up and tuning. We are getting close! Once the map is available for pre-purchase, we will announce the release date.
One question we often read about the Normandy map is if non-World War II units will work with it. It certainly will! In fact, we think many of you will find it an amazing map for helicopters and close air support aircraft in particular.
For this update, we’ve included several images of many modern day DCS World unit types in the Normandy map.
Also, the Normandy map live stream has had to be postponed to 4 March 2017.
https://uploads.mudspike.com/optimized/3X/0/3/039ebd5acaa312dd7eb52c0ce4a42c424ca84951_1_690x388 .jpg (https://uploads.mudspike.com/original/3X/0/3/039ebd5acaa312dd7eb52c0ce4a42c424ca84951.jpg)
https://uploads.mudspike.com/optimized/3X/d/b/db703118f86bcdd73497a6ad729b1549126f921d_1_690x388 .jpg
(https://uploads.mudspike.com/original/3X/d/b/db703118f86bcdd73497a6ad729b1549126f921d.jpg)https ://uploads.mudspike.com/optimized/3X/5/b/5b0d476a5fd51c9c1b0791345ec9319ca8e4cff6_1_690x388 .jpg

February 22nd, 2017, 10:04

February 28th, 2017, 14:15
***Live Stream Delayed***
From Wags.......
"Dear all,

Sincerely sorry to have to do this a second time, but the team and I have decided it would be best to delay the live stream a bit to come very shortly after the start of the Normandy map pre-purchase and the release of the amazing trailer video that “Glowing Amraam” is working on. We feel the live stream and Q&A will be much more appropriate and useful after the pre-purchase beings.

Again, my apologies for the delay."


March 3rd, 2017, 13:13
***DCS Normandy***New Screenshots***

https://uploads.mudspike.com/optimized/3X/b/0/b08ec8dbfa5cebd37462aa4fb736bfe51e1da0a2_1_690x388 .jpg
(https://uploads.mudspike.com/original/3X/b/0/b08ec8dbfa5cebd37462aa4fb736bfe51e1da0a2.jpg)https ://uploads.mudspike.com/optimized/3X/5/f/5f1d1aba6de5e7cfe08176bebc15c76c0bb813c2_1_690x388 .jpg (https://uploads.mudspike.com/original/3X/5/f/5f1d1aba6de5e7cfe08176bebc15c76c0bb813c2.jpg)
https://uploads.mudspike.com/optimized/3X/7/1/71ad542b898e4b83ebd29e51cfeffa3d600b3c07_1_690x388 .jpg (https://uploads.mudspike.com/original/3X/7/1/71ad542b898e4b83ebd29e51cfeffa3d600b3c07.jpg)
1920x1080 914 KB (https://uploads.mudspike.com/original/3X/8/d/8d3f9fa7c3e62043ecd2c052dda7104cf6531de9.jpg)

March 4th, 2017, 04:04
http://www.avsim.com/applications/core/interface/imageproxy/imageproxy.php?img=https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/upload/iblock/531/Screen_170303_125248.jpg&key=768ccc877f2b7cadbd12ed789c8a75516e0c827fecd644 71cbd8eed87c77ae69 (http://www.avsim.com/applications/core/interface/imageproxy/imageproxy.php?img=https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/upload/iblock/531/Screen_170303_125248.jpg&key=768ccc877f2b7cadbd12ed789c8a75516e0c827fecd644 71cbd8eed87c77ae69)
http://www.avsim.com/applications/core/interface/imageproxy/imageproxy.php?img=https://scontent.fmad3-2.fna.fbcdn.net/v/t31.0-8/17157408_1416335025055048_5906037254774112436_o.jp g?oh=78af6a5349ea71e72dcf6614f455a8bd%26oe=592C4DD 9&key=9e12c5ff93df41e933b15738cd08b15b922b82a15535f7 c0e08f5e22ed4d8625 (http://www.avsim.com/applications/core/interface/imageproxy/imageproxy.php?img=https://scontent.fmad3-2.fna.fbcdn.net/v/t31.0-8/17157408_1416335025055048_5906037254774112436_o.jp g?oh=78af6a5349ea71e72dcf6614f455a8bd%26oe=592C4DD 9&key=9e12c5ff93df41e933b15738cd08b15b922b82a15535f7 c0e08f5e22ed4d8625)

March 7th, 2017, 15:03
***From Wags***
A couple from today during campaign creation...
https://uploads.mudspike.com/optimized/3X/1/2/125e440050f3972f3ed8463d5f2c4b6718276c05_1_690x388 .jpg1920x1080 624 KB
https://uploads.mudspike.com/optimized/3X/e/f/ef118800c9395c134e9dec580b14cba6db75d9cf_1_690x388 .jpg (https://uploads.mudspike.com/original/3X/e/f/ef118800c9395c134e9dec580b14cba6db75d9cf.jpg)1920x 1080 723 KB (https://uploads.mudspike.com/original/3X/e/f/ef118800c9395c134e9dec580b14cba6db75d9cf.jpg)

March 8th, 2017, 11:23
****From DCS Facebook Page****

"The DCS: Normandy 1944 Map and DCS: World War II Assets Pack will be available for download by late April 2017.

More details coming this weekend in the Newsletter!

The DCS: Normandy 1944 Map is centred on the World War II battlefield of Normandy, France and is specifically created to depict the period after the D-Day landings and the establishment of several allied airfields in Normandy to support the beachhead breakout in late June 1944. The map measures 267 x 348 kilometres and includes airfields in both Normandy and southern England. The map includes the famous D-Day landing beaches and the “Atlantic Wall”, rolling bocage fields of Normandy, large cities like Caen and Rouen, ports of Cherbourg and Le Havre, and 30 airfields. The map also includes multiple seasons and more detail and accuracy than any previous DCS World map by utilizing new map technologies.

A vital aspect of creating an authentic World War II battlefield is to populate it with matching artificial intelligence (AI) World War II assets. The DCS: World War II Assets Pack provides numerous World War II air, land and sea assets to populate the Normandy and other DCS World maps with. Eagle Dynamics has spent the last three year creating an entirely new set of combat vehicles to support DCS: World War II, and each unit is created with an exceptional level of detail and accuracy. These assets include:

• Tanks and Mobile Artillery
o M4 Sherman Firefly
o M4A4 Sherman with "Rhino" hedge cutter
o Mk VIII Cromwell
o Jagdpanzer IV
o Sd.Kfz. 162
o Tiger I
o Tiger II
o Panther V
o Panzer IV
o Sturmpanzer IV Brummbär, Sd. Kfz. 166
o Jagdpanther G1

• Cars and Trucks
o Jeep Willys
o Truck CCKW 353
o Bedford MWD
o Kübelwagen 82
o Truck Blitz 36-6700A

• Steam Train and Cars
o DRG Class 86 locomotive
o Tank wagon
o G10 covered wagon
o DR 50 Ton Flat Wagon Type SSys

• Anti-Aircraft Artillery
o Bofors 40 mm gun
o 8.8 cm Flak Gun 18, 36, & 37
o 2 cm Flak 30/38/Flakvierling

• Ships
o LCVP Higgins
o LST Mk2
o USS Samuel Chase

• Infantry
o US soldier
o UK soldier
o German soldier

• Aircraft
o B-17G bomber

The DCS: World War II Assets Pack will continue to grow with DCS: Combined Arms compatibility and free asset additions that includes:

• New tanks
• SdKfz 234/2 "Puma"
• Sd.Kfz. 251
• Sd.Kfz.2 Kettenkrad
• Horch staff car
• E-boat Schnellboot type S-130
• Uboat type 7
• German search lights
• Barrage balloons
• Avro Lancaster
• Hawker Typhoon
• C-47
• Ju-88
• Fw 190 A-6 and A-8
• Bf 109 G-6
• A-20 Havoc/Boston
• B-24
• B-25
• B-26

The DCS: Normandy Map and the DCS: World War II Assets Pack will be available as a 20%-off, pre-purchase bundle for $47.99. Upon release in late April 2017, the DCS: Normandy 1944 Map and DCS: World War II Assets Pack bundle will be sold for $59.99, and the stand-alone DCS: Normandy 1944 Map for $44.99 and the stand-alone DCS: World War II Assets pack for $29.99."

March 8th, 2017, 11:39

March 10th, 2017, 09:01
Pre-Purchase Now Available


March 13th, 2017, 16:19
Patrick, are there plans to make the B-17 flyable and able to man the guns? Reason is Multiplayer. Maybe just AI programing the 17s to fly routes to targets and return to base. But playable to man the guns and Norden bombsite. Do you recall B-17 Flying Fortress "The Mighty 8th", the Bombs-Away website, and V8th OPS? We the members of the website, tried to get Hasbro/Atari to redo the sim and add MP into the mix seeing they are the owners, after buying it from Microprose.. We begged and begged but to no avail. Hopefully someone someday will do this.

BTW... that Nornamdy map looks terrific. Hats off you guys for the realism and making it happen. :encouragement:

March 14th, 2017, 15:12
Hello Gary:wavey:
Oh Boy do I ever Remember The "The Mighty 8th" Such a fantastically immersive sim for its time!! I remember 20 yrs ago?? My kids were young and I had to wait for them to go to bed so I could play:biggrin-new: Our Tiny PC was in our bedroom then,I'd play in the dark....1-2am with headphones on,Guiding my B-17 through a field of flak to target.My wife would cover her head with the pillow allowing me my "Mission For Tonight" haha...So Fun!!

Gary I have NOT seen a DCS AI aircraft as detailed as this,other then maybe The upcoming F/A-18C Hornet which will be a full DCS Module soon-ish.:adoration: I have to believe they have plans to make The B-17 a full module at some point.I'm sure you will be able to give The AI fortress a series of waypoints in the DCS Mission Editor when it's made available in The Normandy Map,If you have DCS World now?(its free to download and comes with two free aircraft) You can try other bombers on AI runs.

Just FYI I'm not affiliated with DCS,just a fan:biggrin-new:

March 16th, 2017, 18:03
Thanks Patrick, I was hoping you would be. LOL I'll have to get on their forums and ask. But if you think of it you can ask if you want.

Yeah, I too miss B-17. I don't know if it would play on 8.1 or not, even with compatibility set for XP or Windows 7. I'm going to have to try one of these days. What I miss even more is V8th Ops that Wolfman and I ran for 2 campaigns. We vBombed the living hell out of vGermany. LOL

I do have XP Home (32 bit) on another HDD to try B-17 on. Same for Silent Hunter 3 as it's also a 32 bit sim.

March 18th, 2017, 14:55
Wags Live Stream Recording


March 23rd, 2017, 14:13
From DCS Facebook page


March 26th, 2017, 03:15
Huey Tour

March 29th, 2017, 13:15
ACHTUNG PANTHER!!!!!<strong>


April 4th, 2017, 15:58

April 19th, 2017, 13:30

May 1st, 2017, 09:14
F L A K ! !


May 3rd, 2017, 13:37

May 21st, 2017, 14:22
Will be released Friday May 26


May 22nd, 2017, 10:18
Looking forward to it along with the updated NTTR map! :applause:

May 26th, 2017, 19:42
Normandy map and Assets pack has been released - now available for download and installation.


October 7th, 2017, 03:04
****New Landscape Objects Coming to Normandy****

October 7th, 2017, 03:07
**New German Half Track coming to Normandy**


December 13th, 2017, 18:56
Oooooh, a Normandy map!

Let's see, that would be the FREE Normandy map, right? That's the one that ED and their partners promised for free, as part of the free "core game." right?

From the Kickstarter Page:
"DCS WWII: Europe 1944 will also distribute via a free-to-play model, with the core game available as a free download!"

That could NEVER be the one on their website now, could it?

"DCS: Normandy 1944 Map - $44.99"

Wait, you say there is NO free downloadable "core game?" But...but...but, they PROMISED!

Oh, and don't EVER believe ED isn't responsible for 100% of what was promised in the DCS WWII Kickstarter campaign. They are. They were a full partner and would have easily been able to take legal action against any partners who left, to recover funds and complete the project. Oh, and there's that little matter of the letter on their Facebook page, from November 28th. It's available to read in the thread here:


So, it seems they have PLENTY of money to complete the project. They have so much money that they're using DCS WWII as a cash cow to support their modern sim (DCS World) development.

If you backed the game and didn't get EVERYTHING you were promised, write to them and make noise. Post on public forums EVERYWHERE about what they're doing. If you're a WWII simmer, you've just been kicked in the virtual nads by ED. Get outraged and take action.

I'm actually very sorry I was SO right with everything bad I said about them over the past few years. They're never going to get a dime from me now, NEVER EVER.


December 14th, 2017, 07:55
Hello Irish,
Normandy Map was indeed FREE along with the assets pack and 6 flyable aircraft if you pledged on the Kickstarter campaign for a certain dollar amount. The core map of The Caucasus region that comes with 2 flyable aircraft is also
Enjoy Irish and Happy Holiday's!!!!:santahat::santahat::santahat:

January 26th, 2018, 13:15

April 17th, 2020, 13:39

April 21st, 2020, 10:35
Noticed a top turret gunner in the B-17, I'm guessing The Bombers will now have Crews. Hopefully.