View Full Version : sound.cfg's for Douglas DC-6 and Canadair CL-215 (again)

Maarten -
October 8th, 2008, 02:10
Hi there,

Still not quite satisfied with the result of my 'tweaking' on the original sound.cfg of the Sim-Outhouse Team's Douglas A-26 Invader in order to capture the sound of the Douglas DC-6 series and the Canadair CL-215, I kept 'tweaking on' till a few weeks ago. The sounds have been tested in FS2004 only.

A few days ago the results have been uploaded at Avsim.com and Sim-Outhouse.com (zipfiles dc6sndv3.zip and cl215snd3.zip).

In order to make your system reproduce the DC-6 or CL-215 sound, first download from www.sim-outhouse.com (http://www.sim-outhouse.com/) the great Douglas A-26 Invader package (a26_soh.zip for manual installation or a26soh.zip for automatic installation) and enjoy flying that plane. Then copy the sound pack of the A-26 to the DC-6 or CL-215, and replace the existing sound.cfg by the revised one you just downloaded.

Special thanks to the author of the original A-26 sound pack, David C. Copley who gave his permission to upload the modified versions of his sound.cfg as freeware, with limited distribution, at Sim-Outhouse.com and Avsim.com.


October 8th, 2008, 02:56
Thanks Martin,

I used the previous CL-215 version in the Alpha PBM-5A Martin Mariner.
Worked great.

Cheers. :ernae: