View Full Version : CFS3 passion is back.... :-)

September 1st, 2016, 01:58
Hello everyone, and thank you for having me admitted to the forum :-)

This summer I re-discovered a passion for combat flight simulation, in fact never died down, in fact I used to fly in CFS3 more than ten years ago ....

I still had the original disks, and I launched the installation, but not directly on my Windows 10 laptop ...

I used a VirtualBox installed with XP, this allows me to have multiple installations at the same time without risking trouble on the pc .... if it does not work I can cancel the VirtualBox and try again without problems.... ;-)
In this way, starting from a setup "vanilla" I have the possibility to clone the VB and proceed with the various "expansion pack".
For now I have installed "Korean Skies" and "Battle of Britain" and I intend to continue with "ETO", "MAW" and "PTO Rising sun / Solomon Island", when I have time .......
And I will keep one VB to try out the various mods and the planes I downloaded....in fact in one of my old HD I found about 2.5 GB of material dowloaded from various sites which now no longer exist.... :-(

A lot of planes from AvHistory, Groundcrew and so on....

Ah...I was forgetting....I'm a young Italian boy 52 years old, so excuse me for my bad English........

Ciao !!

September 2nd, 2016, 05:14
Welcome back to CFS3. Have 8 separate installs and all run on Win.7 64bit great. Go to the CFS3 forum to learn how and see what is going on. Many downloads here for CFS3. Special install advice for running on Win 7 32-64 bit can be found in the CFS3 forum. Tons of downloads in the warbirds library for CFS3. Glad to have you here.