Bandwidth Drive 2019

Fellow Flight Simulator Enthusiasts it is time to start the bandwidth drive for 2019. As always we are faced with dwindling membership and expanding server needs. This year the goal is to raise enough money to replace both of our servers (Linux and Windows) with 1 server capable of running both servers as virtual machines. The primary issue with this plan right now is I donít have concrete numbers from the data center. Plan 1 would be to purchase an off lease used server with enough power to run both virtual machines. Plan 2 is to lease the 1 server from our data center and build it out as desired. This puts us in a situation that we donít really know how much to money we need to raise. The goal this year will be the same as last year $10,000 to start with, that should give us a good starting point.

There is of course a Plan 3 if both of those ideas become too costly. We simply renew both servers and have the data center upgrade the hardware for the .net server. It has been extremely hard to keep that server running for the last few months.

Make your donations here.

As always Thank You for another year.

The Staff of SOH