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  • Jorge's Avatar
    Today, 11:04
    A new entry has been added to Add-Ons Library, category CFS 2 Ships repaints Add-Ons Description: Twin pack of updated textures for Stuart277's Lexington Class aircraft carriers. These textures represent the USS Lexington CV-2 and the USS Saratoga CV-3 in their Pre-War color of Light Gray overall and Mahogany deck stain. Markings are in Orange-Yellow, also called "chrome yellow" in some circles. The Lexington texture is meant to replace my other texture for this ship that was uploaded last week, but you may use either/or depending on which you like better. By: Jorge To check it out, rate it or add comments, visit The comments you make there will appear in the posts below.
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  • gray eagle's Avatar
    Today, 11:00
    Just to make sure, is #201 same as #203 fx_ALPHA_F8_AB.txt
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  • dexthom's Avatar
    Today, 10:24
    Thanks Henrik, I am looking forward to this release.
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  • StormILM's Avatar
    Today, 10:13
    He blames himself but the only error I see here is the decision to fly in such conditions which were likely over the wind limits for that airframe and it's ability to be controlled in such conditions. He's alive to tell what happened, that's what to me is most important.
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  • Jorge's Avatar
    Today, 10:08
    Uploaded to Warbirds Library. Should be available soon. Enjoy! Jorge Miami, FL
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  • gray eagle's Avatar
    Today, 09:59
    Oh but I have on a couple 27C carriers and couple Forrestal class carriers. Been there done that, got my Westpac (Vietnam era) Med cruise books).
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  • NachtPiloten's Avatar
    Today, 09:55
    The probability of damage in my opinion was a representation of the chance that part would be hit if the wing structure was. If you want to model a faster damage profile, then you are correct increase the probability of a part being hit and that would disable it or limit its function more quickly. Now how quickly do you want this to happen, with large wings is hitting the aileron or flap is proportional to that of a small surface area? If so, then just recode the file. You could bring in Effect = "Break" sooner and see what happens. Not sure that signals for the wing to separate - would think so. Oh, points - I use the AV History points calculator spread sheet. Really cool little excel spread sheet that lets you determine the points for the parts based on certain parameters like...
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  • Dangerousdave26's Avatar
    Today, 09:54
    Your browser probably has the page cached from before my changes. Go back to the page and once it loads press F5 to force a page reload. That should correct the links. You should have links like
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  • fabulousfour's Avatar
    Today, 09:51
    I have it as Lublin R-VIII but don't let us be pedantic. :bee: A beer for Chris :icon29: and over to Idaho please.
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  • cthornburg's Avatar
    Today, 09:42
    LWS R-VIII Chris
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  • Jorge's Avatar
    Today, 09:42
    I hate to revive an old thread, but was wondering if there was any update? It seems the website being quoted is down and the attachments are not working either. I was hoping to update some of Stuart's ships to animate the guns but was wondering if I had understood this correctly, so here goes: 1. The animations are not key-frame, but rather stock. To paraphrase "Field of Dreams": If you name it properly, it will move. 2. The part name must match something that CFS2 can read to activate the animation. For lateral (left-right swivel of the mount) the name starts at gun0 and increases in sequence. For vertical (up-down) the name starts at barrel0 and increases in sequence. 3. The barrel must be linked to the gun so that one follows the other (works together). 4. The axis...
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  • Threedp's Avatar
    Today, 09:36
    If I want to create myself a 'sandbox' install to play around in, can I just copy an install directory, give it a new name, and then run multicfs3 from within it?
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  • kl791's Avatar
    Today, 09:21
    A new countdown has started - I am at home in Denmark - files are ready and Friday it will be released. Over the summer I did get inspired to do some smaller models - mostly fishing boats - but also some Navy ships... All in all close to 1100 ships will be included in the release.
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  • jamminjames's Avatar
    Today, 09:17
    Thanks... Job well done!
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  • braveheart77521's Avatar
    Today, 08:49
    maskride: The original is an FS2002 model found at All versions are named Hawk_P-36. I am making some revisions to my panel (There is no panel in the original).L leaned heavily on CaptMercy for my panel. Captmercy seems to be very good with VC's. I will send you a copy as soon as possible. Braveheart
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  • Dangerous Beans's Avatar
    Today, 08:46
    No you don't for either Dave, you will only need to be online to activate them the first time you run them.
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  • MrZippy's Avatar
    Today, 08:46
    Bet you never stood about 20 feet behind the JBDs on a carrier while a Phantom or Vigilante cranked em up for blastoff! :encouragement:
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  • Robert John's Avatar
    Today, 08:46
    A new entry has been added to Add-Ons Library, category CFS 2 Scenery Add-Ons Description: GSL Bruges Buildings This package contains gabled houses and St Salvator Catheral in Bruges. They are destructible GSL library objects which can be used with CFS2 Mission Builder for missions or as GSL scenery. There are two versions of each of the two houses - a low polygon (LP) and a high polygon version. The LP version is recommended for better frame rates when used in dense GSL scenery. Robert John
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  • gray eagle's Avatar
    Today, 08:25
    I like that :encouragement: You may find this link interestiing. I know I did.
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