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  • spokes2112's Avatar
    Today, 06:07
    Another possible diagnoses could be - open the 2 xml files in your internet browser and make sure they parse without errors. FS9\Weather\clouds\cloudartschema.xml FS9\Weather\clouds\CloudArtFiles.xml Roman
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  • Jafo's Avatar
    Today, 06:06
    Re the darkness of the gun ports....there's several images of the Avon giving the impression they weren't painted 'aluminium' as was the rest of the A/C.... Here's the pic from which I worked them.... ....but any ver is fair game.....needless to say the ones still flying are nothing like what they were originally...;)
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  • pomme homme's Avatar
    Today, 06:03
    Spot on, Walter. It is the Geffroy Monoplane of 1948. Do you have any information about its flying career and/or fate? Anyhow, it's now over to you - but you might want to avoid posting another French light aeroplane and the risk of incurring someone's wrath!
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  • Hanimichal's Avatar
    Today, 05:52
    Impressive! Currently I'm taking up my game time on World of Warships, but this will me back to FSX for more (I like the sky jump of this ship)
    13 replies | 1905 view(s)
  • wout's Avatar
    Today, 05:32
    Hi pommehomme:encouragement: Based on your info on the Mengin engine, could it be the Geffroy (Geoffroy) homebuilt first flown August 1948. Have no idea, however, whether that meets the configuration in your photo
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  • FlyingsCool's Avatar
    Today, 05:08
    The links from @MrZippy are the ones you're looking for... I just got back into simming again since about 2012 (been doing it since the '80's), and those are the links I found and used to set up my system again. That and trying stuff out myself... I have a brandy new Dell Precision laptop with 32GB memory and a 4 GB nVidia m2200 graphics card, and my circa 2010 desktop system blows it away. That ain't right. Granted my desktop is overclocked to 3.8GHz and my laptop is only 2.8 GHz, but it supposedly turbo boosts to 3.8GHz. My desktop has a 2GB GTX1050 and the laptop's got 4GB of memory on the nVidia side, but it's also got that Intel HD Graphics 630 controller getting in the way. Point is, I'm still searching for an optimal setup to get it to boost its texture loading...
    11 replies | 450 view(s)
  • Blackbird686's Avatar
    Today, 05:04
    I tried that little trick and I got farther than I did before. Now the model shows up in the preview window, but that's it. I cannot create a flight with it because for some reason it knocks out the text on the left side of the preview window. I have never been able to get this one to go... sadly. I have the An12-BKzh model installed and it works fine, as do both the "Monumentum" Il-76 and A-50. I reckon I have those, so I should just leave the "zh" version alone.:banghead: I thought it was the other way around... that I had the "zh" version and not the Monumentum model. Getting old is hell.... :~{ Thanks for the info anyway, BB686:US-flag:
    12 replies | 3715 view(s)
  • gecko's Avatar
    Today, 04:57
    Itís still being worked on - there is a lot of pioneering going on with this aircraft so itís taking some time to create many of its features for the first time in CFS3. Maybe Iíll put a demo video up of one of these features that Iím working on currently once the coding for it is done. I think youíll like it!
    1 replies | 58 view(s)
  • PHo17's Avatar
    Today, 04:46
    You misunderstood me. I have been simming MS FSs (FS2004 stoped and FSX continuing) since 2005 and know basic things like where FSX.cfg is situated etc. The thing I haven't found yet is where are the explanations and details of ALL commands in the FSX.cfg or are they available (for end user) anywhere at all. Everything else like for example the commands in aircraft.cfg file are well documented and can be found on MS sites.
    11 replies | 450 view(s)
  • pomme homme's Avatar
    Today, 03:58
    I'll give this clue quietly in an endeavour to avoid waking lefty! You'd be right to think that this little aeroplane is obscure. A 'one-off', it was designed and built, in his garage in a small town north of Paris, by a former employee of Maurice Finat. Powered by a 30hp Mengin motor, it dates from the late 1940s. I'm afraid that I don't know much of its career or what became of it.
    18947 replies | 2782172 view(s)
  • sixstrings5859's Avatar
    Today, 03:34
    Hear there is a Spitfire Mk II in the works. Anyone know how it is coming along ? Any pics? Would be a wonderful addition to CFS3. Can't wait ! Regards,Scott
    1 replies | 58 view(s)
  • bearcat241's Avatar
    Today, 03:32
    Success! :encouragement:
    24 replies | 395 view(s)
  • wombat666's Avatar
    Today, 02:49
    This is odd to say the least. The very strange 'spoiler' is ridiculous. Shame as the rest of the litter are good, odd 'racing' colour schemes aside. :dizzy:
    404 replies | 47665 view(s)
  • wombat666's Avatar
    Today, 02:46
    Sorted out at last thank you Ferry. A trifle rough inside but it feels, sounds and looks like a Jaguar!! Agreed Ferry, with a little imagination an early 1950s LM grid is possible, maybe short on a couple of period Ferraris but good enough for some entertaining racing. I'll add the early Porsche 550 Spyders into the mix as well.
    404 replies | 47665 view(s)
  • expat's Avatar
    Today, 02:27
    Thanks for your thoughtful response! Using Windows 7 and the older Java AICarriers2 installed outside the D:drive P3Dv4 is on, on the C > Program x86 folder. Has worked fine until now. Have not changed anything since I last used it or modified the aicarriers.cfg. Am happy to have just 2 -3 pages of Shift J carriers listed, so it's much easier in my case to just use and change the entries in the aicrarriers.cfg with fewer than 20 formations. I did uninstall, after backing up separately the install and cfg info. Then in a fresh folder clicked a copy of the exe to restart (did not download a fresh isntall). Now, I have got it to work, sort of, but there's a few new hoops to go through. First, I launch P3D and leave it in the main menu, then in the system tray I have to close...
    3 replies | 103 view(s)
  • MaskRider's Avatar
    Today, 02:11
    Hey, Bearcat, Thanks very much for taking the time to build a new panel. Sorry if it seemed I was blowing you off. I was just caught up in my detective work. For now, I think I will probably hang loose with the original- minus the offending gauges of course. Probably go back in and add my standard ACS-GPS/NavAP panel. Its a beautiful AC. I can see why it is one of your favorite conversions!
    24 replies | 395 view(s)
  • expat's Avatar
    Today, 01:57
    Gary, Excellent work and very generous of you to share this. I see you have thoughtfully enabled people to change the hull and island numbers by changing the textures. Is there also an easy way to remove the Buckeye trainers to have a clear deck/generic Essex boat for people to play with? Thanks again!
    46 replies | 5022 view(s)
  • MaskRider's Avatar
    Today, 01:42
    Okay, zeroed in on the gauge causing the problem in the Engine Control Panel. Observe the following screenshot. Note the highlighted gauges- "emergency-engine-stop" switches. Those are the pesky little barnacles! MR
    24 replies | 395 view(s)
  • Rami's Avatar
    Today, 01:31
    Good morning, Here is another airfield near the Belgian city of Charleroi. Nivelles was an important base in central Belgium, and was attacked during Fall Gelb, later to be used by the Luftwaffe.
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