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  • WarHorse47's Avatar
    Today, 18:07
    Excellent. Looking forward to it.
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  • Victory103's Avatar
    Today, 18:05
    Storm, Groom Lake Sim dude got those 2 camo Scooters already, I can't get enough of these cool A-4 repaints:
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  • Scale Dail's Avatar
    Today, 17:44
    That would be a very interesting project the would fit my era! So many I would like but my medium is Balsa wood Fiberglass and Epoxy paint. This darn simulator keeps my from building more. But its fun!!!!
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  • Daiwilletti's Avatar
    Today, 16:05
    IIRC there is a working example in MAW. I think air raid sirens are triggered on airfields by incoming aircraft. If you look at the MAW sounds.xml, you will find the name of the air raid siren .wav file. Then I guess you could search the MAW effects.xml for the wav file reference, to see how the sound is embedded in the relevant effect. The airbase facilities may include a vehicle that triggers the siren. An AA gun vehicle, with a null_gun and a sound effect in the effects line, could do the trick. The vehicle could either be embeded in the facility.xml file, or triggered by a spawning event. The embedding of the AA gun would be more reliable. The beauty of ETO is that every airbase has a unique name. You could create "corridors" where airbases lining the left of the corridor...
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  • Odie's Avatar
    Today, 15:22
    Dang, my DCS hangar is getting larger and larger! Top-shelf stuff coming out! :encouragement::encouragement:
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  • Phantom88's Avatar
    Today, 15:03
    P-47D-30 Progress - We are nearly ready to unleash the ‘Jug’ on DCS World! We are finalizing the 3D model and cockpit; making improvements to the fuselage, cowling, and air intakes; and working on externals stores like fuel tanks and bombs. This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 1920x1080. This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 1920x1080. This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 1920x1080.
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  • Skyhawk18's Avatar
    Today, 14:56
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  • Phantom88's Avatar
    Today, 14:50
    Phantom88 replied to a thread Dcs f/a-18c in DCS Combat Simulator
    ***mini***update*** Hey everyone, Now that everyone is back from holiday, work has resumed in force on the Hornet. Here is a list of the tasks the team is currently working on for the next Open Beta release. Please note though that not all of these items may make the new Open Beta (a lot will depend on internal testing results): The radar directed gun sight has been updated to make it much more stable and accurate. It feels like a new weapon! I plan to create a video on this soon. AIM-9X and JHMCS tones have been corrected.
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  • delta_lima's Avatar
    Today, 14:27
    Hi Jan, I'm replying only to answer your question, not to request anything per se, since I know you likely have a list a mile long of repaints you'd like to do, never mind anyone else's personal areas of interest. But ones I recall installing (I say recall, since I'm away from my pc for a couple of days on travel) - were done (I think( by either you or David Robles, or Hani Michal. Again, sorry - can't check my files at the moment. NASA 817NA (old scheme, blue meatball vs red worms logo) Swissair HB-IRN (as per the museum airframe) Pan American NC 33611 Canadian Pacific CF-CPY
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  • Typhoon Willy's Avatar
    Today, 14:22
    Hi Capt, Thank you for the reply! TW
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  • Scorch00's Avatar
    Today, 13:46
    It's been a long time since I updated this thread with projects. The DC-6 and DC-7 projects took a lot of time once they got the go ahead. But I have a series of projects lined up for the first part of 2020 and have already begun a number of them. First on the list is completing the DC-4 repaint pack. Right now I have 4 operators represented, I will be adding a 5th one. But I have 8 aircraft painted right now. Ardco T-151. Aero Union T-02, 14, 15, and 19. TBM Inc. T-65. Lastly, Aero-Flite T-160 and 161. As far as other projects go. The Bell 412 and 212s over in the P3D section will be getting some updates soon as well, but it's not nearly done yet. Repaints wise, I am working on repaints for the P-61 Black Widow (F-15 Reporter), A-26 Invader, AT-802 SEATs wheeled & Amphib versions in US...
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  • johndetrick's Avatar
    Today, 13:34
    Thanks. Can you share?
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  • jankees's Avatar
    Today, 13:22
    jankees replied to a thread Jankees paints in 2020 in Prepar3D V4
    and what are the others?
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  • Ferry_vO's Avatar
    Today, 13:05
    Mark Felton has a great channel, some really interesting videos!
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  • Motormouse's Avatar
    Today, 12:56
    Stoney.... click here, download works Ttfn Pete
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  • Shadow Wolf 07's Avatar
    Today, 12:52
    Captain Kurt is right. In 42/43 they replaced the 0.50 cals with 20 mm Oerlikons and the 1.1 inch "Chicago Pianos" ( ) with the 40 mm Bofors. These made a big difference in the ships' AA firepower. Oh, and please don't forget the Wasp. :wiggle::wavey:
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  • delta_lima's Avatar
    Today, 12:34
    Thanks Jankees. I was asking because there's a very small handful of schemes that I used to fly on the old FSX version(s) that I'm hoping to keep flying in P3D with the newer PBR version. Fortuitously, this latest CPAir scheme you're doing happens to be one of them.
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  • huub vink's Avatar
    Today, 12:20
    Stoney, I went through all my old back-up CDs but the repaint wasn't on them. Cheers, Huub
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  • lefty's Avatar
    Today, 12:18
    I was once entertained to luncheon at Eton - lovely bunch of chaps.....anyway, back to business - this chopper is European
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