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  • dhazelgrove's Avatar
    Today, 22:35
    ORBX have extended their sale to 12th April 2020. Dave
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  • zsoltquack's Avatar
    Today, 22:34
    32 replies | 5196 view(s)
  • jankees's Avatar
    Today, 22:10
    Two paints for the 307th BG, a no frills version for the 371st BS: jk6038 jk6041 and one with noseart for the 372nd: jk6044 jk6045
    28 replies | 3766 view(s)
  • jankees's Avatar
    Today, 22:08
    Two paints for the 307th BG, a no frills version for the 371st BS: jk6038 jk6041 and one with noseart for the 372nd: jk6044 jk6045
    15 replies | 507 view(s)
  • jankees's Avatar
    Today, 22:05
    12 replies | 999 view(s)
  • awstub's Avatar
    Today, 20:30
    I use the latest development release, which you can find here
    10 replies | 288 view(s)
  • nagpaw's Avatar
    Today, 20:28
    Thanks for the advice about camouflage, guys! I'm trying it with a mouse and started with some difficulties. The best bit was to draw out the lines I want to follow, then trace them with the airbrush tool. Having a path made all the difference. I'll upload a few shots of what I finished tomorrow morning. Thanks again!
    14 replies | 1689 view(s)
  • ColoKent's Avatar
    Today, 20:26
    And no mention or pics of the more common international external tanks. Will wait and see how this develops before pulling the trigger. K
    47 replies | 7001 view(s)
  • Moses03's Avatar
    Today, 19:50
    The second of three builds from this designer. He became the chief test pilot of another company a couple of years later. (We had a mystery from this company recently).
    20823 replies | 3313127 view(s)
  • Shadow Wolf 07's Avatar
    Today, 19:33
    I was wrong, the layout is fine. All structures are ashore and all the ships are in the water. My question to you is did you follow the tutorial by Rami and DVslats: on a clean install of cfs2? Apparently you have different coastlines than you should have.
    6 replies | 625 view(s)
  • WarHorse47's Avatar
    Today, 19:11
    Appears to be P3D only so it seems. Bummer. :banghead:
    47 replies | 7001 view(s)
  • MajorMagee's Avatar
    Today, 18:38
    I'm not sure you can, but try changing the RotationRate in the ViewUI.xml in AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\CFS3 p.s. Sorry, that doesn't look like it does anything. I do see that the hat switch speed seems to accelerate after the first second, so perhaps small nudges are better than holding it continuously.
    1 replies | 188 view(s)
  • jeansy's Avatar
    Today, 18:24
    I see the international package has been released at simmarket "ouch" to the price @ $45USD and no paint kit, I might skip this one
    47 replies | 7001 view(s)
  • MajorMagee's Avatar
    Today, 18:04
    Well... The radar function does work as intended (when it's running), but even after I got Windows Defender to ignore the "Severe Virus Attack!" warnings it just doesn't seem to sit well with my ETO install in Win 10. The first attempt crashed CFS3 to the desktop as I tried to manually exit the mission back to the UI when I got hopelessly lost in the dark (my default reshade settings made the night completely pitch black). The second attempt (with better lighting) unceremoniously dumped me to the desktop even quicker while still in the middle of maneuvering to intercept during the mission. Trying to understand the root cause I then ran the mission without starting A.I.Radar.exe, and everything was back to normal.
    11 replies | 1880 view(s)
  • skip d's Avatar
    Today, 18:04
    New guy here....hope to get some help. My Saitek Flight controller seems to be working just fine...but.. the 'hat switch' moves the views EXTREMELY quickly. I have P3dv4 and in the 'camera.cfg' file there is a setting for panning speed. Is there someway to set the speed in CFS3 ??? Thanks for any help. Skip d
    1 replies | 188 view(s)
  • scotth6's Avatar
    Today, 17:48
    Free at their website: Not sure how long this lasts so grab it now.
    427 replies | 251289 view(s)
  • scotth6's Avatar
    Today, 17:46
    Free scenery from Aerosoft - Airport Manchester XP11 Product information "Airport Manchester XP11" For free for you now: Airport Manchester XP11! *The promotion 'Article for free' is valid from 30 March to 13 April 2020.
    0 replies | 190 view(s)
  • scotth6's Avatar
    Today, 17:42
    scotth6 replied to a thread Ghost town in X-Plane
    I am still flying XP11 quite regularly, along with P3DV4, and even FSX from time to time. I don't tend to post a lot in here, but do read posts. It has gone quiet, which is a shame, but I think Bjoern may be right saying that most people go to the XP org forums for all their info. Maybe just not that many XP users on this site?
    2 replies | 636 view(s)
  • scotth6's Avatar
    Today, 17:18
    Free at their website: Not sure how long this lasts so grab it now.
    0 replies | 247 view(s)
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