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  • DennyA's Avatar
    Today, 18:23
    It's soooo good. Thanks, Dino! My one request would be a bit less reflectivity on the gauges. Couldn't read them at all during a sunset flight with the sun behind me. Teeeny tiny request. Flies wonderfully!
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  • nagpaw's Avatar
    Today, 18:23
    Well, it's looking really nice! :loyal:
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  • Brytskiva's Avatar
    Today, 18:22
    My first attempt to send a screenshot here ... and how "big" in Mb is allowed ?
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  • Daiwilletti's Avatar
    Today, 17:38
    Hi 65olschool, I must admit to valuing the mos file system. I find that with Ankor's shaders, I get tons of definition in the skins, the markings can be crisp, and it is a combat sim after all, so I like bullet holes! The mos file system has been adapted cleverly by the OFF team, to exploit multiple skins for the aircraft within a flight. To me the weakness of having seven or eight identically-skinned aircraft in a flight is one of the big drawbacks of the sim - and using the mos file offers a basic albeit clunky way around that issue. My wish would be for some of our skinning wizards to make mos file enabled skins so we can get a whole flight with unique markings. :running:
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  • BananaBob's Avatar
    Today, 17:04
    Yep, all the shots on this thread are pretty spectacular, this sim and models make it pretty easy, LOL. Thanks, brother. :encouragement:
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  • Sarg Willy's Avatar
    Today, 16:11
    Welcome back matey ,
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  • Sarg Willy's Avatar
    Today, 16:05
    The prompt before was the down load bar -- looking at the saved file , shows an Internet Icon instead of my regular zip file , and properties stated partial file , {Name}.zip.qvxds1 It saved 3 skins that way , Today I used the front page link to get to the file , and it came in as a zip file ,ok
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  • 65olschool's Avatar
    Today, 16:00
    Cheers MajorMagee I'm slowly remembering all of these things, just need somebody to jog my memory at times Many Thanks Mick
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  • Duckie's Avatar
    Today, 15:31
    With me it wasn’t just JenSole’s uploads. I tested several freshly downloaded zips including one of my own and could open none.
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  • rcbarend's Avatar
    Today, 15:17
    "VTOL page" ?? For obvious reasons, I expected something else when I read the name "VTOL Aviation" ...LoL Just curious what the abbreviation VTOL stands for in this context. Rob
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  • Jon_aus's Avatar
    Today, 15:14
    I never ever had issues with Vista nor flight sim running on it. Windows 10 on the other hand...:disturbed: Anyway, patience while we await what this will look like.
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  • pilto von pilto's Avatar
    Today, 15:01
    What will be interesting is how the community will react to option 3 regarding price points and how "accepting" the community will be of partial-ports. I suppose it is early access like the game itself and most people know that MSFS is not yet RC in the true sense of the word so fingers crossed.
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  • odourboy's Avatar
    Today, 14:24
    I am weak. Bought it today. :banghead:
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  • oldmsgt's Avatar
    Today, 14:07
    JensOle I know, I have previously downloaded the USAF SEA camo paints with no problem. But, for me anyway , they won't unzip now with Windows 10. Haven't tried anything else. It's not just your files, I downloaded Ed's Pocono Mountain Municipal scenery (which I have and experienced no problem with before) and got the same result. Wouldn't unzip with 7Zip either. It's a site wide problem apparently. OMS
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  • falcon409's Avatar
    Today, 14:03
    Just what I'm showing in the screenshots. . .new panel lines and rivets on the exterior and populating the VC with avionics (art) that gives the "appearance" of a functioning cockpit. If I had the expertise I would convert it to Native FSX but that is beyond the small amount of usable gray matter I still posses.
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  • mongoose's Avatar
    Today, 13:42
    I note these were not added. Here are the xdps for most if not all relevant aircraft. There are one or two aircraft's xdp files of aircraft you may not have but I think you might need for some of the missions. These are from the ETO install and AFAIK putting just those xdp files in the install will not matter. In any case you can just check the files to see what's there. I may upload this to the Warbirds Library at a later date when the trials of the 'Fighter Command' voice app from sdsbolt is complete and I have added those F.C. aircraft to the install and added the missions for them. The effects are only visible at some point > 20K ft. <25K ft., so even though I have added them to some bombers, unless they are over 20k ft. you won't have to worry about seeing them. INSTALLATION: ...
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  • robcap's Avatar
    Today, 13:18
    robcap replied to a thread JK repaints in Flight Simulator 2020
    Hi JanKees, would you do requests as well? I'd love this one for the steamgauge C172.
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  • Desert Rat's Avatar
    Today, 13:17
    Just tried the first one one the link I posted, downloaded fine and Windows 10 64-bit (1909, 2004 is ready, but not sure now) and 7-zip (free) both open them fine. I did however have difficulty posting screenies yesterday, haven't tried today. Jamie
    21 replies | 435 view(s)
  • Txmmy83's Avatar
    Today, 13:15
    now I seriously hope that Asobo will provide possibility for vapour trails contrails and smoke system effects in a update! ;)
    29 replies | 870 view(s)
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