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  • pstrany's Avatar
    Yesterday, 23:53
    Still very much a work in progress, but already my favorite touring aircraft, especially when flying over the aforementioned Cliffs of Dover....... Paul
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  • Priller's Avatar
    Yesterday, 23:52
    Huub, You're using the ORBX textures, is that right? Your install almost makes me want to install FS9 again! (if only for the C9 Phantom) Cheers, Priller
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  • ian elliot's Avatar
    Yesterday, 23:50
    Alpha Beau with a Morton skin over Malta
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  • Naismith's Avatar
    Yesterday, 23:23
    Some very interesting models there. :applause:
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  • Naismith's Avatar
    Yesterday, 23:20
    So ugly - who can resist, I love ugly. Looking forward to this. :applause:
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  • huub vink's Avatar
    Yesterday, 23:18
    Especially in the morning sun the White Cliffs of Dover are indeed very white. I have seen them several times from the French side (Cap Blanc Nez & Cap Griz Nez) when I was on holiday there. But I don't know any scenery for FS2004 which shows the Cliffs that white. I remember a package for CFS2, which made the Cliffs realistic white, but the grass from this scenery didn't blend with the rest. The pale green/blue water colour by Lynn and Bill Lyons look very nice here. Its exactly the colour as I remember it. In my opinion IL2 Cliffs of Dover has the best Cliffs of Dover. But when you give a combat flightsim a name like that, you should of course give extra attention to this landmark. Cheers, Huub
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  • b52bob's Avatar
    Yesterday, 21:28
    b52bob started a thread Great heli's in X-Plane Nice to see this site going with x-plane 11 also. They have a nice looking AS-565 Panther for XP. This was a goto site for FSX and P3d and now for XP-11 Bob
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  • Shadow Wolf 07's Avatar
    Yesterday, 20:54
    I tried Rami's solution of building my connection to cfs2 from an administrator log in, transferred the shortcuts from my old desktop to the new one. And lo... MB is now working! :applause::applause:
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  • Hurricane91's Avatar
    Yesterday, 20:27
    What a fabulous lineup Shessi! I'd be happy to help with research if needed.
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  • falcon409's Avatar
    Yesterday, 20:25
    I canned the original Flight Plan and made two new AI_Stearmans and a new Flight Plan. Nothing fancy, just out and back from two local airports (30 minute flights). I remembered, as the first flight started to taxi, that I had a mess with the Stearman for my Corsicana Air Field scenery. Asking around I found that tail draggers are notorious for taking their own route to the runway due to poor turning radius. This first AI left the parking spot on time and headed to the taxiway, then went past the taxiway headed for the hangar across the field. He went through the hangar, across the taxiway and runway, west beyond the airport boundary then began to parallel the runway headed north, continued to taxi about a half mile beyond the runway then turned south, crossed the south end of the...
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  • docjohnson's Avatar
    Yesterday, 19:14
    Love the both the TA-4J and the A-4. H/T to Dino, have loved everyone of your aircraft. Wondering if the gunsight is fixed on the TA-4J and A-4?
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  • cthornburg's Avatar
    Yesterday, 17:41
    WWI from a major combatant Chris
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  • Devildog73's Avatar
    Yesterday, 17:14
    Ian, I agree with you. Looking at that scenery gives me the same view of the land meeting the ocean I am looking to replace. Here in Florida, (along with several other areas), we have beaches. The grass, bushes, shrubs, and trees in most cases do not go all the way to the water. Generally, we have several meters/yards of white, grey, tan sand between the water and vegetation. Does anyone know of a good replacement texture set which actually has beaches in Florida? Lee
    11 replies | 373 view(s)
  • gavinc's Avatar
    Yesterday, 17:10
    Dumb question - do the ai stearmans have sections in the aircraft.cfg? If that isn't there the AI will appear but just sit at their parking place. Gavin
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  • dogfish's Avatar
    Yesterday, 17:00
    Thank You for This Great looking Jet.
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  • 000rick000's Avatar
    Yesterday, 16:38
    A couple of fictional ones from me...I thought this was a cool angle...
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  • 000rick000's Avatar
    Yesterday, 16:36
    Not my paints...but IMO very high quality, even though fictional.
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  • Shessi's Avatar
    Yesterday, 15:36
    Looking good and very detailed. BUT, I have to say Huub, the white Cliffs of Dover are just that...I think these maybe need a little more Colgate and harder brushing:smilet-digitalpoint Cheers Shessi
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  • SSI01's Avatar
    Yesterday, 15:32
    Hopefully that's water-based paint!
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  • downwind's Avatar
    Yesterday, 15:30
    Ed's efforts are certainly appreciated, as always. I recall this scenery from fs9 days and the scenery aircraft were not AI but just scenery that did sometimes vary in placement around the airfield. I downloaded the flyable Stearman that was modified with this scenery for FSX and found it to be well below average, even for freeware. The new GAS Stearmans would welcome an agricultural crop-dusting scenery, but it doesn't appear that this one will the answer.
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