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  • noddy's Avatar
    Today, 22:00
    noddy replied to a thread Chevy Silverado in Racer's Paddock
    Think they missed the point on crumble zones? It will polish out 
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  • PhantomTweak's Avatar
    Today, 21:52
    The link worked fine fr me...? Pat☺
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  • scotth6's Avatar
    Today, 21:50
    Hey, Just FYI P3D V3.4.9 is actually the fourth from last update. There have also been 3.4.14 (Hotfix 1), 3.4.18 (Hotfix 2), 3.4.22 (Hotfix 3 - SLI Update) I am also still running V3.4.9. Cheers,
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  • manfredc3's Avatar
    Today, 20:55
    Just tried and the link is working fine for me
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  • Josh/Heater's Avatar
    Today, 20:13
    Hey man, the link to download leads to a dead end, is it working on your side? It says webpage does not exist on SOH.
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  • Willy's Avatar
    Today, 20:02
    Had the same issues as Moses, just took me longer to realize it. GPS, VOR and ADF were saying different things. Ended up trusting the ADF and found my way into CYRB. GPS had me going to China and the VOR wanted to visit Santa Sometimes old school is the best school
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  • Moses03's Avatar
    Today, 19:55
    Adventures in navigation to Resolute Bay. Fancy jet had a lot of bells and whistles but in the end I only trusted the ADF.
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  • Ivan's Avatar
    Today, 19:52
    Hello Smilo, I am not quite sure how to respond to this one. Autopilots of the era really were not terribly sophisticated devices. They REALLY WERE extremely tedious to operate and didn't have a lot of capability. I am glad I did not go anywhere with the C-2 Autopilot I mentioned earlier. I suspect you would find it even less useful while I would have been trying to make its functions match features from the real device. Regardless of the appearance, what features do you absolutely need?
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  • WarHorse47's Avatar
    Today, 18:18
    Yes. Thanks. Not the same as flupastu posted. Perhaps it is one of the textures he's working on?? Apparently, letourn and DaveWG are also working on some others but have not released them yet.
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  • Tako_Kichi's Avatar
    Today, 18:08
    Tako_Kichi replied to a thread Chevy Silverado in Racer's Paddock
    OUCH!!!!!!! :dizzy:
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  • kalong's Avatar
    Today, 18:07
    letourn work post #48
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  • flewpastu's Avatar
    Today, 17:53
    No problem WH , I'll finish it up this weekend sometime and upload it here at outhouse . Keep in my mind that this is a fictional repaint , found an artist rendition of this repaint . I just like the colors Bill
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  • WarHorse47's Avatar
    Today, 17:34
    Nice. Got a link? I haven't found a single addon texture as yet, but I know lots of folks are working on them. Thanks in advance. :semi-twins:
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  • rcbarend's Avatar
    Today, 17:21
    Works great, never used that before .... Just a pity that FSX-Accel (P3D ?) doesn't add the weight of the object to the specified payload station UNTILL the object is taken into the aircraft. So when the object is hanging on the cable outside the aircraft in the air, there's no effect on the FDE. I could mimick that during VTOL flight, IF ONLY I could read the weight of the object in my XML gauge; which I can't, unfortunately. So it's really only a visual "gimmick", but still fun to use ..... Cheers, Rob
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  • kremin's Avatar
    Today, 17:13
    Very interesting post indeed - well done. Brings back pleasant memories of celestial navigation using conventional sextants as well as the artificial horizon periscope sextant we had in the old Oberon class boats. Fortunately SATNAV was just around the corner and more reliable positions were obtainable.
    25 replies | 849 view(s)
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