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  • FlyingsCool's Avatar
    Today, 18:40
    FlyingsCool replied to a thread Hmmm.... in X-Plane
    Yeah, I didn't get that at all. Who cares if you're using the demo or not?
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  • FlyingsCool's Avatar
    Today, 18:30
    FlyingsCool replied to a thread Hmmm.... in X-Plane
    Oh, sorry, I misinterpreted your comment about to each their own... Sorry, the whole thread has me confused. I just bought it a few weeks ago, invested a couple hundred in it to try it out and make it a little bit equivalent to my FSX installation. But then A2A had a sale and I'm back on FSX for a while while as I'd been holding off on buying their planes for a long time. X-plane seems pretty good to me, I've got a lot to learn, and I think it's still got a ways to go to become good all around. But I'll definitely be using it, too, going forward. Haven't upgraded to P3D yet, but that'll be coming soon, too. My use case is, mostly, I'm looking for planes that are 100% system modeled as far as procedural use is concerned, from Cherokees to warbirds. I'm hoping this summer I...
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  • falcon409's Avatar
    Today, 18:17
    Try here: This should put you on track. You can also click on the magnifying glass above Henry's name and that will give you everything he's done as well.
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  • Wings of Gold's Avatar
    Today, 18:10
    I can find them on a Google search. Supposed to be at SOH, but !@# if I can find them. Anyone know where they are located?Bill
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  • Worthless's Avatar
    Today, 17:46
    Nice work Andrew! Interesting about the stripes. I never noticed them, but most of the vintage images I can find don't seem to show them so I'd say nix the stripes. And thanks so much for the speedy response.
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  • Panther_99FS's Avatar
    Today, 17:42
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  • mongoose's Avatar
    Today, 17:28
    I looked at the CFS3 mission Editor app to see if it was of any use to make really close individual units following the same WPs and speed, but it seems a little clumsy at that. Maybe just editing in the mission.xml file might be possible?
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  • Allen's Avatar
    Today, 17:20
    VC isn't done yet. I don't even have any jet gauges and not sure were to get some other than get them from a Me262 here at SOH. It is from CFS3 so raiding the CFS3 part of the library may be the best idea for a new texture.
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  • dvj's Avatar
    Today, 16:46
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  • Panther_99FS's Avatar
    Today, 16:27
    Panther_99FS replied to a thread Hmmm.... in X-Plane
    What's trolling? All my comments have been 100% positive and with positive anticipation of enjoying this on my MAC. You're looking in the WRONG place for trolling.....Sorry to disappoint you... If you want a troller, look at Bjoern's 100% negative comments....
    13 replies | 277 view(s)
  • Panther_99FS's Avatar
    Today, 16:26
    Panther_99FS replied to a thread Hmmm.... in X-Plane
    What makes you so certain? Especially with this sub-forum here? Note: I am capable of independent thought and coming to my own conclusions...:wiggle:
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  • cavaricooper's Avatar
    Today, 16:23
    I'm glad she made that meeting Andy! What a poor advert photo :( Best- C
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  • sixstrings5859's Avatar
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  • gdavej's Avatar
    Today, 15:20
    I've been having a strange problem with the Aeroplane Heaven Cessna 140. The throttle would not move. I tried using the throttle on my Saitek joystick, and I tried physically pushing the throttle with the mouse in the VC, but the throttle stubbornly refused to move, the aircraft remained stationary, and the throttle lever remained at 0%. I finally tracked down the cause of this problem... FSTramp 7.25. When I removed FSTramp from the dll.xml file, the Cessna 140 behaved normally and the throttle worked okay. I tried downgrading the version of FSTramp to 7.14, and the Cessna operated normally again. So there seems to be some problem with FSTramp v7.25. I have recently noticed some issues with P3D stalling during flight and even crashing to the desktop, problems that I've never seen...
    0 replies | 17 view(s)
  • Daube's Avatar
    Today, 15:07
    Daube replied to a thread Clouds in P3D in Prepar3D V4
    I'm afraid you're right... I just downloaded that same package you linked above and gave it a try: it won't give you any choice :( Then the best solution would be to download the original HDEv2 and forget about the sky textures. That package can be found on most addon websites I think.
    6 replies | 211 view(s)
  • sixstrings5859's Avatar
    Today, 15:06
    The cockpit looks to be not up and running. A different paint scheme would be nice.
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