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  • Bookman1960's Avatar
    Today, 14:58
    Finally, a Winter variant and details of the crews and engines...
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  • Bookman1960's Avatar
    Today, 14:56
    Night Fighter German captured Swiss Trainer I think it looks pretty damned sweet considering its FS age...14-years!
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  • Bookman1960's Avatar
    Today, 14:52
    After an interesting afternoon of other projects, I finally managed to complete my conversion of the very old (FS2K2 c. 2003) SimTech Handley Page 0/400 (HP.12) collection.
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  • jamminjames's Avatar
    Today, 14:49
    A pre-beta would be welcomed. Can't wait to see the VC..
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  • YoYo's Avatar
    Today, 14:34
    YoYo replied to a thread P3D v4 Screenshots in Prepar3D
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  • Navy Chief's Avatar
    Today, 14:30
    Getting close. Working on getting it started.
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  • gojozoom's Avatar
    Today, 14:28
    I think one of the reasons they never made them for our virtual skies was the "limited" water physics in FSX/P3D. Remember when Aerosoft brought out the Catalina? Everyone complained about the poor water handling - those problems had nothing to do with their Catalina, it was FSX... However, Accu-Feel changed that all, so it's good to go now :)
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  • Navy Chief's Avatar
    Today, 14:19
    Installed the USN texture easy enough, but aircraft display is still all white. Must be something I did wrong. Not finding fix yet. Chief
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  • Bomber_12th's Avatar
    Today, 14:12
    As the profile art mentions, the aircraft was part of the 101st Fighter Interceptor Squadron (FIS), 102nd Fighter Interceptor Group (FIG), where it served from 1951 until December 12, 1953, when the aircraft was destroyed - the pilot bailed out after running out of fuel. At the time, the accident report states that the aircraft was based out of Logan Airport, Boston, and that the aircraft came down 25 miles East/North East of Provincetown, MA. The markings that the aircraft was painted in when this photo was taken (and that the artwork was modeled after) were not the norm - these were the types of markings/colors applied to F-51's used at gunnery meets as target-tugs (always denoted by painting the nose, tail and wing tips yellow). There were two Massachusetts ANG Squadrons that...
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  • RKinkor's Avatar
    Today, 13:58
    Finally decided to dip my toes in the shallow end of the pool this morning and purchased Orbx Global Base pack and with exception of issues that were my fault it went very well. In fact so well that I have decided dive into the deep end and get more of their products while the sale is on. However being a bit uneducated as far as how scenery works in FSX, I don't know which to get next Vector or North America Land Class and I am not even sure what Land Class is or means. Any advice or guidance would be most helpful.
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  • Mick's Avatar
    Today, 13:54
    Very interesting! I see that the scheme comes from a livery offered in the RS Models plastic kit. I was out of the plastic model hobby before RS Models came along, so I have no idea whether they have a reputation for accuracy or not. I searched Google Images and found a lot of pictures of that model box top and the decal illustration, but none of a real F-51 in those colors and markings. I wondered if it might have been a plane from the Mississippi ANG (state 4-letter abbreviation MISS, which might be a simple typographical error) so I researched the Mississippi ANG. Their only fighter was the F-47 Thunderbolt, but after the Korean War they briefly flew the RF-51D (not H) before changing to the RF-84F. I could not find a picture of one of their RF-51D's. I can't think of...
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  • MajorMagee's Avatar
    Today, 13:42
    Probably their heavier structural weight and less powerful version of the Merlin Engines.
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  • IanP's Avatar
    Today, 13:41
    I don't suppose anyone is working on a 640th BS livery for this, are they? Were I a better painter then I'd have a crack at one, but I neither have the source information or ability to do a good job of it. I've got large chunks of Little Walden done, though, if anyone has something to fly out of it?. ;) Ian P.
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  • banjoman1960's Avatar
    Today, 13:41
    banjoman1960 replied to a thread P3D4 Real Weather in Prepar3D
    you need fsuipc :ernaehrung004:
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  • huub vink's Avatar
    Today, 13:29
    Sascha66, The painter is Bushi and you can find the glass texture here: And the textures are aviable here: Cheers, Huub
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  • YoYo's Avatar
    Today, 13:23
    YoYo replied to a thread REX Enhanced textures TD+SC in Prepar3D
    Works well, no any problem.
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  • Montie's Avatar
    Today, 13:20
    Montie replied to a thread P3D4 Real Weather in Prepar3D
    How did you get it to work? I used it with P3D v3, but in P3D V4 it only gives me clear skies.
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  • l'iguane's Avatar
    Today, 13:18
    Mick, for the mystery Massachusetts ANG, I found the P-51H profile below. I have no idea about the authenticity of it, I liked the color scheme enough to paint it. It it said to belong to 101st FIS, based at Logan Field, 1951... Being not an ANG scheme expert myself, your comments/suggestions are very welcome :encouragement: The hard weathered Ohio livery is kind of an experiment of mine, just for trial purpose. I agree ANG planes are usually looking clean and well cared, even on black and white pictures L'iguane
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  • vonernsk's Avatar
    Today, 13:18
    Sascha, I do not know the painter, but I have it on disc. Mal
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  • speedy70's Avatar
    Today, 13:17
    Hi Ferry. Where can I get that McClaren from? Cheers Chris
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