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  • gavinc's Avatar
    Today, 14:38
    Thanks Tom, Just picked up the Champ package. 12 (or was it 14) models for 2 bucks is an amazing deal. Thank you so much for the generosity. Gavin PS are you still working on the Norseman?
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  • BendyFlyer's Avatar
    Today, 14:38
    Thanks for the heads up. I see they are still installing into the main folder not the xml method. On the water at Bermuda - Daryl's Island. Now to get the beasty started LOL.
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  • Daiwilletti's Avatar
    Today, 14:31
    Cheers, Scott! I would like to add my vote of thanks to Clive (Pat Pattle) for bringing this expansion together. Every time I fly from another RAF base I find new eye candy around the base to admire, from the white picket fences to the dartboard, etc!! As for the campaign, I'm glad you enjoy it, seems like you are one of the few to try it. It took hundreds of hours and still it seems like a beta to me, so much could be done with the spawns :running:. And the user interface is very basic.
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  • gaab's Avatar
    Today, 13:50
    Yes - just in need of your textures for V5- some few details have changed. Gérard
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  • CapnScurvy's Avatar
    Today, 13:43
    I'll try that. Obviously if there was some magic dance (stand on one leg, twirl around twice, while whistling Dixie) to do, you guys would have told me......right! :biggrin-new: Hello Major, I'm out in Farmersville, farm country. Raised in Kettering, worked for the City of Centerville years ago, retired from City of Kettering a long time ago too. Good eye on the jaggies. I don't have anti-aliasing turned on......trying to make sure the game and its expansions run as expected before blowing it up with visual eye candy. :encouragement: ==================== To my surprise after doing a causal search on the internet I found this image of my uncles plane:
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  • Thomas J Wood's Avatar
    Today, 13:16
    Yeah I will take a look at the server to see if there is a hicup in the system, its just been updated so i might have to have my it guy take a look. Let me know if come through. Also you need to press the return to vendor thing on pay pal then it usually starts the download. Thanks!
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  • Bomber_12th's Avatar
    Today, 13:05
    Geoff, I will be releasing it in two versions, both with and without the Soviet markings. I too really like the unadulterated look of the factory-fresh scheme. BTW, I want to correct something I wrote earlier. I had been under the impression, given statements written by the very enthusiastic owner of PT879, that it was the only known surviving Spitfire to have served with the Soviet AF. However, that is not the case, as there is also Spitfire Mk.IX RK858, which was recovered out of Russia in 1992. Owned by the Aircraft Restoration Company (ARCo) at Duxford, we will hopefully see it flying again down the road too. Some of the research into details of the paint work on RK858 was also utilized in the painting of the restored PT879.
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  • MajorMagee's Avatar
    Today, 12:56
    The issue with reshade was that I had routinely used BlackPoint=10 HighlightClipping=0 WhitePoint=245 to enhance the daytime color contrast, but this drives all the darker shades at night to display as black. Turning off the levels effect for night flying restored reasonable nighttime visibility.
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  • YoYo's Avatar
    Today, 12:51
    YoYo replied to a thread P3D_V5 Screenshots P3D V 5 in Prepar3D
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  • YoYo's Avatar
    Today, 12:50
    YoYo replied to a thread CR1 21 year aniversary sale! in Prepar3D
    Wow, what a price! :applause: So Tri motor works in P3Dv5? I didnt know this.... thx.
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  • MajorMagee's Avatar
    Today, 12:47
    Now we just need to get you some anti-aliasing to smooth out those jaggies... p.s. Hello from another Dayton resident! (Centerville actually)
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  • SpaceWeevil's Avatar
    Today, 12:36
    A new entry has been added to Add-Ons Library, category FSX Skins Description: Another paint for my favourite FSX steed - this is the Ant's Airplanes Tiger Moth Professional as G-AGHY c/n 82292, built in 1939 and allocated the RAF serial N9181. G-AGHY is still airworthy and for my money is one of the smartest Tiger Moths in the UK. I don't have P3D so I'm afraid there are no PBR effects. To check it out, rate it or add comments, visit Ant's Tiger Moth Pro - G-AGHY The comments you make there will appear in the posts below.
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  • DennyA's Avatar
    Today, 12:34
    That's a very generous deal, Thomas, and much appreciated! I bought both direct from your site but PayPal got "stuck" on a "Processing" status spinner and never took me to a download page. Will the download links be emailed? (I forwarded the PayPal receipts.) Thank you!
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  • StormILM's Avatar
    Today, 12:25
    Tested it last night, very impressed!
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  • mongoose's Avatar
    Today, 12:03
    One can edite fine with notepad, but it's the saving part you have an issue with. Save as xxxxx.xml and not as a text file but "all files". Then it should save fine!
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  • b24_witchcraft's Avatar
    Today, 12:02
    Wishing Simon well and a speedy recovery!
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  • Brad617's Avatar
    Today, 11:57
    With all this detail and inside knowledge it’s clear that this will be the best repaint yet for the FI Spitfire :) I had the privilege of a close look around Peter’s PRXI a couple of years ago and to describe it as immaculate is an understatement... Brad
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  • delta_lima's Avatar
    Today, 11:56
    That's looking really smart!
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  • sidler's Avatar
    Today, 11:43
    Great news.
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  • Javis's Avatar
    Today, 11:26
    Thanks Carl, we need to be vigilant when it comes to our pins and needles, éh ?.. :smile: Maybe good time to, on popular demand, close the glass cockpit subject but not without one last piccie here : The PMDG DC-6 VC shows that integrating a modern instrument in a vintage steam gauge cockpit could actually work very well. I'd be quite happy with this, i hope Tom will be too. :smile: For people who might've missed it, a quote from Mr.PMDG himself : " If you have hung around the PMDG forum for any length of time, you know by now that I am a sucker for vintage airplanes. Of all of our products, the one nearest and dearest to my heart is the DC-6, as this product represents a hard-working, classic era of aviation where the mere act of intercontinental flying was barely short of...
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