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  • Dangerous Beans's Avatar
    Yesterday, 23:23
    Same here with the download loops. Had to restart the sim 17 times in total over about 12 hours (including a nights sleep) The marketplace and content manager updates went OK though. I haven't tried it yet as I'm getting ready for work so that will have to wait for this evening.
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  • YoYo's Avatar
    Yesterday, 22:58
    Its typical issue with missing entry in model cfg. Its not a wave effect issue but cfg file of the model. But its an FSX corner, you asking about Ultra water in P3Dv5. For FSX no any issue like this.
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  • dvj's Avatar
    Yesterday, 22:54
    The best way is to rename the Community folder (example: Community_old). This is done before making the update. When FS2020 does the update, it will actually create a new Community folder because it can't find the original. Once the update is done, close FS2020, and copy over the contents of the original to the new community folder. If you don't do this, some of the freeware aircraft or scenery may not work. It may also prevent you from accessing the content manager if a file is corrupted. Anyway, that's what I have found effective to do. Good luck. I think it is a huge mistake to provide monster updates like this. Much better experience would be smaller, more frequent updates. 28 gigs is a bit much and with so many changes there are bound to be bugs. -d
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  • fabulousfour's Avatar
    Yesterday, 22:36
    This biplane had a very special design feature, its whole nose could be swung away to enable two passengers an access into the fuselage. No further examples were built, the designer is quite well known.
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  • zsoltquack's Avatar
    Yesterday, 22:20
    I don't understand, before the upgrade, do I need to empty the community folder?
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  • dhasdell's Avatar
    Yesterday, 21:24
    Huub - do you think I could have a pm too, please?
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  • stovall's Avatar
    Yesterday, 20:25
    Graham is the guy who got me started painting and development work. Graham, myself and a guy named Hermann Boltz (Krazy) worked together. Graham made the model, I painted them and Krazy put the effects on the plane. This was all in CFS2 (PTO). Great times. That has been many moons ago.
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  • PeteHam's Avatar
    Yesterday, 19:48
    As I said previously, until we are allowed to open the canopy, these are the best I can do at present. Due to the stuff on the front seat I'm unable to get better pics. Also the current lighting wasn't the best. Hope this will help a bit until such time that I can get into the cockpits. Pete.
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  • b52bob's Avatar
    Yesterday, 19:44
    b52bob replied to a thread X-Plane Screenshots in X-Plane
    This is unusual but strangely looking good. Zebo 737-800 Southwest inverted colors RV-12A freeware
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  • delta_lima's Avatar
    Yesterday, 19:44
    That looks so splendid, Gary - I'm beside myself with excitement. It's been Harriers and RAF/RN helos all the time of late, and this rendition of the Lusty is very much what the doctor ordered. Henrik, earlier in the thread, there was an HMS Ocean - is that available anywhere, or is that part of a separate project? Would love to have that one in P3D if/when it's ready. Especially with the night lighting you were working on. cheers all, dl PS - In P3DV4, I've only added this latest version (Global Classic). In FSX, I've added past packs such as Global v1. Is it "safe" to add FSX-era packs like that one to P3D4, from a "wake" point of view?
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  • jmbiii's Avatar
    Yesterday, 19:04
    Ed, try asking over on Some of the guys there can come up with some OTW stuff.
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  • dcc's Avatar
    Yesterday, 18:13
    Using an aviation analogy...that was by far the most turbulent update experience yet for me. Up until today I had counted myself very lucky -- compared to some -- that I've had relatively smooth experiences with the updates since I got the sim last fall. But I wasn't so lucky this time. As with previous updates and patches, I prepared by quarantining the communities folder add-ons, downloading the lastet launcher from MS store, re-booting the PC, logging off/back on to XBOX, etc. Yet, despite all that, it got stuck in unpacking loops many times (probably 10 or 15) as it downloaded and unpacked the airplanes and other non-France/Benelux files. Some of the times it would resume after hitting pause, exit and restarting the game. Some times I had to log in/out of Windows, sometimes...
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  • dvj's Avatar
    Yesterday, 18:10
    All told, the update was nearly 28 gigs if you include the regional update. Perhaps it would be better to have more frequent, smaller updates? Even through my high speed connection, it was a good 2+ hours to complete the total task. Eithernet is mandatory. -d
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  • MajorMagee's Avatar
    Yesterday, 17:36
    Reshade is the new SweetFX The Reshade post-render effects are completely independent of AnKor's game shaders, other than they only work if AnKor's shaders are running. I use them for modifying things like sharpening, and color contrast enhancement in continuous real time versus doing it to a still image snapshot in post process. It was one of the Reshade shaders (Levels) that was making my nighttime scenarios too dark to see, until I realized the cause and turned it off.
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  • Navy Chief's Avatar
    Yesterday, 17:21
    Navy Chief replied to a thread Orbx Optica in MSFS (FS2020)
    Outeffingstanding!! NC
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  • peperez's Avatar
    Yesterday, 17:03
    You have a radar. Don't forget it!
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  • LostPilot's Avatar
    Yesterday, 17:03
    It's a good thing those Garmin units are completely optional. How quick some of you are to throw the entire plane out with even the notion of glass. From what I've seen of the aircraft itself, it looks like it might give the FlyingIron a run for its money. That said, I'm always prepared to eat my words...
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  • Bushpounder's Avatar
    Yesterday, 17:02
    I installed this today. I have no Arc De Triumph or Notre Dame. I thought that was strange considering how well the rest of the city was done. Can anyone confirm those two items are there? I have nothing where Notre Dame should be, and I have a 12 story building where the arc should be. Thanks for any info you can share. Don BP;)
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