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  • wout's Avatar
    Today, 22:27
    She is European, but the engine is not.
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  • Frosty's Avatar
    Today, 22:26
    Landing and navigation lights + the tape over the gun ports is broken on return?
    21 replies | 967 view(s)
  • ThomasAH's Avatar
    Today, 22:13
    Thank you very much! I almost exclusively fly non-military liveries, e.g. the NASA variants of the MilViz T-38A+C, and you just removed the last exception I currently have in my fleet :wiggle:
    653 replies | 54813 view(s)
  • fsafranek's Avatar
    Today, 21:55
    fsafranek replied to a thread AI Carriers in P3D in Prepar3D V4
    Absolutely. RFN v5.0 works just fine in 64-bit P3D v4. :ernaehrung004:
    3 replies | 131 view(s)
  • delta_lima's Avatar
    Today, 21:36
    Hi Mercure, The only Tay engined schemes I've seen are for the UPS freighter (I think that came with the freighter base pack) - and a few FS2004 screenshots of Westar Group N800AK - no idea where the actual paint is. As to your suggested file ( TDS727_JT8D-9_l.bmp), I can't find it anywhere, neither in the base pack nor the various repaints I've gotten (CP, Pan Am, BAW, UAL, AC). Any idea where that file came from? Thanks again, dl
    21 replies | 6096 view(s)
  • Ivan's Avatar
    Today, 20:47
    I also have been using SideWinder joysticks for a long time. The only one (SideWinder Precision Pro) I actually paid full price for was also back around 1999 or so and it was the one that had problems from the start. The centering was just a touch off. Right now it is retired even though it is otherwise mechanically sound. I also had SideWinder 3D Pro and SideWinder Precision 2 and at least one SideWinder Force Feedback on a couple machines. I believe most of the sensors inside the SideWinder are optical rather than potentiometers, so the squeak if you hear it is the bearings. If you have a stick with potentiometers, you might want to get some tuner cleaner if there is still a Radio Shack near you. That stuff was made to use on electronics such as TV tuners. Good Luck! - Ivan.
    4 replies | 136 view(s)
  • Browncoat's Avatar
    Today, 19:57
    Thanks Capt. Hard to keep track of all the different flavors of Bf-109. You learn something new everyday, and these new models are just beautiful. I'm looking forward to the rest of the series. ...I also wouldn't mind if you folks revisited the Virtual Wings Fw-109D series. ;)
    2 replies | 771 view(s)
  • bazzar's Avatar
    Today, 19:23
    I used to own a 1931 M.G. which apart from having a crash gearbox had a "gate guard" which you had to lift to get to reverse. I had a habit of forgetting that which made reversing interesting. The Hydraulic Lock must have eventually got second nature once pilots were familiar with their machines. It was also a journey to model and animate - we have the spring animating stretched and contracted as the lever is used. Glad you are enjoying it.:engel016:
    40 replies | 1514 view(s)
  • gecko's Avatar
    Today, 19:20
    Last week my kids went looking for Easter eggs. This week it's your turn. These aren't Easter eggs per se, but if you look carefully you'll see some interesting things. Takeoff for a late afternoon patrol: Landing back at base at sunset:
    21 replies | 967 view(s)
  • modelr's Avatar
    Today, 18:50
    Going back home to San Diego for grand daughter's graduation first week of June. Was hoping to see the N9MB, as well as visit the Planes of Fame museum. RIP, David Vopat. Sympathies to your family.
    3 replies | 1138 view(s)
  • sixstrings5859's Avatar
    Today, 18:46
    A lot of "what if" talk here. Facts are facts and truth is truth. The Ki-84 was too little and too late to make a big difference in the outcome of the war. We were the victors,and that is the fact. The Japanese put up a fierce fight though,and we paid a terrible price for victory. Let us not forget that awesome and somber fact. Regards,Scott
    42 replies | 2061 view(s)
  • sixstrings5859's Avatar
    Today, 18:36
    Can't wait for these Spitfires to be released ! Would go nicely with the ETO Bf-109's and the newest SJ Fw-190's.Maybe,down the line ,a Bf-109E/F-(updated), would be nice. Have some really nice Luftwaffe aircraft ,so it's about time for some really good British aircraft to go with them. Biggest thing to happen this far ! So much has been done i can't imagine what else awaits us. Can't wait to get my new gaming rig-(if my health gets any better), so i can use AnKor's shaders to take full advantage of all the new features with these Spitfires. Regards,Scott
    21 replies | 967 view(s)
  • Willy's Avatar
    Today, 18:32
    I'm still using my Sidewinder Precision Pro that I bought in 1999. That's a lot of CFS and FS with it. I'm starting to think, you just can't kill the things with normal use.
    4 replies | 136 view(s)
  • Willy's Avatar
    Today, 18:32
    And that spring is still somewhere in orbit..... But the stick still works like a new one.
    7 replies | 3815 view(s)
  • modelr's Avatar
    Today, 18:24
    7 replies | 1596 view(s)
  • Willy's Avatar
    Today, 18:12 is what I've been using for a few years now. It'll handle PSP and PS files and do anything PS and PSP will do and the price is right to boot. I've got PS CS2 and PSP X. I haven't used them in a long time now. Dds files are supported and bump maps are a snap with it.
    14 replies | 2011 view(s)
  • ejoiner's Avatar
    Today, 17:44
    Photoshop is a very complex tool. I seriously hate to lose PS7. I've used it so long Im pretty much an power user with it. If I need to, I'll pay the money for the newest version, but will take awhile to relearn the tool. Thats ok. Im an old dog...but new tricks are still possible!
    14 replies | 2011 view(s)
  • scotth6's Avatar
    Today, 17:19
    Yes! This will be awesome in DCS World.
    2 replies | 538 view(s)
  • ratty's Avatar
    Today, 17:12
    Many years ago the then technical director of CH Products showed me how WD40 could cure noisy potentiometers. Might work on your trigger. Use sparingly and AT YOUR OWN RISK.
    4 replies | 136 view(s)
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