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  • Motormouse's Avatar
    Today, 00:16
    Not strictly true there, it would depend on the type of operation (FAR part 91, or part 135) the flight is being operated under, however, as it is an air tanker, the CVR part of part 135 would not apply (not more than 6 passenger seats) so , in that case the part 91 limits apply. Part 91.609 allows an aeroplane to be operated for up to 15 days with an inoperative CVR, either removed for repairs or awaiting repair, all of which is dependent on the initial failure of CVR being actually enunciated to crew as a fault. A Learjet I worked, with same model of CVR flew around for nearly a year with a faulty CVR not recording, only picked it up on annual test using an external test box the cockpit panel didn't display a fault. Ttfn Pete
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  • zswobbie1's Avatar
    Yesterday, 23:49
    For FS2004? Please?
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  • JosefK's Avatar
    Yesterday, 23:23
    Thanks for the good and relevant news!
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  • Daveroo's Avatar
    Yesterday, 23:17
    Yeah I wondered about that, odd, and I wonder if the other aircraft have it off as well?
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  • YoYo's Avatar
    Yesterday, 23:02
    Btw. Small OT. ORBX will release free addon:
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  • jmbiii's Avatar
    Yesterday, 22:07
    jmbiii replied to a thread HMS Victory in FSX General Discussion
    Milan, It doesn't matter what the folder is named as long as the sim.cfg title is VEH_Water_HMSVictory. And use this attached traffic file. It's v2. Joe
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  • TheBookie's Avatar
    Yesterday, 22:00
    I did a test flight with the P-38G,taking off from Henderson.Round trip was 945 miles. 300 gallons of fuel,climbed 10,000ft and speed was 189 mph (165 kts ).When back at Henderson still had 11% of fuel. The airfile and cfg were edited by Pen32Win and Talon. TheBookie
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  • jmbiii's Avatar
    Yesterday, 20:53
    Got you covered, MZ. Check your email. Joe
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  • MZee1960's Avatar
    Yesterday, 20:34
    Today, I copy/pasted the AI HMS Victory folder (from post #124 in this thread) inside the FSX Boats folder, I re-named the folder from ' AI_HMSVictory ' to ' VEH_Water_HMSVictory '. I put the 'Bounty-Victory traffic file' from post #93 in this thread : inside the FSX Scenery/World/Scenery folder. Set up a flight from KACK to KBID at FL010 (1000 ft.). Flew around both islands as well. No sign of either ship anywhere. Seemed like I was looking for Flight 19 there for a while. :fatigue: Perhaps I shouldn't have re-named the AI Victory folder ? Thought I'd try this as sim.cfg title for AI Victory is the same.
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  • Moses03's Avatar
    Yesterday, 19:56
    This trainer showed up around 1917. The builder designed aircraft as late as 1965.
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  • Javis's Avatar
    Yesterday, 18:19
    Trees can grow as high as 400 feet (California redwood stands 379 feet), say a building storey is around 10 feet and the high building in the shot is say 20 storey's ?... that's about 200 feet. Makes the trees look only of average height..
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  • Milton Shupe's Avatar
    Yesterday, 18:10
    Thanks Joe. After Milan (MZ) tests it, if you guys want to repackage this the way it should be, I am okay with that. Release it and share is fine with me. Thanks
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  • Thomas J Wood's Avatar
    Yesterday, 17:56
    I was at a NVIDIA conference three years ago and they told us then that the computers maxed out around 2015, now they are just refining what they got. Its a very interesting read and the reason why so many new games run so well on old computers. The teck now is in the game engine designe, that is the future.
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  • jmbiii's Avatar
    Yesterday, 17:43
    jmbiii replied to a thread HMS Victory in FSX General Discussion
    Milton, I have been testing the AI HMS Victory file today. The sim.cfg title (VEH_Water_HMSVictory) works with AICarriers very well. However the Aircraft.cfg title (HMS Victory AI Model) does not work for AIBTC (AI boat traffic). The Victory never appears. And it does not work for AICarriers either. After fooling around for a couple of hours (because it takes forever to reload P3D in between changes), I've found that the sim.cfg title works for both AICarriers and AIBTC . This is with P3Dv3, Win 10-64, and various ORBX sceneries. ??? Joe
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  • peperez's Avatar
    Yesterday, 17:38
    ALL original CFS2 airfiles have incorrect drag values. Reducing drag values, I succeed to get more range and speed to F4F, F6F and other planes They behave as the real thing. I intended to upload them but my computer crashed. I became so depressed that I decide to give me a little time of CFS2... Maybe I'll redo them. Pepe
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  • mongoose's Avatar
    Yesterday, 16:39
    Well I have a sort of solution to the last post. 1. I took out all the Lorenz ILS 'sound' gun vehicles from the airbase facility and made them a separate facility; in fact 2; one for each end of the runway; but keeping the same item positions as they were in the airbase facility. 2. Then I thought; could I put them in the gsl as facilities with the same coordinates, etc., as the relevant LW airbase but call them 'British'? Somehow I doubted that would work; so... 3. I put the relevant one for the direction I was landing in the mission file as a British facility BUT then edited the mission xml so that the ILS facility had exactly then same co ordinates and angle as the relevant LW airbase I was landing on! It worked!:wiggle: Now it's a bit of a pain in the butt, as basically I...
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  • czinger's Avatar
    Yesterday, 16:15
    Thanks for the reply. No editing at all. I tried with all the varations i could, patch and expansion wise. So i was thinking since only the base game with no patches it only works. I'm going to copy the "campaign" file and then install the patches and "Firepower", and apply the old file.Edit: Didn't work.
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  • gaucho_59's Avatar
    Yesterday, 16:12
    Available as usual... comments welcome... Could be a nice livery for the new B-24 in the works for FSX... G.
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  • Shessi's Avatar
    Yesterday, 15:55
    Hi Steve, In a nutshell..No. Native FSX ac have a seperate interior to exterior, which obviously Fs9 doesn't. I've just looked and the model is hold yer horses....zer are veys...we'll see. Cheers Shessi
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  • Steven KLein's Avatar
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