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  • Navy Chief's Avatar
    Yesterday, 19:53
    I had eagerly anticipated this addon, which was finally released. If you like helo ops, you will love this one!! NC
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  • Sundog's Avatar
    Yesterday, 19:37
    Sundog replied to a thread Pulled the Trigger! in MSFS (FS2020)
    Nice! I hope it does everything you want it to and more. I'm working on my new PC, using I hope to order the components in a week or two. This box is getting old. It's like five years old now, which I think is five hundred years old in PC years. ;)
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  • Daveroo's Avatar
    Yesterday, 18:39
    tankerguy should prolly be the one to address your question. but i dont think hes doing anything on this plane other than the Cal Fire firefighting airtanker version. the state of california uses these for wildland firefighting to drop retardant to build a fireline, or another layer of protection to slow the progress. theres no need for a tailhook as these are strictly ground based. hope that clears it up.Dave
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  • mongoose's Avatar
    Yesterday, 17:29
    I have been trying to contact AbacusPub about permissions to use their mosquitos but no joy. I sort of suspect they aren't arround any more. The only name I see there is Jerry Fish. Anyone know more?
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  • Opus the Pirate Hunter's Avatar
    Yesterday, 16:26
    I got a dozen square Widgets for sale. Each one servers no real functional purpose other than to provide myself a source of income. This thread is a mirage and it should disappear once the proper moderator sees it.
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  • AcWai's Avatar
    Yesterday, 16:11
    Thanks for another nice German fighter aircraft.
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  • Tom Clayton's Avatar
    Yesterday, 16:00
    This thing looks pretty good. I wonder if the X52 without the stick plugged in would work as just a throttle axis while using the VOFS for the rest of the controls. I'll have to test this tomorrow when I fire up the sim again. But since it's 1900 local, it's time to head out for supper and "adult beverages!"
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  • FrankPilot's Avatar
    Yesterday, 15:50
    You guys and your wife comments LOL. I feel very lucky that my wife encourages me in my flying/simulation addiction. Maybe itís her way of keeping me out of her way!? I donít care - itís a win-win! Cheers.
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  • FrankPilot's Avatar
    Yesterday, 15:43
    Thanks so much. Makes my day when I hear someone enjoys one of my videos. Wish we were doing even more for Ukraine! Cheers.
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  • DennyA's Avatar
    Yesterday, 15:34
    Yep, it's in your main MSFS folder, under: \Official\OneStore\microsoft-aircraft-dc3\Documentation DC-3 Operations Manual.pdf BTW, I'd suggest using Windows Search (slow) or Agent Ransack (free and awesome and super fast) to search your OneStore folder for *.pdf files. Lots of good documentation for various aircraft in there.
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  • Tom Clayton's Avatar
    Yesterday, 15:34
    Had a bigger Samsung TV that was only 1080, and at that size, it was actually a little blurry close up. Part of that might be attributed to the age of the TV too - it's an LED flat screen with a digital receiver, but it's old enough that it came before "smart" TV's. In this day of moving away from on-air reception, these new "smart monitors" are beginning to make more sense. They skip the digital TV receiver and save on cost. I've sampled the graphics in 4K on my current setup, but the 1060 card in the laptop comes to a grinding halt at any resolution above 1080 - even as much as 1440 brings it to its knees. My guess is that it just wasn't designed to run anything more than the native resolution of the laptop in any gaming app. I have Windows running at 4K, but I keep the sim's graphics...
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  • Bushpounder's Avatar
    Yesterday, 15:23
    Nice! Didn't you get a big screen too? That would be cool!! Don
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  • Tom Clayton's Avatar
    Yesterday, 15:20
    I'm currently running this monitor. It's 32" 4K, but I'm considering the 43" version. On the other hand, since Spectrum no longer uses standard cable broadcast frequencies and either uses a smart streaming app or a box connected with HDMI, I could just get the 43" as my TV and keep the 32" on my desk. 32" M70A 4K UHD Smart Monitor with Streaming TV in Black - LS32AM702UNXZA | Samsung US
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  • edakridge's Avatar
    Yesterday, 15:11
    Glad to hear it!
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  • firerx's Avatar
    Yesterday, 15:08
    Really looking forward to this one, Tankerguy.
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  • YoYo's Avatar
    Yesterday, 14:50
    Since I've been a bit busy lately, I haven't been able to fly since SU11. Now I can and do pull the DC-3 out of the hangar. Many positive changes compared to P3Dv5. It looks nice :wavey:. I have a question, is there a separate manual here for MSFS version? Btw. here is P3Dv5 version: (but there are probably some changes to this version).
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  • Fibber's Avatar
    Yesterday, 14:45
    Fibber replied to a thread WW 2 photo in CFS2 General Discussion
    I believe that this is your photo colorized. t shows the Tone under bombardment at Kure in July 1945. If you compare the # of bomb splashes in the b/w photo vs your colorized ones you will see the same amount along with the tall hit. also off the fantail there are the same # sharpnel splashes. I believe the b/w is a cropped version of your larger colorized one. ADDENDUM: dug around some more and here is your photo and its history;
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  • Rami's Avatar
    Yesterday, 14:31
    Captain Kurt, You did an amazing job! Thank you for all of your efforts on this! :santahat:
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