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  • lastivka's Avatar
    Today, 22:08
    No, it was me. In time, I'll also post the Paul Foster ones.
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  • wombat666's Avatar
    Today, 22:00
    Hadn't known about that one so I followed your link Ferry. Thanks for the heads up. :encouragement: I really dislike the real series however, all the promises made a few years ago seem to have fallen by the wayside. The grids are minuscule (12 cars on a good day!) and while they might pick up next season they need to run at the Super Car rounds to get a following. We really are too small a country to dilute the motorsport 'Gene Pool', a couple of years ago Formula 4 faded away, Formula Ford is struggling with thin grids, while the so-called 'Trans Am' series is another oddball moneypit sucking up finical resources.
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  • Allen's Avatar
    Today, 20:56
    Still need to add LOD 10. Also looking for some gauges but mostly done.
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  • Maxstuka's Avatar
    Today, 20:47
    Nice!, thanks allen. another cute model for CFS2 :ernaehrung004:
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  • Marty's Avatar
    Today, 20:44
    You have done a great job on this aircraft. Thank you very much. :biggrin-new::encouragement:
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  • Allen's Avatar
    Today, 20:13
    Updated Model. Now has 2d and 3d panels and more LODs.
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  • peperez's Avatar
    Today, 20:08
    I already converted it. I'm preparing a new model with VC. Cheers Pepe
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  • Marty's Avatar
    Today, 19:07
    The FS2000/2002 Fokker DXXIII I have tried to convert it it comes our ok, but the rear prop does not animate. Payakan did a great job on this D23 and it has stood the test of time. If anyone can get the rear prop in action please let me know. Thanks for the De Schelde DS21 from Peperez a great aircraft. so many new planes flying lately just want one more miracle. :encouragement::encouragement::encouragement::encouragement::encouragement:
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  • gavinc's Avatar
    Today, 17:19
    Thanks, if you check the downloads you will see several others that are re-compiled for FSX as well. Stay tuned for the Blackburn B2. Gavin
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  • FlameOut's Avatar
    Today, 16:51
    What has ASOBO slipped into SU_6 ? I spent the weekend fooling around with the "new sliders", reading other forums: CUBEMAP REFLECTIONS 96 RAYMARCHED REFLECTIONS LOW TERRAIN LEVEL OF DETAIL 10
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  • tgycgijoes's Avatar
    Today, 16:45
    From what I can gather from reading short notes or photo captions, the BOQ in the 1950's was Building 502 and Admin was Building 501. These green barracks were BEQ or may have been BOQ when there were a lot of NAVCADS stationed here during Korea but there is so little before the 1960's onwards its tough to REALLY know unless like you, someone here on SOH was there back then from after the end of Korea through the 50's. Doin' the best I can and I really appreciate the encouragement and the insight. My ashore time was at NB Norfolk/NAS Norfolk and then Portsmouth Navy Shipyard. Then at home it was either Great Lakes or Glenview. I have a drive to be as accurate as I can. When I was a shipmodeler, my mentor Howard Chappelle who was curator for the Smithsonian "harped" on being as...
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  • FlameOut's Avatar
    Today, 16:39
    .... now this weekend & today SU_6 :
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  • FlameOut's Avatar
    Today, 16:35
    :beaten: Well here goes, SU_4 over NYC a couple of days before the great SU_5 that gave me a wonderful performance boost : All the usual bells & whistles turned on to my liking. Computer specs " I-7 10700, 32 GB DDR4 3200mHz, GTX 1080 8 GB, 1TB M.2 NVMe SSD, Internet speed 25MB ( but really only get 17-19 MB d/l ) .... blah blah
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  • Mike71's Avatar
    Today, 16:28
    Beautiful work - your "splinterville" barracks brings back a lot of memories from my time at Mainside and Saufley. I recall the JO BOQs being a slight pale yellowish. I love the foundation being on those concrete pillars - so realistic!
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  • AussieMan's Avatar
    Today, 16:06
    NATIVE H-60 Project Microsoft Flight Simulator
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  • gray eagle's Avatar
    Today, 15:50
    Looks like the south west areas are not available (not downloading) for now. Edit: I tried the Hawaii scenery and can tell of an improvement flying over the mountainous areas with clearer more detailed vegetation.
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  • AussieMan's Avatar
    Today, 15:48
    Mathias, I am talking 1949 or 1950 for that ride so then it may have been original. Also VH-UUR was operating for a missionary group in New Guinea prior to WWII. All aircraft operating in PNG at that time carried the VH-*** registratiom.
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  • gray eagle's Avatar
    Today, 15:41
    I downloaded and installed SE1 area and didn't see much difference. This is the west tn area I like to see any ones before and after of the scenery to see what difference there is. I guess this is all about photo real scenery?
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  • Victory103's Avatar
    Today, 15:35
    Got the JF email as well and having just got MSFS, thinking I need a fast jet to run low levels in. Looking at Dino's T-45 for future boat work, but I spend enough time now in another sim doing that.
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  • dcc's Avatar
    Today, 15:25
    This is almost ready to share with the world, my first MSFS repaint and first P-38 sim texture in about 14 years! I hope to get it up on soon. (thanks to jankees for all the help! not only a great texture artist, but a fine tutor as well :untroubled:) - dcc
    119 replies | 8935 view(s)
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