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  • mike_cyul's Avatar
    Today, 04:42
    I'll second that. :)
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  • Motormouse's Avatar
    Today, 04:26
    Ok, anyone know if there is a scenery of the Tirpitz in Norwegian fjord for Fs2004? I seem to recall there was a CFS2 scenery, but can't find it in usual places? Thanks Ttfn
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  • Baragouin's Avatar
    Today, 04:05
    Thanks Lefty! I give you an overview of temperatures (Arezzo area) for the next few days: Thu 28 Fri 30 Sat and Sun 32 Mon and Tue 34 (Having said that over the last three days we could breath again with cooler temperatures and fresh winds) Ok here I go with my next mystery (sorry for the poor pic but I couldn't find a better one) Cheers Carlo
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  • SSI01's Avatar
    Today, 03:15
    Thanks. I went through the "modules" folder already and saw nothing from around the announced development/release date of the -111 but will take another look plus at the main folder. I'll let you know what I find. EDIT: Just finished taking a look at "modules" again, plus at the main folder. I don't know the development period of this release by AH so considered only .dlls dated 2017 or later. The Modules folder .dlls are confined to FSUIPC4. In the main folder are these dated from 2017 on: Ckpsound.dll dated 4/19/2017 d3dx10_34.dll dated 4/19/2017 dx10fixerlib.dll dated 4/29/2017 dx10SharedLib.dll dated 4/29/2017 lua5.1.dll dated 3/15/2017 OpenAL32.dll dated 10/11/2018
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  • p14u2nv's Avatar
    Today, 02:33
    Good luck to you Rami at Mayo...hope it all works out for you.
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  • p14u2nv's Avatar
    Today, 02:04
    I am simply speechless at the detail klnowak. Thank you in advance...
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  • klnowak's Avatar
    Today, 01:57
    Some sugestion to get the first informations. greetings Klaus
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  • stansdds's Avatar
    Today, 01:49
    dll files are usually in either the "modules" folder or in the main FSX folder. You might try to arrange the files by the date they were modified and see if you find anything.
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  • Manschy's Avatar
    Today, 01:00
    Manschy replied to a thread Iris a-10a in Prepar3D V4
    Very dumb on aircraft parametres, but if anybody can tell me which option is responsible for making the loadout manager work, I can have a look at mine. Maybe there are some differences and I can send you my instead...
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  • bazzar's Avatar
    Yesterday, 23:26
    Actually, devs don't need to learn anything. If they don't want to. Until the manufacturers declare their true position with regard to developers' building and selling add-ons, especially as a commercially viable process, no developer in their right mind is going to spend any amount of time "learning" anything. We do not know enough to start making any kind of prediction. If MS want to go the factory-controlled content route, they will. That may not suit a lot of developers. And I wonder how many "freeware" developers are going to legitimately spring for the software required to produce high-end material let alone the hardware required to drive it?:engel016:
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  • Motormouse's Avatar
    Yesterday, 23:23
    RNAS detail here One confusing issue, is that for a time, RFC pilots were attached to the Navy, retaining RFC khaki uniforms, but with RN rank titles. Ttfn
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  • alcanallen's Avatar
    Yesterday, 22:23
    G day all,im having a strange thing happening with a ETO Rev 1.5 installation,everytime i start the sim the Cliffs o Dover has a odd sandy look,but afrer deleting the zx files in Terrains1,2 and vector it reverts back,see pics. Can anyone put light on this? alcanallen.
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  • Sarg Willy's Avatar
    Yesterday, 20:30
    Sad news , He will be missed,
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  • Ravenna's Avatar
    Yesterday, 19:24
    Thanks Kurt, That's a great help. . I had assumed that the Marine flyers had ranks and insignia distinct from the Navy flyers. Systems of rank seem to have been in flux for most combatants during the early war period but by the entry of the US, organisation and rank structure had developed considerably.:encouragement:
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  • Captain Kurt's Avatar
    Yesterday, 18:49
    PS The Marines used the same wings as the Navy
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  • Captain Kurt's Avatar
    Yesterday, 18:38
    Hi Ravenna French (horizon blue uniform), USAS, USMC (USAS and USMC) were the same as the regular army and the US Navy airmen kept the same ranks as the regular Navy. The USA rank insignia are here: The French rank insignia are here:
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  • Ravenna's Avatar
    Yesterday, 16:59
    Thanks Col_Wolf. The UIRES files from Aerocrate don't include screens ranks and awards for the USAS, USMC or USN. There is also nothing for the RNAS, the Imperial German Naval Air Service or the Aviation Militaire. for now I can put the USN and USMC on the backburner but I want to at least include the other 4. Some of the screens can be used generically but I need good pics of rank insignia, either on the sleeve or the shoulder. I have pics of RNAS rank insignia and good sets for the RFC and Imperial German Air Force. I also have a set for the RAF and I'm guessing that the rank sleeve striping didn't change during the 20s and 30s. Of course I welcome corrections on that score. There appears to be little on all this, either on the Net or in books but I'll keep looking.
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  • PilatusTurbo's Avatar
    Yesterday, 16:42
    A question that a search availed nothing... Howdy SOH folks. Been a while.... Anyway, I was curious, after having gotten FSX SE going with some good stuff. I have googled the crap outta this issue, and it's not earth shattering, but no addons or programs to add modeled taxiway light fixtures? In 2019? Nothing? I found tutorials on how to model them, and a program to insert them manually, at each airport. Don't have that kinda time, now that I have a 4 year old and 2 1/2 year old set of boys. :) ANyway, I look forward to catching up with anyone who might remember me. :)
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