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  • LouP's Avatar
    Today, 16:25
    LouP replied to a thread KCFS Republic RC-3 Seabee in Prepar3D V4
    Thank you. LouP
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  • RickN's Avatar
    Today, 16:09
    I have been away from CFS for years and I am just getting ready to try it again. Will CFS install and run on a Win 10 PC?
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  • Jafo's Avatar
    Today, 16:01
    When I've been buzzing around in it I've always had to keep an eye on the ASI .... if yer going too fast things go wrong. Get a bit of height and droop your wings and you can wind it out to Mach3 ...;)
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  • Jafo's Avatar
    Today, 15:55
    Bjoern.....there's a reason Firefox is at version 59.0.1 .... the previous ones had issues too....;) The number of times its revisions have broken its GUI is pretty much every time.... Bit like the fame associated with Norton and 'the false-positive'. BTW....apt gifs in as much as I've met Rowan Atkinson ...;)
    7 replies | 296 view(s)
  • caleb1's Avatar
    Today, 15:50
    Hi all, In FSX-SE, when flying a mission (probably in Free Flight too, don't know how to really test it since it happens part way through the flight, and I usually don't do my flying in FSX (I use P3D for that)) the elevators and ailerons will mess up. Part way through the flight (it worked fine for the start of the flight) the full 100% movement of my Saitek yoke is only maybe 5-10% moment of the aircraft's elevators/ailerons in the sim. (the sim aircraft's yoke moves the whole way in the VC, but the elevators and the plane won't move the whole way.) I think it happens in all aircraft but I know the default F-18 and 747 for sure. The missions that I know it happens in is the 747 Test Flight mission and the rocket launch guard mission. Does anyone have any ideas as to why...
    0 replies | 3 view(s)
  • HorusJ's Avatar
    Today, 15:39
    I'm have been quit happy with my Carenado 182RG and 206 Stationairs for a few years now.And also my FSD 337s and O-2(speaking of Cessna,but twins).:encouragement:
    7 replies | 232 view(s)
  • Daube's Avatar
    Today, 15:25
    Prepar3D is indeed much more than "a better looking/optimized FSX", but still, this is the first impression you'll get. You'll quickly feel "at home", especially when it comes to configuring the options like key bindings, scenery library etc... The main differences will appear in the graphics settings, with a bunch of new options that didn't exist in FSX. Another word concering the licences: the Academic and Professional licences are "pay once and that's all". However, the Developper licence is a "pay each month". Last remark, concerning the reinstallation: when you install P3D, you have to activate it (online) using a generated licence ID and password which are sent to you by email upon purchase. Once you have activated the sim, that licence becomes "unavailable" (I insist on the...
    15 replies | 328 view(s)
  • Ivan's Avatar
    Today, 15:19
    Hello Bub, B24Guy, That is a very pretty Wildcat. - Ivan.
    20 replies | 783 view(s)
  • Marine0326's Avatar
    Today, 15:15
    Sorry, the J and S models were not available yet.
    11904 replies | 2256102 view(s)
  • Sundog's Avatar
    Today, 15:06
    Yes! I'll have to go through all of my books and reference documents. Oddly, I think the Crusader I have the best blue prints for with cross sections is the F8U-3 Cursader III, which is an entirely different plane, just saying. But I'll see what I have for the RF-8. :) I do have an RF-8G manual, that I probably got from that former McDonnell Douglas employee's website; he posts all manner of excellent references.
    2 replies | 99 view(s)
  • falcon409's Avatar
    Today, 15:03
    P3D_V4.2 is far more than simply an optimized/better looking FSX. Forget FSX. . .the latest version of P3D is nothing like it. As for Carswell (where I was stationed for 22 years and retired from there in '07). . .Carswell was barely represented in FSX and that has not changed. Runway, taxiways, building placement, general layout is similar to the actual base, but it's not like you'll load up on the 301st ramp and say. . ."Yep, this looks just like it".
    15 replies | 328 view(s)
  • Bushi's Avatar
    Today, 14:44
    Thanks, And yeah.. I backed off the alpha to pure white for the red and blue painted surfaces.. with those aluminium doped wings on the red one still having the metallic sheen. I like the blue, and will be adding some white 'cheat line' strips and reg. BUT, maybe Nigel will grace me with a paint kit once we get the final model sorted out. This was just for fun... a little distraction. And might look quite nice as an expensive toy when mounted on floats! I might even try and do an "almost impossible to do it right" gloss black finish on fuselage and wing leading edges. I have re-downloaded SHINY as it went kablooey with my hard drive meltdown. I think I still need from before I can use it again. Maybe not.. it's been a LONG time!! :-) Dave
    248 replies | 29273 view(s)
  • henrystreet's Avatar
    Today, 14:40
    3 replies | 120 view(s)
  • Bjoern's Avatar
    Today, 14:36
    I've looked long and hard for am suitable reaction gif/picture, but I figure this one sums it up pretty nicely: - Edit: Wait, this one is even better!
    7 replies | 296 view(s)
  • Bjoern's Avatar
    Today, 14:28
    That's a Meteor; probably one of Rob's models. A CF-100 has wingroot-mounted engines and a CF-101 is something entirely different.
    11904 replies | 2256102 view(s)
  • Bjoern's Avatar
    Today, 14:23
    Looks like a grid boundary. Outside of creating a local, high resolution mesh, I don't have much of an idea how to fix this.
    3 replies | 120 view(s)
  • XLR8's Avatar
    Today, 14:16
    Sorry to ask more questions. From what I have read prepar is a optimized/better looking FSX. If this is true, are things like the controls key bind/controller work the same as FSX? Also are military bases/airports still in the game like Carswell? Thhanks.
    15 replies | 328 view(s)
  • XLR8's Avatar
    Today, 14:11
    XLR8 replied to a thread WTH (What The Heck) in Prepar3D V4
    YUP GPUs are just dumb stupid expensive! I bought a rx570 8gb 2 months ago and paid $320. Its now going for $750!
    6 replies | 245 view(s)
  • Marine0326's Avatar
    Today, 14:10
    Recently picked up the plane a couple days ago, and so far it has been unflyable. Shortly after rotating and gaining altitude after takeoff, I lose both aileron and rudder control. Cannot turn left or right, and the only way I can control the AOA pitch is by using the up/down trim. It immediately wants to go into a nose dive. The only way to prevent a ground assault, is by trimming the pitch up, and then down, and then up...... repeat. As far as I can tell, there is no support forum for Virtavia, so I'm asking here. If you can help, I'd be much obliged. M0326
    1 replies | 56 view(s)
  • warchild's Avatar
    Today, 14:01
    Could you plase cros post this over the the RF-8 thread that Dean just opened please?? I dont have the power to move it there..
    36 replies | 4696 view(s)
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