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  • PeteHam's Avatar
    Today, 23:05
    Thanks for your reply. It's a shame that there doesn't appear to be a fix for this issue. Pete.
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  • sixstrings5859's Avatar
    Today, 18:52
    Good to hear he is getting better. Will keep him and his family in my prayers. Hope he continues to recover from this and will be able to leave the facility soon to be with his family full time.Regards,Scott
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  • grover1's Avatar
    Today, 18:47
    Hi all, I've got a new one for you guys - I keep getting a CFS3 didn't shut down properly whenever I go to load CFS3 ETO 1.50. Whenever I shut the game down, I use ctrl+shift+q as I saw in the Windows 7 sticky years ago. Does anyone have an idea as to why CFS3 is giving me this error on start up? If it helps, I'm running Ankor's 2018 shaders mixed with WOFF's scenery.
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  • sixstrings5859's Avatar
    Today, 18:30
    Just got back from a fishing trip and got it downloaded. Will install tomorrow. Can't wait. Will keep me busy for quite some time !!! Thank you. Regards,Scott
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  • Switchblade408's Avatar
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  • Rami's Avatar
    Today, 18:13
    Good evening, Just wanted to pass along an update about Kasey. He continues to be in rehab, but remains a family with his wife and children, and can leave the facility for several hours a day, though he is not strong enough to be out of the facility on a full-time basis yet. They finally got to the bottom of the root cause, which is a neurological disorder. He seems to be in good spirits, and would like to post himself, but trying to do so on a phone with nephropathy in both hands makes it extremely difficult for him to do so. That being said, he insisted I post to provide you with an update. :encouragement:
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  • Canuckshaw's Avatar
    Today, 17:53
    A new entry has been added to Add-Ons Library, category P3D / P4D Add-Ons - Civilian repaints Description: Before Mikey McBryan Saved her from rotting away, she served with the RAF and took part in the D-Day invasion. After her service in the RAF, she returned to Canada and was converted to a DC-3A. She was purchased by Trans-Canada Air Lines. After her short time with Trans-Canada she was purchased by Transport Canada. I am aware of two paint schemes during her time with Transport Canada. This is a representation of her last paint, but in the Transport Canada 50th Anniversary livery. This is my second livery in the DTD series. My next livery will be flying Transport Canada colours as CF-DTD. Following completion of that paint, I will transform her into the Trans-Canada Air Lines...
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  • rince33's Avatar
    Today, 17:45
    Howzit Shessi.:wavey: Bright enough for ya, a failed brightness experiment. I'll probably release the terrain as it is, so that you can test it in game, and then release a version2 based on constructive criticism.
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  • Odie's Avatar
    Today, 17:20
    Impressive and nice looking! Definitely has the seeds of a great model to add to the hangar. :applause::applause:
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  • Sundog's Avatar
    Today, 15:49
    I haven't seen anything posted yet, but the following have been released by Carenado: A72-500 A42-500
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  • Josh Patterson's Avatar
    Today, 15:44
    Haven't heard of this plane before so I had to look it up. Judging by the size of the windows in you model I was expecting something about the size of a Bae-146 but it is actually quite a bit bigger and the windows are really that expansive! With the "KC" designation is it planned to be adopted by the USAF or other US service branch? (I could see it in US Coast Guard work as well as it would get supplies to someone in trouble faster than a C-130 and it would probably look great in the white and orange scheme!) Looks like you're doing a fantastic job on this so far!!!:encouragement:
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  • Sundog's Avatar
    Today, 15:40
    Just in case you haven't been there yet, I highly recommend you ask for help at FS Developer. There's a lot of very knowledgeable sim developers there.
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  • ryanbatc's Avatar
    Today, 15:33
    Great link....analysis from a former FSX "ACES" team member for anyone who isn't familiar with Kevin.
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  • Bomber_12th's Avatar
    Today, 14:35
    One of the things I've been wondering about lately, is if this sim is vastly or all satellite imagery based, what is the likelihood that seasons are or aren't included?
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  • pilto von pilto's Avatar
    Today, 14:25
    It's easier to say ! We've also got some bits from other variants as well. So calling it something a little more generic is a little more closer to the development. As for x-plane... we are getting something ready for x-plane ( globe swift ) to test the market. once we know how well ( or not ) the market will react to an AH development - X-plane has been/and is very systems focussed and we are more about SPH rather than SIDS/STARS - then we shall see. Nice bike in your avatar btw.
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  • Odie's Avatar
    Today, 14:18
    Thanks Storm for your advice! I was tottering on the Hornet and the PG map to the buy side but the FW's had me wobbling. I'll do as you suggest and go with the A8. Many thanks!
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  • Bomber_12th's Avatar
    Today, 14:08
    A very insightful analysis/breakdown of the trailer by Kevin Miller:
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  • cthornburg's Avatar
    Today, 14:02
    Right on over to you. Chris
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