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  • LouP's Avatar
    Today, 22:32
    LouP replied to a thread Rex/Milviz weather radar in Prepar3D V4
    All set. I reinstalled the aircraft and it's working again. :redfire: LouP
    9 replies | 133 view(s)
  • manecas's Avatar
    Today, 21:41
    Lufthansa should be nice....mmmhh...KLM too....
    147 replies | 23344 view(s)
  • blanston12's Avatar
    Today, 20:55
    The Convair is really high on my list of aircraft I would like to see modern versions of so am very excited to see Jan working on it. Nothing against the N3N but we have gotten several very cool biplanes recently and am happy to see something different.
    147 replies | 23344 view(s)
  • wombat666's Avatar
    Today, 20:48
    This is reasonably sedate, one I hope to see updated to a higher standard, but a welcome subject just the same. :encouragement:
    385 replies | 45523 view(s)
  • wombat666's Avatar
    Today, 20:44
    I know only too well Ferry! :pirate:
    385 replies | 45523 view(s)
  • Javis's Avatar
    Today, 20:03
    Thanks, manecas ! Thanks, Tim ! Lufthansa, right ? :cool: Cheers,
    147 replies | 23344 view(s)
  • Javis's Avatar
    Today, 19:51
    Aeroplanes too, mate.. Nice shot, Heywoood! :encouragement: It's not very often that the cockpit is lightend up like that in a photo. Good for measuring the pilot figures once i'll get to that. ( in fact the N3N student is already inthere.. hehe.. )
    147 replies | 23344 view(s)
  • Javis's Avatar
    Today, 19:36
    Could it be Milan Lisner who's involved with A1R ?.. He's from TsjechiŽ and used to develop beautiful freeware GA models including the Blanik glider for FS98 and up. Big fan. Wonder what happend to him..
    6 replies | 298 view(s)
  • Javis's Avatar
    Today, 19:28
    Now that's a fine lesson on coordinated turns in an aircraft as well as in a nutshell, azflyboy, just what i was looking for. Thank you very much ! :encouragement: ( sure i learned all about that during my virtual PPL course but that's more than 30 years ago ( i suppose a refresher training is about due.. ;-) cheers, jan
    6 replies | 298 view(s)
  • e.a.wicklund's Avatar
    Today, 19:27
    Ooh, that is looking very, very good. I like the equipment detail behind the pilot's seat. Very realistic.
    9 replies | 914 view(s)
  • nagpaw's Avatar
    Today, 19:00
    Wow, Milton! Those are some swell looking machines. I can hardly wait to run down some more Citations and Lears...:encouragement:
    124 replies | 27171 view(s)
  • LouP's Avatar
    Today, 18:53
    WOW :redfire:
    124 replies | 27171 view(s)
  • Panther_99FS's Avatar
    Today, 18:15
    Panther_99FS replied to a thread cool pic in Racer's Paddock
    Gotta love dirt!
    1 replies | 481 view(s)
  • acwai1's Avatar
    Today, 18:09
    I am still working on the updated AW P-51D. This is what the new aircraft will probably look like.
    9 replies | 914 view(s)
  • modelr's Avatar
    Today, 17:53
    Just found this thread, GMan. Really hard to imagine what I would have done if in your place. I follow all your posts and projects, when I get time to read these forums. I am more than willing to help out if you go the GoFundMe route. Just a small way to "give back" to the freeware community. Was really looking forward to the F7F VC, as well as the B-26K in all it's glory. As for the scenery, when you announced KNZY North Island my ears really perked up, with San Diego being the place where I spent the first 25 years of my life, with working at KNZY for a year or two taking care of some of the landscaping, which was done by the company I worked for around 1973-75. Good Luck.
    48 replies | 9088 view(s)
  • e.a.wicklund's Avatar
    Today, 17:45
    Allen, you rock. I didn't know you had a D Mustang. Yes, that's the scheme I've been looking for. Although, if I could have my cake and eat it too, I'd want "Cripes A'Mighty 3rd". Still any blue-nosed Mustang would be highly appreciated. I gotta go with Kurt and say I'll take the Alpha Mustang over Wai's. Wai did a terrific job, and lot of skins are available, but the Alpha looks more Mustang-ey to me. My computer hasn't complained yet about too few LODs. I'm kinda making things complicated, but I'm flying Akemi's 190A-8, and D-9 with Kurt's mods, then using Allen's A-8 and one of Maxstuka's D-9s for the AI enemies. Then I get to see them break up. Same situation with the P-51D & B. It's all a matter of taste, of course, and thank all of you guys for staying with it all these...
    9 replies | 914 view(s)
  • jamminjames's Avatar
    Today, 17:13
    Thanks for the reply Milton. Looking forward to having a Howard in my hanger, as I do to all your projects...
    124 replies | 27171 view(s)
  • Josh Patterson's Avatar
    Today, 17:11
    Considering we take what you put so much hard work into for nothing except a thank you assisting you financially with the file recovery the least we could do. The modeling community is doing the same for Paul Fisher after he lost his home and workshop in the Camp fire back in November. (As I found out when I tried to order his 1/32 F7U.) A lot of people giving a little bit can make a huge difference in someone's life! (Besides, I would like to see the F7F VC finished, as would quite a few others!)
    48 replies | 9088 view(s)
  • MustangL2W's Avatar
    Today, 17:10
    Whooooosh!!! That looks terrific!!
    80 replies | 8984 view(s)
  • ejoiner's Avatar
    Today, 17:04
    ejoiner replied to a thread Alabeo C-170 red panel in Prepar3D V4
    Thanks! its in the library now.
    10 replies | 552 view(s)
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