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  • wombat666's Avatar
    Today, 20:33
    Can I mention a few points from the perspective of one who lives with the threat of fire each year, albeit on the opposite side of the Pacific. First things first, if one lives in a Fire Zone then one is responsible for looking after their property. Our 'farm' is situated on the edge of one the Mornington Peninsula National Parks and we've cleared the area on our property right up to the park. All our buildings are steel framed and have most of the original timber replaced with compressed Bamboo impregnated with retardant. An extensive sprinkler system and protected guttering should take care of any airborne embers. Our final point of safety is a 40' Shipping Container buried well out of harms way. Rain is a scarce commodity in the South of the country, in contrast to the...
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  • HorusJ's Avatar
    Today, 19:40
    WOW:dizzy: Looks amazing!
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  • Sascha66's Avatar
    Today, 18:24
    With Bjoern's kind permission I have revamped his VC adaption of the TinMouse Boeing 737-200 Adv: I hope the upload worked, I'll also upload here and to avsim, probably. Cheers, Sascha
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  • msfossey's Avatar
    Today, 18:24
    msfossey replied to a thread For Rami in CFS2 General Discussion
    Our thoughts are with you and your family Rami. Best wishes. msfossey
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  • JoeKerr's Avatar
    Today, 18:22
    I meant 3.1.......stupid do I change the title of the thread? So I installed 3.1, then 3.1a then replaced the exe with a no CD version. Seems to be the only way to get it to start on Windows 10
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  • msfossey's Avatar
    Today, 18:21
    Thank you Allen. I give it a try when I have some time. Always appreciate your efforts. msfossey
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  • ziggy's Avatar
    Today, 18:20
    Hey! Great job!!
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  • FlyingsCool's Avatar
    Today, 18:01
    Great! Thanks! Sadly, I have hit my limit for the moment for downloads : ( But, as soon as they let me, I'll be there : ) Wow, just did a flight from Meridian to the Gulf, they've got a long way to go for carrier trials from Meridian. What I've been working on the last week or so; I've found a way to convert models from SolidWorks into 3DS models, so now at least creating the solid is super easy for me now (texturing and animating and grouping etc, ouch, got a long way to go there to figure out that part). So I've been modeling the Collings Foundation Hangar and American Heritage museum, and I've been searching for tanks and other artifacts to put in the buildings in FS. Someday, I'll have the Collings airfield modeled along with them, and you can explore the whole ...
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  • captmercy's Avatar
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  • scotth6's Avatar
    Today, 17:36
    scotth6 replied to a thread DCS and VR? in DCS Combat Simulator
    Good Stuff :encouragement: It's great isn't it. The best flight programs for VR, in my opinion are DCS World, Aerofly FS2, and the new IL2 series ( I have Cliffs of Dover, Battle of Stalingrad and Flying Circus). Even just starting up and taxiing around is still awesome for me in VR in DCS World. The scale and detail of the virtual world is spectacular.
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  • ponchovilla's Avatar
    Today, 17:31
    Baton is free at KOAK. The circle is now closed. Team SOH completes the 2019 Around the World Circuit.
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  • tgycgijoes's Avatar
    Today, 17:29
    If you search the Warbird Library here you will find the 3 custom textures I did for the Buckeye for one of the members here of TRARON 23. Just checked and you can find them by just typing in "Buckeye" and hit search.
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  • johannesl's Avatar
    Today, 17:11
    Nice little rendition.
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  • FlyingsCool's Avatar
    Today, 17:11
    Hi Gary, Beautiful! :) I've been perfectly happy using the Oriskany, but if you've done the work that would be awesome. I've been working now for a couple of months creating scenery around Pensacola to recreate what it looked like in the 50's and into the 60's, and do plan to do the work to release it for public consumption someday soon. A CVT-16 would be an awesome compliment to that. Really fun to take off and do "bounce" flights in various trainers. Just picked up the RAZBAM Buckeye and TA-4J, and already have Ant's T-28C, and of course Dino's T-45. Started with Saufley and it's grown from there. I've done that and Summerdale, Magnolia, Wolf, started doing some work on Whiting to get it back to the 50's 60's (there's a more modern one available). Tom
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  • Sascha66's Avatar
    Today, 16:50
    Hi all, the Microsim T-37 used to be a fovorite of mine, but I seem to have lost it along the way. I can't find the installer anymore on my many backups and the company seems long defunct. No joy on ebay, there seems to have been a CD version too. Is there anyone out there willing to part with a download license and file or a CD? If so, please PM me so we can cut a deal! Cheers, Sascha
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  • ponchovilla's Avatar
    Today, 16:34
    When I was setting up for the flight from Taraz to Leh, Rob reminded me that K2, the second highest mountain in the world at 28,250 feet, lay astride the route. If you ain't careful, somethin' just might reach out and grab ya!
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  • MaskRider's Avatar
    Today, 16:07
    Very nice! Thanks Shessi! MR
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  • Green's Avatar
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  • Rami's Avatar
    Today, 15:50
    Good evening, Here is another completed mission...pretty standard bomber escort. :encouragement: "title_string"=BoF Jagdgeschwader - Fly into the hornet's nest "summary_string"=Aufpassen Männer! Our forces have now bypassed Calais, and are close to isolating Dunkirk, now the only harbour remaining in Allied hands. If we can knock this harbor out of operation, we will isolate the British and French, who are cut off from their forces to the southwest! We might even be able to force them into a full surrender, and complete our conquest of the west! Your best efforts today are demanded to make this happen! "objective_string"=During the late afternoon of 24 May 1940, 74 Sqn Spitfires on patrolling at Angels 20 just south of Dunkirk ran into nine He-111s of KG 54, escorted by Bf-109s of...
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