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  • kdriver's Avatar
    Today, 00:46
    Thanks Andrew and Fibber for tracking down mw_tree. Have a good Easter!
    10 replies | 850 view(s)
  • scotth6's Avatar
    Today, 00:44
    scotth6 replied to a thread Fsx kc-135 in FSX General Discussion
    I have never seen one. It has been suggested to a few developers, but as far as I know there has never been a start on a payware version.
    1 replies | 154 view(s)
  • p14u2nv's Avatar
    Yesterday, 23:38
    I really like this US Mail texture TuFun, then again I like just about every one you've done! Thank you very much Sir!
    114 replies | 15356 view(s)
  • bazzar's Avatar
    Yesterday, 23:00
    You are quite correct. Somehow it has slipped forward one station. This will be corrected with a new service pack. Thankyou for pointing it out.:engel016:
    22 replies | 754 view(s)
  • YoYo's Avatar
    Yesterday, 22:18
    Ok, perhaps I found the scale problem. Please see this. Perhaps You did the front panel in the wrong place (marked red line), but it must be on the orange line. You can check it by frame position. It is on the half position of second window, between the first and second frame of front glass nose: Second example:
    22 replies | 754 view(s)
  • Allen's Avatar
    Yesterday, 22:17
    The set up I made for Blood Hawk was for a single tree that rotates to player's view. I didn't make textures at all.
    82 replies | 11637 view(s)
  • bazzar's Avatar
    Yesterday, 22:05
    You are trying to compare completely different models and camera angles, sim view positions and eyepoints. Set up something with your knowlege of camera view/CFG settings, to suit you better.:engel016:
    22 replies | 754 view(s)
  • zsoltquack's Avatar
    Yesterday, 22:01
    Available released date? :ernaehrung004:
    48 replies | 8526 view(s)
  • Ravenna's Avatar
    Yesterday, 21:54
    Hi Allen, Is this one of yours? The tree lines and tree stands I used for Zeebrugge came with these textures.
    82 replies | 11637 view(s)
  • YoYo's Avatar
    Yesterday, 21:54
    Thank You for new file. I downloaded 1.1 from PCAvaitor however (PBR effect is less now) this rusty effect is present still: Ok, but I found this file in Texture folder and I'll do this I like for myself :- ))). Btw. What about the view? Does it looks right? I feel like something is wrong with scale:
    22 replies | 754 view(s)
  • Bruce66's Avatar
    Yesterday, 21:50
    Thanks for watching! Its great to get feedback especially from someone with such experience of the airspace in question. As to autogen - I have my sliders all the way to max but I have priority set for smooth performance so draw distance probably eliminates a lot. This gives me a bit of trouble with VFR as sometimes I cant see my visual waypoints until almost too late but its a give an take... My Springbank airport is ORBX stock. Altitude - Yes, I have been reading up on this since the flight and I should have filed a higher altitude in the flight plan. As Springbank is nearly 4000 feet already, 6000 is too low for that flight. Probably why Springbank Approach assumed I was at 7500 and told me to stay there until I had clearance. I guess Radar Contact assumes you know how to plan...
    6 replies | 667 view(s)
  • Phantom01's Avatar
    Yesterday, 20:57
    Can anyone tell me where I could find a payware quality KC-135? I have all the freeware ones (HJG, Gary's, etc). Is there even a chance of anyone developing one? I would pay good money for one LOL!
    1 replies | 154 view(s)
  • Allen's Avatar
    Yesterday, 20:49
    I ended up making the set up that Blood Hawk was using to make the trees. I still have it. It will make flat tress that rotates to player's view. You will need to make your own textures.
    82 replies | 11637 view(s)
  • Flyboy208's Avatar
    Yesterday, 19:30
    Awesome ... The Nimitz looks great. Did 2 cruises aboard her in The 1990's. Great memories. Mike :wavey:
    10 replies | 678 view(s)
  • Corvette99's Avatar
    Yesterday, 19:26
    McClellan it is ! :) ! P-3s and DC-10s also stop in . Working on Hemet Ryan and Redding also.
    3 replies | 616 view(s)
  • Captain Kurt's Avatar
    Yesterday, 18:57
    Wingmen landing short of the runway? Look in the airbases.dat file in the INFO folder. Each airfield has an entry that reads landing_touchdown_pos=XXX. This is the point that the AI aim for on landing. It's the distance from the center of the runway. I believe it is in meters. Reduce this number until the wingmen land a little beyond the runway threshold. :playful:
    10 replies | 1372 view(s)
  • WarHorse47's Avatar
    Yesterday, 18:51
    Thanks for the response. Yes, I'm interested in any WIP as long as its for FSX. I'm not ready for P3D as yet. It's always good to learn what is going on and what stage a product has reached, along with any issues, etc. Perhaps the moderators can close out this thread and someone can start a new one in the P3D forum?? :wiggle:
    63 replies | 16486 view(s)
  • txnetcop's Avatar
    Yesterday, 17:39
    WOW...I'm gobsmacked! NICE! Ted
    3 replies | 825 view(s)
  • pilto von pilto's Avatar
    Yesterday, 17:36
    Final release. To all. The screenshots are running at real time so if you're a gamer thats what you see if you're playing the latest farcry or assassins creed or forza etc. It's not a render. We like renders but some people get a little confused thinking that a render is a screenshot from the sim ( despite saying it isnt but then ... reading ) . This way you fellas a. Get to see it closer to the real thing that you can run b. get to see a little behind the scenes
    63 replies | 16486 view(s)
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