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  • YoYo's Avatar
    Today, 11:28
    Nice to see rare float version! Please notice (I saw this video also) its a Argentinan Stearman, so the tail has wrong markings. More: Top of the wing has registration too, yellow colour and 2 anchors. The tail: blue, white, yellow sun with face.
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  • pbearsailor's Avatar
    Today, 10:41
    This is REALLY REALLY good. :applause:
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  • noddy's Avatar
    Today, 10:16
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  • Dave22's Avatar
    Today, 10:12
    Just Flight has responded about some other planes I'm interested in. BoB Hurricane - more consistent all around BoB Me109 - not as consistent but harder to explain the visual P47 Thunderbolt- more consistent all around Flight Replica CAC Boomerang - missing glazing I guess in the same area Typhoon - no answer I certainly could understand the real world reasoning, but sitting at my computer I don't want to look at something like that as I'm constantly panning and sight-seeing.
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  • jankees's Avatar
    Today, 10:01
    jk7178 jk7180 jk7187
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  • afscrub's Avatar
    Today, 09:36
    A new entry has been added to Add-Ons Library, category P3D / P4D Add-Ons - Military aircraft Description: FSX/P3Dv3,v4 B24D and B24J Liberator Fix. These are the gauges necessary for the Radio and Throttles/mixture/props for both the B-24D and B-24J. Just paste them into the aircraft's panel folder. Fix by A.F. Scrub.
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  • gray eagle's Avatar
    Today, 09:33
    Is that suppose to read Shift + 1(numeric) or Shift + I (alpha) - I suspect the former. It's the only one that works. It looks like the only way to get a jeep drop is to choose the cargo texture version - all others only allow a trooper drop only. Edit: It looks like nothing will drop from the Thunderbirds texture. At least I haven't been able to do so.
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  • Shadow Wolf 07's Avatar
    Today, 09:07
    Gilbert Is. - a great Christmas present! :applause::applause::applause:
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  • MaskRider's Avatar
    Today, 08:48
    Wow. Can't believe it been nearly a month since I posted anything to this Gilbert Islands thread. Last time I posted I had just finished up Abaiang and Marakei Atoll and was shifting over to the last project: Tarawa Atoll. There were a couple of side-related threads about latrines and searchlights at Betio. I have finished with Betio (I think) and have also finished with the airfield over at Bonriki Island. Since then my attention, when real world issues have allowed, has been concentrated on building the rest of the Tarawa Atoll. Had to divide the project into 5 sections: Betio Island, Bonriki Island, the southern Islands in the chain between Betio and Bonriki, north Tarawa and the finally the chain of islands between North Tarawa and Bonriki. And then do the reef also in...
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  • mongoose's Avatar
    Today, 08:02
    Having followed without total understanding (very little actually! :pop4: ) Diawilletti and Mixxer's discussion on spawns in the taxiing aircraft thread, I feel it would be really useful to start a sticky on Spawns; the use and making of which are still partly a mystery to me. I might dig up some notes from others on this issue. like Loic's who was good on them. A pity Wulfmann isn't active any more as he was also a prolific spawn maker. Anyone like to start the ball rolling before me?
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  • b52bob's Avatar
    Today, 07:45
    b52bob replied to a thread Epsion TB-80 in X-Plane
    Glad you got it working. Isnít there amazing freeware for xp-11? The x-plane community is great.
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  • ColoKent's Avatar
    Today, 07:16
    Clearly this is a MUST buy for me. Looks gorgeous, and being a disciple of RealAir's Legacy, I'm looking forward to this one. Just wish he would have included an MPP external model as well. Kent
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  • txnetcop's Avatar
    Today, 06:53 X-Plane is still working on ATC but at least it is better. Enjoy, Ted
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  • jamminjames's Avatar
    Today, 06:45
    Another Winner! Thanks Milton and team...
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  • Postbaer61's Avatar
    Today, 05:36
    Here are some info from the members "TreeTops" and "bruce e" to the situation of OZx.
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  • Phantom88's Avatar
    Today, 05:12
    HB facebook photo
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  • SteveB's Avatar
    Today, 05:01
    This weekend I will be concentrating on these.
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  • Josh Patterson's Avatar
    Today, 04:54
    Really? They were just open? I suppose they would work like the c-pillar vents on your car that way, helping to ventilate the cockpit (not to mention how difficult it would be to clean the inside surface of a window that was there). Learn something new every day!
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  • stansdds's Avatar
    Today, 04:38
    I think I see what you are talking about. Aft of the canopy, there appears to be no glazing over the rear view scallop cut. On real F4U-1's, there was glazing over the cutout and in combat units, damaged glazing was often replaced with sheet aluminum. Looks like the glazing was not modeled in JF's F4U-1 virtual cockpit.
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