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  • pomme homme's Avatar
    Today, 01:04
    Assuming the interplane connection visible is the rod connecting the upper and lower ailerons, there can't be a huge number of unstayed biplanes from which to chose an identity for this pretty little thing. Changing the subject, has the forum format changed overnight? The screen now seems to have a light/dark grey and green/orange background with a white text box. If so, I have to say that I find it much more user friendly to my old and tired eyes!
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  • 65olschool's Avatar
    Today, 01:00
    Scratch that I found it in the Aircraft Damage Profile SDK document FYI ConvergeDistanceType: Floating point, meters Default: “300” The distance ahead of the aircraft at which the bullet stream should cross the aircraft centerline. If set to zero this value has no effect; it should always be set to zero for trainable guns. Mick
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  • 65olschool's Avatar
    Today, 00:41
    Hello All, Can somebody please confirm that the ConvergeDistance="300" entry in the gunstation entry in a xdp is for multi-barrel guns and is the point the rounds would converge (if the noise value in the gun xdp was 0)? Also is the "300" value as shown in this case metres? And finally in the case of single barrel guns should the value should be 0? Thanks Mick
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  • huub vink's Avatar
    Today, 00:15
    Hi Pete, It is Wim's Fokker FS9 Fokker C.X and as I did the (exterior) paintwork for him all it is indeed a paint job by me. It is available here in our library. When you do a text search on "regeer" it will pop up, together with his Fokker D.17 a Hawker Fury like fighter and some additional liveries, which I did to enable me to take screenshot of the Fokker C.X flying in formation. If I had done some better thinking I could have realised that the wings were not canvas covered, but all wood, like all Fokker wings were in those days. There is a very nice full size replica, which can be seen here. One side is more or less finished the other side doesn't have canvas over the fuselage, so you can see the internal construction. As you can see it is quite a large aircraft with a...
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  • Ravenna's Avatar
    Today, 00:06
    Thanks Guys. A very enlightening exchange. I look forward to seeing all the ducks line up as they should. As a sidelight, I'm now getting a missing object message for 'inf_zm_pierwhouse', even though I have added the files.
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  • DC1973's Avatar
    Yesterday, 23:57
    The feedback I get from my Facebook followers is that they'd rather have the aircraft now than wait, and they accept that there will be upgrades as the simulator improves and new features are added. It's a little easier for me though as I build aircraft at the entertainment level - developers building ultra-high detail aircraft simply can't produce them for MSFS until the sim can support everything they require. I can't bring Concorde to MSFS for instance, although it's obviously not study level, because without a Mach 2 capability it's not really Concorde at all :)
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  • guzler's Avatar
    Yesterday, 23:13 is excellent, I like how you can choose different search criteria’s, eg. By topic such as scenery or aircraft but also by country too. Great selection in there.
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  • tankerguy72's Avatar
    Yesterday, 21:57
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  • Javis's Avatar
    Yesterday, 21:56
    Javis replied to a thread Screenshots in Flight Simulator 2020
    Thanks! :encouragement:
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  • FlyingsCool's Avatar
    Yesterday, 21:47
    There is a limit to the number of images you can store here. What I and a lot of other people do is upload their images to a service like Imgur and Flickr, etc.. You have to be careful in your choice, as services like Photobucket have gone offline for a lot of people because they couldn't make the image server concept work for themselves. Imgur has worked well for me for a while. Then get the link to your photo and post it as a url in the little image gizmo above. Note that the image button is broken now in the default interface SOH Default (fluid), (see the bottom of the page), but it works in the rest of the choices.
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  • delta_lima's Avatar
    Yesterday, 20:59
    Thanks for your offer of support Dean - got my latest version. I'll skip over what it took to get it, and the quality of support PC Aviator gave, as that frustrating aspect is a topic all it's own. As to the model, the AB and light glitches look much better, thanks for addressing that. Two small issues I detected: 1) AB/reheat on single seat model looks fine. But on the 2 seat (F/G) it flickers and doesn't project the full luminous effect. I tried various repaints, but it persists as correlating somehow to those 2 models. Anyone else find that difference from the full, bright effects of the E? This is kind of a biggie, and the F/G being key models/reasons for purchasing this, I'd be keen to find a fix. 2) With PBR, the tanks - especially wing tanks - come out very dark,...
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  • BananaBob's Avatar
    Yesterday, 20:56
    That Raiden looks awesome, Goody!:applause:
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  • goodyzero's Avatar
    Yesterday, 20:00
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  • CG_1976's Avatar
    Yesterday, 19:44
    A nice Northern TX airport is greatly appreciated. Gives me a good flight from Corpus AOR in my Flight1 B200 or Cerasim MH65 via patrolling the I35.
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  • Tom Clayton's Avatar
    Yesterday, 19:35
    I just re-read their page, and they state that it's a bladder tank to extend the range. Maybe I'm wrong, but unless I see it on the Cub Crafters page as an option and the tank selector gets modified, I'm sticking with two tanks. Version 1.6.6 still has it.
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  • falcon409's Avatar
    Yesterday, 19:26
    Excellent work. Denton is about 35 minutes south of me so it would make a nice Sunday hop from North Texas Regional.:applause:
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  • Tom Clayton's Avatar
    Yesterday, 18:58
    I was doing a flight in the X-Cub with the v1.5 performance mod, and pulled up my fuel to see if I needed to switch tanks. What I found is attached. Needless to say, I was a little curious as to what the heck was going on. So after I landed, I opened up the flight model cfg file in both the stock package and the mod, and sure enough, there was a third tank with coordinates that would have put 25 gallons of fuel right in the passenger’s lap. I double-checked the Carbon Crafters sales configuration page, and there is no option for a third tank. I then copied the parameters from all the other unused tanks in the cfg file and applied them to the Left Aux line, checked the sim, and all is well again. While I was there, I also increased the steering angle from 30° to 70°, which will make...
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  • Shadow Wolf 07's Avatar
    Yesterday, 18:47
    It is always good to have an old comrade back. :) There is a lot of new stuff here to enjoy too.
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