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  • voyager's Avatar
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  • mongoose's Avatar
    Today, 15:11
    Looking at the BoB_Bf109E-04 dynamic reticle, it's off center; see piv. The effects I used are below FS Bf109e Cockpit 1 or 2, BoB_BF109E-02, BoB_BF109E-04 <Effect Type="Track" EffectName="GR_OKL_Revi16D_gunsight" PosX="0.0325" PosZ="0.0" PosY="0.5625" Pitch="90" MinVel="-999999" MaxVel="999999"/> as ETO Bf109E-4, BoB_Bf109E-26, BoB_Bf109E-77 <Effect Type="Track" EffectName="GR_OKL_Revic12d-_gunsight" PosX="0.045" PosZ="-0.15" PosY="0.6825" Pitch="90" MinVel="-999999" MaxVel="999999"/> makes it disappear!
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  • Shessi's Avatar
    Today, 15:05
    Hi John, Much appreciate the response and comments. I'm not that proud (ha!), so I thought people may be fed up with Cats or water craft..., but I've just seen that 60 odd people have DL'd it!! Any feed back, even if it is just critical, is good. Yes, agreed about Mr Cruickshank....does make you think, and all at the tender age of 24yrs old. Cheers Shessi
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  • Ravenna's Avatar
    Today, 15:00
    Within the bounds of the sim to get a sense of the RAF experience in France would probably require a set of campaigns. In a single campaign the question is whether you want to describe the RAF experience in France, 1940 or the experience of an RAF pilot in France 1940. I think Captain Kurt's suggestion regarding random triggers applies if you want that pilot's experience.
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  • mongoose's Avatar
    Today, 14:46
    :applause: Thanks Andy; that did the trick! I must remember when updating other old aircraft.
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  • Green's Avatar
    Today, 14:38
    Cheers for the clues gents. :encouragement: Must be the Bleriot XXV....
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  • UncleTgt's Avatar
    Today, 14:13
    Whilst I agree with the sentiments expressed, I have to admire the Campaign narrative approach. A single squadron narrative will not adequately describe the RAF experience in France, May 1940, nor the struggle of the French, Belgian of French Air Arms. The "Attack in the West" is a huge undertaking, & no single aircraft type can hope to convey it's breath or scope. For instance, knowing what we know now, who would actually choose to fly the Lysander campaign, or a Belgian AF campaign? Really! If we're to gain any oversight of the "shock & awe" (LOL) of those days we must jump between aircraft types, otherwise no-one will ever fly those desperate missions, with almost no hope of success... :grey: ...sorry, but I've just watched "Darkest Hour" ... :very_drunk:
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  • UncleTgt's Avatar
    Today, 13:59
    Thank you Mark 158 views & not one comment? Woiw, we have become a "community of consumers" haven't we... I for one appreciate the work, & admire the focus on a remarkable individual. :encouragement::loyal: Would we respond in the same way, given the circumstances...:icon_question:
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  • MajorMagee's Avatar
    Today, 13:55
    Add to the static section of texturemagic.ini and it should go away.
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  • klnowak's Avatar
    Today, 13:50
    That`s right.... they are a little bit longer EC-135 = 12,19 m EC-145 (BK-117) = 13.03 m H145M = 13,63 m In my "version" i used the origninal EC-135. To make a 4th window would have mean to change all the helicopter completly and every repaint. That`s a job for Nemeth Designs Development Group. :wiggle: Greetings Klaus
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  • txnetcop's Avatar
    Today, 13:44
    txnetcop replied to a thread X-Plane Screenshots in X-Plane
    Haven't had the courage to try helicopters again...working on it! LOL
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  • mongoose's Avatar
    Today, 13:29
    So the best I seem to be able to do with the FS_Bf109E4 pit is to have all based on the oits is some of them; I assume version3; such as in fs_bf109e_65v2_cockpit0. Just change the name to fs_bf109e_01v2_cockpit0, etc. Then I add the xdp effects line <Effect Type="Track" EffectName="GR_OKL_Revi16D_gunsight" PosX="0.00" PosZ="-0.25" PosY="0.7425" Pitch="90" MinVel="-999999" MaxVel="999999"/> which give a dynamic reticle. The problem is I still have a static reticle as the m3d called for gr_reticle ( as in pic1) or if I changed it to fs_reticle (renamed reticle_gr) as in pic 2. I note ETO and w40 Bf109E4 m3d's don't seem to call for a reticle , which is what I need; i.e. the transparent sight for the dynamic reticle. Ideas?
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  • docjohnson's Avatar
    Today, 13:14
    Actually, it does work in P3D v4 (above screenshot is in v4), with the dll.xml entry. But I can't remember if I could release the weapons or not other than jettison. But as the image I loaded in my previous post, You can get rid of the tanks and load up ordnance. I'll load one up tonight and see. There are also TP mods for the A-7 that restore the A-7s TP ability. You can find them over on the VRS forums under Tacpack Integration. Personally, I would like the A-7 to be fully compatible, but the individual who produced the A-7 has moved on and only does DCS stuff, like the AV-8B, as I understand the grapevine.
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  • IanP's Avatar
    Today, 13:08
    Hi Klaus, Out of interest, do you know the extra dimension of the stretch between the EC135 and EC145? I've noticed that almost all 145s have an extra window and they look, to me, visibly stretched, but how much extra room does that give inside? (Met Police EC145T2 I think?) (Police Service of Northern Ireland just bought one, too...) (PSNI's EC135T2 for comparison...) Cheers,
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  • klnowak's Avatar
    Today, 12:58
    @ Seahawk72s nice one :applause: that will be one for the next part with the UH72A Lakotas..... the EC-145 T2. The civil variant of the H145M more variants of the EC-135 T2 will follow during the next days.
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  • MajorMagee's Avatar
    Today, 12:20
    Here are the dynamic reticle positions for the AeroSim JAAF Fighters AS_ki44_2c <Effect Type="Track" EffectName="JP_AAF_Type100_gunsight" PosX="0.00" PosZ="-0.675" PosY="0.970" Pitch="90.5" MinVel="-999999" MaxVel="999999"/> AS_ki61 <Effect Type="Track" EffectName="JP_AAF_Type100_gunsight" PosX="0.00" PosZ="0.2" PosY="0.875" Pitch="90.5" MinVel="-999999" MaxVel="999999"/>
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  • Mick's Avatar
    Today, 12:10
    Well, that one was an Argosy too.
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  • flyingboxcar's Avatar
    Today, 12:04
    Yes, I saw that in the file, but on the download page where I found it, it says it is for P3D, but again, v4 of P3D is different.
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  • iflyfsx214's Avatar
    Today, 11:59
    Thanks I appreciate it
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  • Captain Kurt's Avatar
    Today, 11:49
    Fascinating thread guys. As Rami knows I try for historical accuracy combined with immersion. To me jumping around to different aircraft types and mission profiles is not realistic and spoils the fun for me. Pilots trained for a specific aircraft, and for specific mission profiles/tactics and did not convert to a different aircraft unless it was a wholesale unit conversion. To that point Rami, I like your idea to have a random trigger on the date of the first Spitfire mission and if the Spit is chosen, then all remaining missions would be flown in the Spitfire and conversely would stay in Hurricanes if the Hurricane was chosen in the random trigger. That could indicate the pilot had transferred to a Spitfire squadron. That would be especially relevant in the Jagdgeschwader...
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