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  • Alan_A's Avatar
    Today, 11:14
    Alan_A replied to a thread DC-3 stuff in FSX General Discussion
    Sure thing, am checking in there daily, so just say the word.
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  • firerx's Avatar
    Today, 11:13
    Will this work in P3D .v4 lokt the previous version did.?
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  • MaskRider's Avatar
    Today, 11:12
    DD, Click on the "view recent activity" on your AV system tray icon context menu and see what it says. If it deleted them there should be a record of it. MR
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  • acwai1's Avatar
    Today, 10:58
    Thanks for nice comment, it is really easy to do. I don't have that aircraft, all I have is the FAA_Seafire_Mk17_1833 NAS. It has a real nice cockpit panel. If you want to use this new Spitfire_XIVe panel, all you need to do is to delete all the lines in the sections, paste in the lines from the Seafire LIII . If you feel uneasy to do that, please send me a private email with the Seafire LIII cockpit panel, I will make the modifications and send that back to you.
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  • No Dice's Avatar
    Today, 10:53
    here you go, This should be what you are looking for I hope. Rami CFS2 org textures
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  • downwind's Avatar
    Today, 10:51
    I would like to have louder fly-by fs9 (tower view) sounds with good doppler effect. The best I have seen (or should I say "heard") is the sound set in the beta of the new Avro Tutor currently under development. An example would be fly-bys for the P-51 Mustang using the sound set in the library here. The sounds. including the distinctive gun-port whistle, are great; but the fly-by is disappointing as there is no change in pitch or volume as the aircraft approaches and passes the tower. Nigel Richards has found the solution for this with his Avro Tutor (beta). Anyone have suggestions?
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  • No Dice's Avatar
    Today, 10:42
    Rami, Send me your mailing address and I can mail the original disks if you like.... I will look at my computer and see if I have a free install on it otherwise
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  • Mike71's Avatar
    Today, 10:20
    Mike71 replied to a thread DC-3 stuff in FSX General Discussion
    I think this C-47 is the best FS plane I ever had, including dozens of payware, etc. Some day, I hope there is a pure DC-3 (no bubble, cargo doors, etc) that you produce. The VC is awesome, and is better than even the Captain Sim 707/727, which is really saying something.
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  • PRB's Avatar
    Today, 10:19
    PRB replied to a thread Yikes...HELP!!! in Ickie's NewsHawks
    Ok, this is ONLY for those of you who are experiencing the unable to connect problem AND have Wireshark installed AND know how to capture a trace and save it to a file. I'm not asking anyone to install anything special just for this situation. A Wireshark trace of the "conversation" between your browser and this site when you are experiencing this problem might be helpful to us in figuring out what's going on. It's a long shot, I know. You would have to have Wireshark up and running, ready for the problem to occur, then when "it happens", you would have to start the trace recording, do some clicking, and hope the problem didn't clear itself in the intervening seconds. It's what I've been doing a lot over the past few days, but I have not yet been able to duplicate this problem with any...
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  • Pere's Avatar
    Today, 10:17
    Pere replied to a thread DC-3 stuff in FSX General Discussion
    Hello everyone, would it be possible to know if one day we can fly with the DC3 autopilot that is currently inoperative?
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  • Rami's Avatar
    Today, 10:15
    Hey guys, The install disks I have for CFS2 have a lot of CFS1 "junk" on them, including aircraft and texture bitmaps. Could someone please send me (ramisoh at aol dot com) the stock CFS2 texture folder, so I can see what's supposed to be in it and what can be tossed? Thanks in advance,
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  • Rami's Avatar
    Today, 10:10
    Good afternoon, Had another one last night...I had to bring my son Mike to the emergency room to get stitches on his head. My eldest daughter, who is now grounded indefinitely, convinced one of her brothers that he could go a lot farther on the slip-and-slide in our backyard if he covered himself in vegetable oil first. The good news? It worked. The bad news? My son rocketed off the slip-and-slide after getting a running start, continued about seventy five feet beyond, and crashed head-first into a wooden fence, requiring eight stitches. I had to bring them both to the hospital, and threw my daughter under the bus at the hospital so that I wouldn't be suspected of child abuse. When she told the nurses and doctors, they were trying so hard not to was Erica when she...
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  • IanP's Avatar
    Today, 10:08
    I've sent a link to Francois with the updated files on, but I won't share it in public right now, 1) until he says so and 2) because it has the old textures, new textures and .psd files in, so is a little over-large and 66.6 recurring percent of the content is irrelevant to most people! ;) Ian P.
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  • mjahn's Avatar
    Today, 09:55
    mjahn replied to a thread DC-3 stuff in FSX General Discussion
    Great, thanks Alan, see you in the VVC forum. Give me a few days. Have just added altitude callouts...
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  • Alan_A's Avatar
    Today, 09:30
    Alan_A replied to a thread DC-3 stuff in FSX General Discussion
    Manfred, that's a really intriguing solution. I'd be all in for a modern VC option to use alongside the vintage one where appropriate (or when the mood strikes). The C-117 would be icing on the cake. Looking forward to seeing this come off. EDIT: And of course, happy to join in testing whenever you need it.
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  • Stefano Zibell's Avatar
    Today, 09:11
    Oh the C-117 with all the bells and whistles would be a godsend!
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  • Penz's Avatar
    Today, 09:06
    Penz replied to a thread DC-3 stuff in FSX General Discussion
    Some top notch dabbling there! :)
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  • noddy's Avatar
    Today, 08:39
    noddy replied to a thread Assetto Corsa Redux in Racer's Paddock
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  • mongoose's Avatar
    Today, 08:33
    WOW! Both of these are great! I look forward to Lancaster Skies and the "Lancaster" was really good.:applause::ernaehrung004:
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  • aleatorylamp's Avatar
    Today, 08:08
    Hello Ivan, Im changing things a bit more, without building a completely new model. Its just a different approach, I suppose, and will get me quite close, and for the moment, it seems to be coming along as I had expected - i.e. altogether not too bad. The main thing went well in its 1st phase: a) The nose-job: A rounder spinner and nose, a prop-blur, better prop blades, and a lower front landing gear. b) Overall fuselage re-shaping, which included re-positioning the null point, correcting the height of the fuselage-tail, fin and elevators, giving the lower fuselage the correct belly-curve, moving down the wing-roots and wings, correcting the dihedral, and improving the wing tips. This phase will finish once Ive corrected the upper parts of the landing gear elements,...
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