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  • Dangerous Beans's Avatar
    Today, 16:16
    I don't use Edge but I just looked on my PC and there is a folder called MicrosoftEdgeBackups in C:\Users\ its a hidden folder but you can unhide it by opening File Explorer and clicking View at the top and ticking Hidden Items. Hopefully your favorites will be in there.
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  • TomHolley's Avatar
    Today, 16:11
    TomHolley replied to a thread New User in CFS3 General Discussion
    Hello, list. I have downloaded and installed the original MAW and BoB expansion packs. But I cannot find any anti shipping mission available to generate in the Quick Combat tab. How do I access the various vessels in these games? Regards, Tom Holley
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  • 1150's Avatar
    Today, 16:10
    Hi Mr Pepe, I haven't been able to find it and believe me I've Looked and Looked. If you know where it is drop me a line. Regards, 1150
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  • Seahawk72s's Avatar
    Today, 16:09
    Seahawk72s started a thread B787 xh in MSFS (FS2020)
    A different group doing 787 FMC and system mods.
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  • Beaufighter's Avatar
    Today, 16:03
    Ok so it looks like there was an Edge upgrade and my Favorite list is gone. Import from legacy, previous Edge, they say. Only problem I had a MSFS folder, recent, not in legacy or my back-ups, missing in action. Had a few references, only remember and a list of tips at I think. So, please, if you know about good sites for MSFS, please let me know Thanks, regards
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  • mongoose's Avatar
    Today, 16:02
    Well, the NJG can't have that! Scarecrow testing!! Just open to view or save to download!
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  • Fnerg's Avatar
    Today, 15:36
    If you prefer metric rather than feet, check your pilot weight, mine said 192 kg!!! That's 423lbs.
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  • Ravenna's Avatar
    Today, 15:27
    Hertzie, There was a CFS2 version of the TB-3. I'll look through my files today and let you know the result.:pop4:
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  • Ravenna's Avatar
    Today, 15:15
    Two lovely skins. Great work Kurt. :applause::applause: Gary's comment: "I'd love a copy. I'll have to dust off a joystick!"
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  • Dangerous Beans's Avatar
    Today, 15:12
    GAS Travel Air's, VR compatible.
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  • gecko's Avatar
    Today, 14:56
    Nice one Andy!
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  • Dangerous Beans's Avatar
    Today, 14:45
    I bought the Travel Air pack from GAS today especially so I could convert them for VR. They work great and because they have full 3D models built into the VC they even look good in external view, they fly really nice too. Had to edit the screen texture settings in MCX to get rid of the milky look and the coolant temp gauge doesn't work in the watercooled 2000, the only one thats not 3d modeled. All other gauges are full 3d so work great. Not sure if there's a fix for the coolant temp, anyone have any ideas ? I'm really happy with them, I needed some more biplanes, the Carenado WACO's a lovely model but the it's still to much of a handful on the ground whereas the Travel Air's are a joy.
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  • huub vink's Avatar
    Today, 14:00
    Perhaps it was just the design Papi, as I understand the Supermarine 224, wasn't a great plane as well. A Henschel Hs123 would be a more interesting choice. A biplane which remained in frontline duties until 1944. Imagine the pain possibilities! :biggrin-new: :biggrin-new: :biggrin-new:
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  • michaelvader's Avatar
    Today, 13:49
    in france we say: likings and colors do not are to be discused (les gouts et les couleurs ne se discutent pas) I was just courious about this plane as really from far it looks a bit like the 244. and one of the few prototypes had an rolls royce engine Ok let us leave in history as it seems that it was not a good ac Yours Papi
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  • NachtPiloten's Avatar
    Today, 13:13
    Since TOW is about to be released....(maybe soon?) thought I give the old girl a once over. Made a few mk1's and gave the pit (added a few parts and all 3d gauges), gunstations, flight model, and some other exterior pieces a bit of polish (John added a bump map and better skins).
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  • huub vink's Avatar
    Today, 12:41
    I leave it up to the designers to surprise me with their choices. And even when I was allowed to make a wish list this aircraft would most probably not make it. Cheers, Huub
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  • awstub's Avatar
    Today, 12:29
    The rudder can be fixed with little effort, using the MCX Object Hierarchy Editor. The way I do it to open the model so it displays in wireframe mode. I then open the Hierarchy Editor and click on the top of the tree. Using the arrow key, I just start working my way down the tree, while looking at the model, until I see the part I'm interested in get highlighted in red. Then I right-click on the top part of the "Animation" section for that part and select "Reverse animation".
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  • dvj's Avatar
    Today, 12:16
    dvj replied to a thread Screenshots in MSFS (FS2020)
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  • LouP's Avatar
    Today, 12:01
    LouP replied to a thread Legacy Aircraft in MSFS (FS2020)
    I got a couple working in vr by using the method of getting rid of the vc entirely as the regular models had pretty good virtual cockpits built in but I wound up trashing them anyway as both flight models were just too squirrelly. A slight breeze from the side and you're doing a ground loop. :-( LouP
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  • cthornburg's Avatar
    Today, 11:22
    Peyret it is. Chris
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