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  • stansdds's Avatar
    Today, 03:16
    Don't know how that happened, but perhaps you should buy a lottery ticket.
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  • Daube's Avatar
    Today, 02:29
    Daube replied to a thread XP 11.30 Beta in X-Plane
    Is anybody here using VR in the current beta ? (beta 4) It's the first time for me to try VR in XPlane (I use P3D normally), and while I get pretty good performance in non-VR mode (more than 50 FPS), I get terrible performance in the same place in VR mode (around 20 FPS). I experimented a bit with the settings, and realized the main impact comes from the antialiasing settings. No AA is smooth. AA level 1 (FXAA) is already showing a big impact on FPS, and AA level 2 (FXAA+2xMSAA) bring the FPS down to 20. Is that normal ? My computer is a i7 8700k with a GTX1070ti. VR helmet is a Lenovo Explorer.
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  • Daube's Avatar
    Today, 02:25
    Do you mean you have piloted real P-47s in real life ? If so => wow ! :applause: That XPlane P47 looks awesome indeed. After reading the description above, I understand the plane is pretty close to the A2A Accusim P47 concerning the features and the engine behavior. Does it also "age" like the Accusim bird ? Or is it reset to factory-new for each flight ?
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  • BorekS's Avatar
    Today, 00:54
    ok guys, this project is partly FOOFIGHTERs cooperation related, unfortunatelly he is not active a lot of months at SOH it seems, getting no response to my PMs and so. waiting for final flight model and skins. so I would relase as it is now, with the Bravo/4 skins and actual flight model, to push it somewhere and make space for other wip projects.
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  • manecas's Avatar
    Today, 00:04
    ...the paint is still fresh, though.:encouragement: just needs a proper more modern looking interior though, I'll get that done later today. a couple more repaints and hope to have them all available for the weekend, before I go to work. Hope you like it, rc
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  • Ravenna's Avatar
    Yesterday, 23:36
    MR, What great scenery. Thanks so much. Certainly a looooong way from what came out of the box when CFS2 was released.:applause::applause::applause::applause:
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  • PhantomTweak's Avatar
    Yesterday, 23:03
    I'm not absolutely certain you need TacPack to see the weapons, but I think so. If not, have you tried SHFT+7 to call up the Configurator? It's a small, 2D pop-up window, upper left side of the screen. It will have lines with little squares, showing what stations you can load that particular weapon onto. Note: ALWAYS click on the Guns Only square FIRST, only then go on to select the weapons and fuel tanks you want. This ensures that the BRU pylons will show. If you don't, it will look like the weapons are floating along with the plane, a little below the wings, but not attached in any way. Creepy! Ghost weapons! AHHHHHH!!!!! :rocket: Hope this helps a little.... Pat☺
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  • kl791's Avatar
    Yesterday, 22:45
    Working hard on it... There should be more screenies after the weekend :D I have a slight trouble with the Chinese Type 55... still no pennant numbers painted on the originals... Hope they will come soon in real life. Apparently the first will be 101, but still to be confirmed.
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  • kl791's Avatar
    Yesterday, 22:42
    Hi Sorry for long absence and response time, but no access to Sim-outhouse from China where I have spent the last month. I actually think this ship is from Misty Moorings - they repainted the standard ships. At least I have not done this one.
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  • heywooood's Avatar
    Yesterday, 21:59
    I've seen that same crew with the N3N and the the shirts that say "It's not a Stearman' at our Gillespie airshow..Nice guys - lots of patience, but they need to sell those shirts. I always ask
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  • stearmandriver's Avatar
    Yesterday, 21:23
    No umbrage necessary... We give the N3N guys the same crap in real life, and get the same in return. All in good fun. :ernaehrung004:
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  • Cees Donker's Avatar
    Yesterday, 20:35
    Do you have the same beep I mentioned? :wavey: Cees
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  • TuFun's Avatar
    Yesterday, 20:22
    Well saw a old video of N137U with a black glare shield which my paint doesn't have. Almost impossible to see in pics if you not looking for them.
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  • Cuttles's Avatar
    Yesterday, 19:40
    I still like to start pto RS even for a,few qc's in a different theatre, even though a few addon, re installing to do yet. I have installed pto Solomons,but plan to as I like to keep a copy of every cfs3 version produced running. Mad on Might look at WOFF and WOTR too:)
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  • falcon409's Avatar
    Yesterday, 19:35
    If anyone does try this, let me know here if you found it to be a good way to easily produce a winter texture or even if it didn't work, I'd still like to know. The other seasonal variations are simple, but hard winter, not so much.
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  • Cuttles's Avatar
    Yesterday, 19:23
    Dotto enthusiasm for BoB:running:
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  • MaskRider's Avatar
    Yesterday, 17:58
    Thanks SW, This has been a fun project. Each of these Gilbert locations has presented its own little challenges and quirks. Just finishing up the foundation land and shoreline polys for Abaiang Atoll. Cheers, Chris
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  • Green's Avatar
    Yesterday, 17:38
    The year I got married - but I never remember the date. The Verilite Model 100 Sunbird?
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  • Jafo's Avatar
    Yesterday, 17:06
    Chances are it's still that old issue from pre win7 days really need to force the appropriate driver as 10 is too stupid to be competent as an OS. The latest update was just re-released after being pulled for deleting a user's data ...and it's now back with 'new and improved bugs' instead. Horrifyingly, 'Google is your friend', and others will be guaranteed to have suffered your same issue...and likely there's a posted fix.... but always remember....searching is 'GIGO'...;)
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  • surfguru's Avatar
    Yesterday, 17:04
    Thanks so much!!! Beautifull paint Butcherbird!! I Love how you did the olive drab glare panels on the inboard cowl panels..nobody else seems to do that..shes a beautiful bird!
    5 replies | 226 view(s)
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