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  • pomme homme's Avatar
    Today, 00:21
    Yes, Mike, it is the Girhel (F-WJCO), the machine that was supposed to take off and land like a helicopter and fly as a fixed wing aircraft. That it came and went in little more than the blinking of an eye is hardly surprising. Why try to re-invent the wheel, particularly when the wheel in issue wasn't even quite round? I'm surprised that some like Georges Lapère should have got involved with this project. But enough of this waffle and over to you. I came to the Girhel whilst searching, unsuccessfuly, for the identity of another similar looking autogyro that I photographed at Pont-sur-Yonne more than ten years ago. Its lines (see below) suggest that it might be related to the Girhel although unlike the Girhel, it doesn't have wings and its tail feathers (including,...
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  • JensOle's Avatar
    Today, 00:13
    Hi, I just checked the file library and all the Phantom paints are there :-) I bought the Milviz F-4S, but I have given up on getting it to work. So I tried the SWS B/N model and have enjoyed it very much. My starting point was low vis grey paints and with the N model you have a rather limited number of users around 1980. But I would have loved to do both USN and MC grey paints for a working S model..
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  • blohmundvoss's Avatar
    Yesterday, 23:56
    What he said! Please:applause: Cheers BuV
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  • gastonj's Avatar
    Yesterday, 22:59
    The quickstart video is the answer so is the doc: you must activate "contact" before CTRL-E. JMC
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  • alain0568's Avatar
    Yesterday, 22:32
    - really gorgeous!:applause::applause::applause: Alain -
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  • rohan's Avatar
    Yesterday, 22:07
    G, when you post a video link, sometimes it shows as a picture of the start of the video complete with a clickable play button in the centre. But only sometimes - the one above is one of the exceptions, as all I can see is a big black rectangle with no links. Any ideas how to fix this ? :banghead:
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  • DennyA's Avatar
    Yesterday, 21:47
    That's so cool. I hope some of these birds eventually make it into the new FS. Imagine flying low-level in that beautiful A-26 over the new FS terrain....
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  • lefty's Avatar
    Yesterday, 21:36
    (50 minutes later..) Yesterday morning I sat patiently waiting for half an hour to get into the forum to post my answer to the Pitcairn, only to find that Mike had mysteriously snuck in before me ! The same will doubtless happen again this morning (only it won't be Mike..) but we'll try anyway... There are not many autogiros on the Aviafrance site, but one of them is the Helicop-Air L-50 Girhel. Here goes....
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  • limjack's Avatar
    Yesterday, 18:56
    Been awhile and hello all :wavey: My Pc is dusty and I’m sure the oil needs to be changed in some of my A2A planes. With this new sim being released I need to decide if I get back into the PC world ( tweaking was very time consuming as I remember ) or just get the Xbox game console and keep it simple if their is such a thing. Never owned and actual game console so that would be new to me as well. Anyhow, quite excited that the release day is upon us and will be following closely!
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  • TARPSBird's Avatar
    Yesterday, 18:47
    I like the big cowling. Thank you, JMC! :encouragement:
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  • FlyingsCool's Avatar
    Yesterday, 18:45
    Looks absolutely amazing Gordon. I have no idea how you do so much work so quickly. And the fact you still are supporting FSX, I can't thank you enough. I know how much work you had to do to get the the P3Dv4 and 5 stuff done, to do the FSX stuff, too, is just incredible. I'm glad you've been able to get a lot of the work you lost rebuilt, that must feel especially good for you. Tom
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  • Joseph29's Avatar
    Yesterday, 17:47
    The IRIS C-27 Spartan works in v5. Although I didn't actually get to fly it. After I loaded it up in the sim the engines stopped, and I forgot how to get them started again (I haven't flown this plane in a long time) LoL.
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  • Sundog's Avatar
    Yesterday, 17:36
    I'm sure my house will be completely fubar in this sim, simply due to all of the trees around and over it. Having said that, I'm not complaining, as based on the videos I've seen it looks quite amazing out of the box and will only look better with add on scenery (i.e., add on scenery won't have the post apocalyptic look at ground level).
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  • BendyFlyer's Avatar
    Yesterday, 17:10
    Thanks for the heads up Mike. Yep as Wombat 666 says our internet system has been a complete cluster. Here's salt in the wound - they put the main cable from Armidale to Tamworth across one of our back paddocks (six months of fighting and threats to stop them trying to go through a spring and then blasting granite rock) but I cannot have a connection - they offered me a satellite connection instead but I have the major router towers across the valley and wireles works fine but capacity and throttling by the Telcos is the issue. Flaky speeds constantly. Sigh!. I guess my other main issue is with respect to the new flight sim is this ? Will there be any backward compatibility for sim models? And on that question I have yet to discern a definitive answer - My assessment given MS is maybe...
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  • gman5250's Avatar
    Yesterday, 16:47 promised, here's a short video of the B & K Invaders. The C is not quite ready for the show. These are the Prepar3Dv5 models with the new PBR texturing modality which is a far cry from anything we did before. It's a whole new thing. I know it's been a long wait, but realize as you watch the video, it was necessary to re-build the exterior models, interior models, virtual cockpits, panels, custom gauge faces etc. indeed, everything you are looking at from an empty canvas. All of the modeling, animations, coding, and texturing were re-constructions including all new Photoshop master layered files for every aircraft. KRNO was a completely new construction including the geo-data, extensive water masking and LM texture mapping. All of the vegetation on and around the airport...
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  • highpockets's Avatar
    Yesterday, 16:40
    Dang, I wish I could "brag" about camping in the high country. Love those mountains but still stuck is S.E. Texas. Glad to help. I have had so much problems in the past for getting in a hurry to get some of these campaigns installed over the years , I missed some things and caused me issues with my install. So--now-poke along and reread. "measure twice, cut once":wavey:
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  • Bomber_12th's Avatar
    Yesterday, 16:23
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  • Bomber_12th's Avatar
    Yesterday, 16:19
    The greater Phoenix area is one that is covered by Bing photogrammetry, so it is among the highest-resolution and most detailed areas in the sim (which includes Phoenix and all of the communities around it, like Peoria, Anthem, Carefree, Tempe, Mesa, Chandler and San Tan Valley). As is well known, the simulator uses Bing Maps for the photo scenery, so if anyone wants to check what the quality of their area may be in the sim, you can preview it by checking out the area in Bing Maps. Outside of photogrammetry coverage, Azure AI determines from the photo scenery what buildings (including shape/height/colors) and plant life should be depicted in the sim. Among the monthly updates that will be provided by Microsoft following release, there will be updates to the photo scenery whenever...
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  • Captain Kurt's Avatar
    Yesterday, 16:06
    Highpockets Sorry for the delay, I have been camping in the high country with no access to my computer this last week. You are correct. 12.1 and 13.5b have typo errors. Thank you for spotting them and letting me know. With apologies, I am updating the part download with corrected instructions and for those who have already downloaded the file, here is a corrected installation document.
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