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  • gaab's Avatar
    Today, 01:18
    No - hit starter and count 10 blades revolutions, then hit prime and keep it down until motor starts. You better use the interactive checklist which is greate and fun. Gérard
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  • dhazelgrove's Avatar
    Today, 01:03
    That could well be the case, but it's interesting that the A-7D doesn't seem to have the issue -- only the A-7E. Dave
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  • jankees's Avatar
    Today, 00:42
    jankees replied to a thread Jankees' new paints in Prepar3D V4
    jk6208 jk6250
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  • jankees's Avatar
    Today, 00:41
    jankees replied to a thread Jankees' new paints in Prepar3D V4
    jk6216 jk6241 jk6222 jk6236 jk6224
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  • PhantomTweak's Avatar
    Today, 00:03
    Do you have the stick's Sensitivity full right? And the Null Zones full left, except maybe the rudder? Do you calibrate the stick with CH software of some sort, or do you use some kind of FSUIPC settings? It's best, if you have the payware version of FSUIPC, to ensure all the joystick settings are default, or not changed in any way. It's also best not to use any sort of CH software to align the joystick. Only use the SIM's Controls menu, the Calibrate button, to do the stick's calibration. Finally, and this may shoot down two birds with one AIM-9X: Are you using the default, default flight? It's best to allow the default flight that came with the sim to load in to the Free Flight menu window, THEN select the location, and Aircraft. At worst, use the default flight's plane, the...
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  • TuFun's Avatar
    Yesterday, 23:14
    FREDERICKSBURG, Texas -- A privately-owned vintage World War II Mustang fighter airplane that had participated in a flyover for a museum event crashed into the parking lot of a Texas apartment complex Saturday, killing the pilot and a passenger, authorities said. One of the victims was a veteran, the Pacific War Museum. Prayers for the families.
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  • Alan_A's Avatar
    Yesterday, 22:55
    Are you priming after you hit the starter? The sequence should be as you’ve described, except - prime briefly, then engage the starter (it will stay engaged), then hold down the primer until you get a start. It’s the primer that actually fires up the engine. After start, the starter will release on its own. Speedy is right - try the interactive checklist. Also, open the Shift + 3 panel and see if there are any red indications. Low battery might be an issue after multiple attempts - if so, try ground power. Let us us know how you do.
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  • alcanallen's Avatar
    Yesterday, 20:15
    You are the man! always coming up with these improvements,keep up the great work and thank you. alcanallen
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  • sixstrings5859's Avatar
    Yesterday, 19:37
    Cool ! Thank you !
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  • sixstrings5859's Avatar
    Yesterday, 19:30
    Thank you for the advice. Will have a look at mentioned files and do as instructed. Will see if this works. I must be overlooking something for it not to work. Tried starting sim multiple times and keeps coming up config. out of date.Did everything by the book. Tried everything i could think of and followed the advice of others also. Looks like there is hope for me after all! This is the 5th time i've tried to get AnKor's shaders to work and this will hopefully be the last. If this doesn't work will start all over again but it will be the last time i do it ! Heartbreaking ! Thanks for taking the time to help.Will report back and let you know how it turns out. Regards,Scott
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  • Daiwilletti's Avatar
    Yesterday, 19:26
    hi Scott, I've also had a quick browse of the This Could Be Very Interesting thread. Read from post #543, and more relevantly, post #637 onward. Hopefully they will help you get to grips with the issue. On thinking about it, it is not super important to use the configoverrides.xml that I provided. I place more importance on the uisel.xml. If you read the posts I mention above, you will get to one of Majormagee's configoverrides files,and you can try some of those settings. Although be aware some of his budgets are for a high end computer and may need to be lowered. HTH,
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  • PeteHam's Avatar
    Yesterday, 19:22
    I have ORBX PNW with CYYJ (2017) - Version 7.02 installed in FSX:SE . All is good. I hope this helps. Pete.
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  • Timmy74's Avatar
    Yesterday, 19:14
    Thank you jankees.
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  • Daiwilletti's Avatar
    Yesterday, 19:00
    Hi see my reply on the sticky thread on the modified stock upload.
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  • Daiwilletti's Avatar
    Yesterday, 18:57
    I've found a simpler way to generate ship spawns in the coastal area. My ETO Era3 shipping spawns package is now obsolete. The facility file and spawn files install easily and need only go in once to an install like Rising Sun or ETO, and works across all eras/theatres. I've set up a handful of spawn files to give patrol boats, submarines and small ships a chance to appear near the coast. It is easy to add more diversity by adding more spawn.xml files. I tried to get a tug towing some barges to appear, using the technique used in a spawn file for locos towing rail carriages, but unfortunately I couldn't get the towing idea to translate across to shipping. The files are uploaded and should be available soon under "CFS3 - Other".
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  • Daiwilletti's Avatar
    Yesterday, 18:39
    Hi Scott, This upgrade package is installed on top of an existing stock CFS3 install, already upgraded to v 3.1a. Presumably you have run the install once before overwriting the files with the upgrade package? Not sure if that is needed but it might help. The new configoverrides.xml is installed in the AppData pathway (overwriting the one already there). The readme explains that the file is read only. If that were the only part of the story, it would be difficult to get the install running because CFS3 would say the config is out of date. However, because of Ankors shaders, there is a little entry in the d3d8.ini that says "FakeDriverVersion=1". If I recall correctly, this is the entry which directs CFS3 to overlook the need to run the cfs3config.exe. If you run the cfs3.exe...
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  • Allen's Avatar
    Yesterday, 18:19
    As The B24 Guy said don't use default install location. Use that shall not be named .exe as M$ broke SafeDisc with update KB308625. My CFS2 on my laptop is a copy from my XP with no registry records and that shall not be named .exe because with out it my laptop sounds like it going to blow up. Installed to C:/Combat Flight Simulator 2. CFS2 on my tower is installed from the CDs so has registry records installed to patched with shall not be named .exe this year. Installed to default install location but User Account Control is off so no BS from M$ telling me what I can and can't do. Game Explorer (GameUX.dll) removed from both PCs removed as if you lose internet the game will just not start as Game Explorer tries to phone home and can't. Covered in the Windows 10 snafu / content...
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  • TuFun's Avatar
    Yesterday, 18:08
    Single seater N3N... solo flying yea! Solo seat Stearman 450... my kinda flying! So a N3N would be welcome in the flight sim world.
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  • speedy70's Avatar
    Yesterday, 17:55
    You should have an interactive starting procedure follow that. If you do not have it I would think it is wrongly installed. Cheers chris
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  • TiAr's Avatar
    Yesterday, 17:43
    Coming soon.WIP Thomas
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