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  • dummy_74's Avatar
    Today, 00:46
    Very nice!! will these also work in FSX?
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  • hairyspin's Avatar
    Yesterday, 23:26
    The Mossie was such a beautiful aircraft itís little wonder sheís still popular. If I ever get the chance to see the rebuild from NZ itíll be drop tools and run. Just Flight released a beauty for FSX some years ago which was very popular. By contrast, Milviz did a Stuka - one of the ugliest aircraft ever - which sold so poorly they finally gave it away. (I have both)
    7 replies | 187 view(s)
  • expat's Avatar
    Yesterday, 23:18
    Yes, the Razbam A-4C would be ideal for conversion to static scenery bgl's, particularly because of the repaint options that could be applied easily by all as they choose (easier for many than using MDX). Don't know if permission is needed for this or if Ron is still around to ask.
    63 replies | 4085 view(s)
  • nagpaw's Avatar
    Yesterday, 22:49
    Catboat, All my works, including the Silver City textures, are for FSX :encouragement: I never made the jump to P3D, and now Iím waiting on FS2020. Let me know if the textures don't work (although Iím not seeing them in the library yet).
    106 replies | 7679 view(s)
  • dhazelgrove's Avatar
    Yesterday, 22:44
    It does, doesn't it? Jeremy Clarkson or The Hamster? Dave
    19 replies | 913 view(s)
  • DaveQ's Avatar
    Yesterday, 22:36
    DaveQ replied to a thread P3D_V5 Screenshots P3D V 5 in Prepar3D
    That's an interesting one; where's it come from? My daughter used to live about a mile from the boundary fence at Brize Norton and I've photographed Tristars taxying in more than once. DaveQ
    306 replies | 12051 view(s)
  • Dave(Dangerous)Boynton's Avatar
    Yesterday, 22:33
    Hi guys, @Mongoose - I do have a website but unfortunately I don't have enough time in the day to be able to run that and model, work and family time. They need to put more hours into the day or find a way around not needing sleep, lol. This will be the only place I can show my work. @Tom (Hairyspin) - If you want teaser shots then I will show some in game screenshots of the Mossies as we move through the project, especially with Gmax not having render ability. Thank you to everyone following this project again. I am still surprised just how popular.
    7 replies | 187 view(s)
  • DC1973's Avatar
    Yesterday, 22:29
    Cheers DL, glad you're enjoying the Hornets :) I'm hoping that I've got my business model right, sticking with mid-level detail aircraft and avoiding study-level - it certainly seems to be working! I'll keep at it, as I hope this continues to be my full-time job now into the future. I'm also working on making sure that all of my airplanes are fully upgraded to FS2020 so that users can enjoy them there with the full working aerodynamics of the new simulator. Imagine landing on a carrier in rough weather, at night, in that simulator! :dizzy:
    63 replies | 2943 view(s)
  • Catboat's Avatar
    Yesterday, 22:17
    a. Thanks Nagpaw and John for the great Arabco, and Silver City textures. I am stuck with FSX Acceleration for the next 12 months. Is there any chance of these textures for FSX, Best Regards.
    106 replies | 7679 view(s)
  • wombat666's Avatar
    Yesterday, 22:14
    wombat666 replied to a thread P3D_V5 Screenshots P3D V 5 in Prepar3D
    Coming home:BZ862/J No.160 Squadron RAF Minneriya Ceylon 1945
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  • Bruce66's Avatar
    Yesterday, 21:59
    Leg 8 Part 2 is up: Enjoy!:mixed-smiley-010:
    22 replies | 2973 view(s)
  • fabulousfour's Avatar
    Yesterday, 21:59
    This is one of two built prototypes, the type was built in series.
    21107 replies | 3358051 view(s)
  • awstub's Avatar
    Yesterday, 19:28
    Boy, I didn't realize how tight the flight deck space was on these Essex boats. Working on textures for Hancock's 1964-65 WestPac cruise. I think the Razbam A-4C (converted to P3D & Tacpack) really looks on it too. Only issue is the hump-backed A-4F's on deck..... should be A-4C's.
    63 replies | 4085 view(s)
  • Moses03's Avatar
    Yesterday, 18:09
    John, thank you for the Arabco livery. It's my favorite movie. Captain Towns thinks we will be in Benghazi by late afternoon. After all, it's just a routine flight across the desert...
    106 replies | 7679 view(s)
  • jmbiii's Avatar
    Yesterday, 16:53
    Deke, You are correct. I went back and looked through my zipped downloads and I have CIMOGT's payware Essex boats. Looks like I bought it a long time ago -Feb 2020. I must be getting a little forgetful (or whatever you want to call it). :banghead: I then went and looked at the .mdl file in the Intrepid folder and it is the Hancock .mdl. I had only installed the Hancock and changed the textures to Intrepid's hull number. The B&A crane is still wrong for the Intrepid. I hope Gary can do the Intrepid's deck shape someday. Those CVS deck layouts look great! CVSG-56 1963 - HS-3, VS-24, VS-27 and VAW-33 Det. 11 (EA-1E). Do you want the 1963 HS-3 paints - dark blue & dayglo?
    63 replies | 4085 view(s)
  • Sundog's Avatar
    Yesterday, 16:17
    Those aircraft didn't have adverse yaw problems, their wingspans were too short. They had roll-yaw coupling issues if one tried to roll them too much, which lead to the fuselage's inertia overcoming the low aerodynamic damping of the flight surfaces. Having said that, I only rolled it once, not multiple times, but it did seam to diverge a little during that one roll, so it might be modeled. Coupling Dynamics in Aircraft: A Historical Perspective. That's a NASA PDF on this phenomena, if anyone wants a deeper dive into the subject.
    19 replies | 913 view(s)
  • anels9's Avatar
    Yesterday, 15:55
    if it bothers you, just dont open the thread. simple
    5 replies | 279 view(s)
  • fsafranek's Avatar
    Yesterday, 14:54
    Actually I think I misread your comment I quoted and also failed to read further backwards. I thought you were asking if the Steam version was similar to FSX Gold and FSX Acceleration. For your purposes of multiplayer Steam is the way to go. That's what happens when you join a conversation in the middle. BTW, I also have issues at times with the board not bringing the quote down to my response. In those cases, after several attempts, I just copy what I want to quote and wrap it in "quote" brackets. It doesn't give the credit but it does show what I'm responding to. :ernaehrung004:
    315 replies | 27572 view(s)
  • YoYo's Avatar
    Yesterday, 14:44
    Ok, 2 cents from my side too. Do You like green? ;) Take HULK skin (soon) for FR Super Cub Ultra. Inspiration for this skin was Super Cub (modded for 4 places) of Kirk Ellis (N1169A). This skin was created for Today's standard - hi-res (4096 pxt), soft weathering and some cockpit changes also (improving resolution too). Tested and created for P3Dv5 only. Btw. you need FR Super Cub but Ultra version (so THIS FSX version, it works well in P3Dv5 also, without any issue). I did this skin for Ultra, not for Extreme version because I needed to have different wing mechanics (in real this plane has similar wings like Ultra, not standard). Just two, more screens Tomorrow:
    46 replies | 1912 view(s)
  • b52bob's Avatar
    Yesterday, 14:36
    b52bob replied to a thread Taburet in X-Plane
    Thanks for the info. Still on the fence but leaning towards getting the new Californiaís ADX or something like that. Itís supposed to be the second generation and much better than the first. If it looks anywhere half way decent they also have a second generation Florida. would love to get Orbx but even their standard definition Florida takes 222 gigs or somewhere in that vicinity. Running out of disk space. If I got Washington, Oregon, Southern California and Florida Need a bank of hard drives and Iím not even mentioning the time to download it all. will give a mini review when I get it. Really enjoying the SR-22. Hard to imagine itís free for a small donation to a good cause.
    3 replies | 151 view(s)
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