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  • Cees Donker's Avatar
    Today, 21:40
    This is all known to me how to do this! What I expected was a way to get the plane on the ship! And back on the ship after landing! You haven't got that one figured out? Cees
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  • mrjmaint's Avatar
    Today, 20:22
    Can anyone tell me what causes the square sun? Link to screenshot: It is on my dropbox. I was unable to upload it with the insert image. Thanks.
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  • MaskRider's Avatar
    Today, 18:14
    Yes Ravenna, they are. The two pictured above are anyway. Right here in the good 'ol SOH library! Just search for "boomerang" under CFS2 I saw them earlier today when I was looking around for those Otto Router boomerangs. Cheers, MR
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  • Ravenna's Avatar
    Today, 17:57
    MR, very atmospheric screenies of a nice set of boomerangs. I've lost track of Morton's repaints for the Boomerang. Any idea whether they are still available?
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  • fsafranek's Avatar
    Today, 17:17
    This might be of interest. Poor Man's VR in MSFS :ernaehrung004:
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  • Ravenna's Avatar
    Today, 17:13
    Ravenna replied to a thread Normandy in CFS2 General Discussion
    Lee, Just a long shot but the dark corners around the village bases may disappear if you switch off ground shadows.
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  • Penzoil3's Avatar
    Today, 15:05
    Thanks TuFun. Neat.
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  • Daiwilletti's Avatar
    Today, 15:02
    Rest assured, 33lima, the balance is much better with the beta package I am testing! Spawns are not so manic, even in a CAP mission. The CAP missiontype in CFS3 always came with inbound aircraft close to the airbase. So if you choose that CAP option, there will be enemy aircraft close to your airbase. That being said, the balance is better in the BoB package compared to the ETO spawns which were knocked up in a couple of hours some months ago. You can probably appreciate that refining spawning events for campaign missions is a never-ending project. That being said, the current batch is much improved. The Intercept missions which were the mainstay of the RAF are not too molested by enemy aircraft until you get some way towards the interception point. My recent efforts are more...
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  • MZee1960's Avatar
    Today, 14:44
    Well said, Thomas. I agree one hundred percent. FSX was built on an old platform and once the Aces team disbanded, essentially left out in the cold to eventually die off. It was only the constant interest by the flightsim community which had helped to improve it through developer's addons and countless 'tweaks' to get the best performance and visuals from this dated 32bit platform. All of this tweaking and addon business led to many agonizing hours which often produced minimal improvements in both visual quality and performance. More often than not, this came at a cost of something else 'breaking' in the sim and eventually led me to where I started from. Spending countless weeks trying to improve a sim which no longer had developer support was hard. There were texture addons for...
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  • Scorch00's Avatar
    Today, 14:37
    I'm through most of the clean up process, now I'm just testing the added new features and writing the "procedures" if you will for those added features. These will have 2 stock P3D features added to it, those being the working hoist system and movable FLIR camera (with working point & track). The last feature I added is a Helicopter Autopilot. Which I am testing below with the rescue hoist. Using the AP with these has it's quirks, but those procedures will also be in a readme. Hoping these will be done here soon. I was hoping by this weekend, but not sure I can make that happen just yet. Lots to still go over.
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  • Ganter's Avatar
    Today, 14:11
    Boxed DVD Edition is exclusive to Europe. Nobody, but nobody knows the f*ck why. It's ridiculous. There's already, apparently - a 1.3 GB Update - which hurls the DVDs at the ground at Mach 2.5. On we go - because we have to. . . x
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  • MaskRider's Avatar
    Today, 14:07
    Hiya guys, Got the following message from a fella who is attempting to install my MR DUTCH EAST INDIES 2019 pack on his Windows 10 computer: I must admit this is a new one on me. Sounds like some sort of Windows permission issue. Any ideas?
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  • Priller's Avatar
    Today, 13:16
    Nice rig you got there! Well, the same rules as with previous windows versions apply. Don't install the thing into the program files folder. Put it anywhere you would like to, just not there. you also might want to change some of the properties of the FSX.exe file: - have it run as an administrator - run it in compatibility mode (Windows XP SP3 is ok) have fun with the new (and very much improved) version of windows! You will also want to disable the windows telemetry on the thing:
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  • Roxane-21's Avatar
    Today, 13:15
    Roxane-21 replied to a thread Normandy in CFS2 General Discussion
    Does it mean we will be able to destroy the cliffs?
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  • Priller's Avatar
    Today, 13:12
    I think I know what you're talking about. You've installed FSX in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games directory, right? You can still add repaints. You only have to save the aircraft.cfg file on the desktop in the right format (i.e. not as a txt file) and move that new aircraft.cfg file to the folder of the aircraft. Better still, you should move FSX to the root of the C: drive or any place of your liking. There, you'll be able to tinker around without Windows bugging you about it. Kind regards, Priller
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  • tgycgijoes's Avatar
    Today, 12:44
    Sorry gray eagle and everybody else. My link to and Model Converter X is correct but my version is wrong. Arno says that the latest stable version IS version 1.3. I DO have a beta version too but its not 1.65 its 1.4. My descriptions above were done in Version 1.4 and I am going to go and find that because Version 1.3 HAS different Attach Point parameters. Here is the link to the Development Release Version 1.4. The differences are: Hard Platforms for Flight Simulator Boats and Ships July 2020
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  • gray eagle's Avatar
    Today, 12:21
    I've been looking for MCDX V1.65 and cannot seem to find that version.
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  • noddy's Avatar
    Today, 12:20
    noddy replied to a thread Assetto Corsa Redux in Racer's Paddock
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