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  • stearmandriver's Avatar
    Today, 21:00
    Mark, From what I can tell, all that was adjusted was elevator effectiveness on takeoff and wheel landings. She flies the same in every other way, and I agree - that's a good thing.
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  • stearmandriver's Avatar
    Today, 20:58
    Tom, I have a great deal of respect for your work on the FDE, and your experience. I have no wish to sound argumentative. But if I remember right, you're the one who told me tail behavior on takeoff in the sim was the result of the difficulty modeling propwash. Maybe it was someone else, but that came from MV. It's also obvious to anyone who watches a Beaver take off - no experience required - that the tail comes up easily, instead of wallowing up at 55mph. You can't simply tell us we're all seeing things ;-). I really do appreciate your work on the model, and MV being responsive to customer input. Thank you!
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  • roger-wilco-66's Avatar
    Today, 20:46
    Maybe posting this as a possible bug thread in the LM forums would shed some light on this. Cheers, Mark
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  • roger-wilco-66's Avatar
    Today, 20:42
    That comes a bit as a surprise to me. I didn't feel there was anything wrong with it, quite the contrary. Most of my flying is bush flying and the Beaver has become a favourite for that. Cheers, Mark
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  • Ivan's Avatar
    Today, 20:42
    Hello Aleatorylamp, As with other warbirds from the Great Patriotic War, you need to be very careful about what you see in a modern example, especially a flying example. Many times, LOTs of changes have been made to get a SIMILAR airframe flying with modern fuels, and aviation regulations and of course Parts and Engine availability. As a general rule, modern flying examples are great eye candy but not very good references for equipment on war time examples. - Ivan.
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  • fliger747's Avatar
    Today, 20:12
    I might comment: I did the original FDE for the Beaver and have done in real life maybe 2000 takeoff's and landings as one as PIC? What could I possibly have known? T
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  • SeanTK's Avatar
    Today, 17:54
    Good day, Digging this one up in pursuit of a livery - also in light of the fact that the Dauphin is now compatible with P3D4.2 in addition to the existing FSX product. I see a German Notarzt livery in black, red, and white featured in post #59 earlier in the thread from a couple years ago now (as posted by Rebo). Is it possible to make this available to the public? Additionally, considering the fact that is still down unfortunately, are liveries hosted there available anywhere else? To add to this aussiex inquiry, have those liveries been updated to reflect the paint mapping adjustments from the patch as of a few months/year ago?
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  • SeanTK's Avatar
    Today, 17:48 New project announced! For those from at least the FS2002/2004 era who remember Yannick Lavigne's Falcon, this is likely excellent news! Additionally, some textured previews of the Beech 18 are now featured as well (couldn't fit that aspect in the Title of this post).
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  • Ramjett53's Avatar
    Today, 17:46
    I decided to "push development" without "pushing developers". How you might ask? Well, have you ever washed your car, only to have it start raining soon after you are done? Have you ever purchased something you wanted...or needed...really badly, only to discover it went on sale for 50% off a week after you bought it? So, I finally purchased, virtually of course, a C-119 in FSEconomy. It kinda got "pushed" on to me when a partner, who allowed me unlimited use of his leased Boxcar, disappeared from the FSE scene and the Boxcar got repossessed. I contacted the lessor and asked if I could continue the lease and was allowed to, but catching up the defaulted payments was some serious work and lots of Boxcar flying. All the while I kept an eye on this thread, hoping against hope the...
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  • stearmandriver's Avatar
    Today, 17:24
    All, I know there have been a few discussions here about the flight dynamics of the MV Beaver. I know that I've been one of the folks who was a little critical of certain aspects of it, particularly elevator effectiveness / tail behavior on the ground. I'm pleased to say MV has heard us, and there is a replacement FDE available on the MV Beaver support forum. As far as I'm concerned, she's now the perfect flight sim bush plane. This is just what I have been hoping for... not only does her behavior match what you see when you watch real Beavers take off and wheel land, but it FEELS right. I put up a quick video demo (I felt I kind of had to, after being critical of this in my first video). But I encourage anyone who likes this plane to try out the new FDE! ...
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  • cthornburg's Avatar
    Today, 17:22
    I got this info from a friend. Maybe shed light on the Russian aircraft aNT-25/RDD. DB-1 (RD-BB,ANT-36) Even in the draft ANT-25 project, submitted in August 1931, mentioned the possibility of using the aircraft as a long-range bomber and reconnaissance aircraft. The bomb load was determined at 1000 kg. At the beginning of the design of the ANT-25, the Air Force Research Institute set the task to work on the RD-1 in San Jacinto, July 1937 issue of "the possibility of adapting the long-range aircraft as a long-range bomber (for a theoretical range of 3,500 km)." The idea of ​an aircraft of this purpose with a long range of flight was born at the turn of the 1920s-1930s. In several developed aviation countries. The leadership of the Air Forces of France and Great Britain set the...
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  • HyFlyer's Avatar
    Today, 17:16
    From: Sylvain Delepierre Orbx developer
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  • DaveSHQ's Avatar
    Today, 16:57
    DaveSHQ replied to a thread site list? in FSX General Discussion
    My humble list. Haven't updated it lately. Stormtrooper
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  • Moses03's Avatar
    Today, 16:50
    Last gasp- From a country below the equator and the design team had a connection to the famed MacRobertson race. Will reveal in the morning if still on the board.
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  • Navy Chief's Avatar
    Today, 16:03
    Navy Chief replied to a thread Mouse drift on X52 in Prepar3D V4
    I have never even used the thumbstick on the X52 throttle. Unfortunately I can't offer any advice about fixing the wandering mouse problem. Sorry! NC
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  • falcon409's Avatar
    Today, 16:00
    falcon409 replied to a thread Mouse drift on X52 in Prepar3D V4
    I have a thumbstick on my CH Throttle as well and if I could break it off and have it not work anymore I'd be extremely pleased. It's a pure annoyance, constantly requiring calibration to keep it in line.
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  • Ivan's Avatar
    Today, 15:57
    Hello Aleatorylamp, My program is just a minor modification from the one I used earlier to Move Texture mappings after moving the CoG of the pieces of a model. In fact, there are very few differences and the total changes are fewer than 20 lines of code. The Input File and Multipliers are specified on the command line and that is about it. It works fine for my models but is having problems with some pieces on this model because some of the pieces are shifted in the final assembly process here. Since I always build thing in place, I would never see this in one of my own models which is why it is more useful to test with someone else's models. I need to do a bit more programming to handle that situation and things may get a little more complicated. - Ivan.
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  • fallenphoenix1986's Avatar
    Today, 15:34
    Speak for yourself, I've been on leave for the last two weeks and head back on the 28th :banghead: If I'm lucky I'll get to fly the Bug in October :dizzy:
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  • Navy Chief's Avatar
    Today, 15:26
    Although I have managed to locate a few, I am trying to find repaints for Virtavia's Sea Knight. Besides the ones on Avsim and Flightsim, any others? Thanks, NC Pretty sure it isn't available, but really like a repaint of it in HC-5 colors.
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  • Montie's Avatar
    Today, 14:39
    Montie started a thread Mouse drift on X52 in Prepar3D V4
    My mouse has started drifting when my X52 i connected, because of the thumbstick on the throttle. Does anybody know how to fix this? Maybe how to disable the thumbstick on the throttle?
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