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  • falcon409's Avatar
    Today, 07:17
    Excellent Brian. Thank you for updating the Volpar. . .three great airplanes back in the air.
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  • gecko's Avatar
    Today, 07:06
    gecko replied to a thread Screenshots! in CFS3 General Discussion
    Looking good John!
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  • Taco's Avatar
    Today, 07:03
    :wavey: Hi, Just a small update. Today we will be taking off for Penanq 1 Malaysia which should be the end of this mission. One thing, we got some orders from the head rabbit's of the company who contracted this mission that we should wait at Penanq 1 for a few days. Well, I know that my time is getting close to run out and to fly now would put my time over the limits for the month of July and the first part of August. Hehe, a good way to lose a pilot license, and then I would need to go to work.:dizzy: The rumors still persist about the flight crews at Penanq 1 still remain grounded. Sure in the heck don't know the problems are, and now at the present I really don't give a darn. All I know now that it would be good deal to get back the US for us, don't know about the Pilots...
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  • Ivan's Avatar
    Today, 06:17
    Ivan started a thread Lavochkin in CFS1 General Discussion
    Recently I have also been looking over a Lavochkin La-5FN that I built back in 2003. This was one of my earliest projects and surprisingly can still be found here. I uploaded this to a library that seems to no longer exist and NMG apparently restored a copy from there. I had been looking at this model because it seemed to be the natural adversary to the FW 190A that recently got some attention. This project seems to be a fairly clean build but could use a bit of reworking with the slightly improved techniques that I use today. The texture layout is very efficient and compact but is not really ideal for someone intending to repaint or for adding canopy framing for a virtual...
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  • b52bob's Avatar
    Today, 06:17
    Yes, Iím using XP-11 also and have it pretty much maxed out. I really enjoy this sim and itís a keeper. i will be purchasing MSFS in the future after the hubbub dies down and bugs are fixed. It looks great but have been burned by Microsoft in the past. Iíll see how it goes. BTW, I also have a 1070 video card and highly recommend it. Not a 2080 but much cheaper and entirely adequate.
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  • Brian_Gladden's Avatar
    Today, 06:05
    A new entry has been added to Add-Ons Library, category FSX Civilian Props Description: Beechcraft Model 18 Volpar for MS Flight Sim 2010 FSX P3D V1.4 (And later. Maybe V4) Wow, I designed this model back in 2004. It still holds up remarkably well 16 years later. Arno's Model converter X is a godsend and allows many older FS 2002/04 models to live on in FSX/P3D. The Beech 18 was one of Beechcraft's most enduring designs. In production from the late 1930's until the early 60's many are still in use all over the world. This plane represents a late Model Super H with the Volpar Trigear conversion. The Volpar kit added an extended nose and converted the plane to a tri-gear configuration rather than the stock taildragger landing gear.
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  • Ivan's Avatar
    Today, 05:59
    Ivan replied to a thread The Big Bang in CFS1 General Discussion
    Hello ColoKent, We are actually pretty close in age. I used to check out those books from my Elementary School Library because the other books were pretty boring. From what I remember they were mostly about 30 pages and hard cover. This one was probably "Arms of Our Fighting Men" or something like that. The other author I remember from back then was David C. Cooke and his airplane books. Another thing that people today tend to forget is that radiation exposure at the time wasn't considered necessarily a bad thing. We know better today, but consider that Uranium miners were often amusing themselves by setting off Geiger Counters by BLOWING ON THEM!!! Ouch! The US Government exposed quite a few servicemen at the Bikini nuclear tests and is still paying their survivors. Also...
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  • kaigun's Avatar
    Today, 04:05
    Thanks for making me more aware what to expect :untroubled: Uff, at least for now I can imagine next thousands of USD invested info new platform again, often for the same addons, in the coming few years :dizzy:
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  • hertzie's Avatar
    Today, 02:47
    Nice update! Hope it compares with "old" paintschemes. hertzie
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  • Brian_Gladden's Avatar
    Today, 02:24
    Volpar uploaded
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  • giruXX's Avatar
    Today, 01:24
    Our stock of virtual beer is infinite (and it wonĎt cause you any headache; at least not the beer) :encouragement:
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  • pomme homme's Avatar
    Today, 00:31
    Then I claim my beer for getting the right answer, namely that it's not an RA-14!
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  • giruXX's Avatar
    Yesterday, 23:19
    I can confirm the second part of your reply. I.e., not from France. From a much bigger country, but widely-used over the world.
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  • RS's Avatar
    Yesterday, 22:44
    Hi everybody, the vertical wake problem is solved. You have to look deep and you will find mostly a solution... After all Iīve found a thread about a "Carrier Wake Break up Fix" in the FsDreamTeam forum...
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  • Scorch00's Avatar
    Yesterday, 22:17
    Great! Hope you enjoy it! Work is slowly winding down on these. I'm doing some cleanup work on them currently. Hopefully I can get these out here this month. I've started and stopped work on these a lot since I started. So there's stuff I'm finding that I omitted or misplaced lol. Trying to get these out without having to do hotfixes. The final tally for these will be 7 models and 19 variations to choose from to fly in P3D. I have also included a FLIR and Hoist equipped SAR version that can also be equipped with a bambi bucket. I did this as some people wanted a SAR/Medevac bird for the 412s. So this was a way of doing that without going to far outside my wheel house of firefighting aircraft. The bambi bucket models are technically all slicks as the bucket will not appear until the...
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  • MaskRider's Avatar
    Yesterday, 20:53
    Hee heeee! That's what I'm talkin' about! :ernaehrung004: Okay BC, where did that skin come from??? I want it! Is it a convert from Milton Shupe's 2014 "Republic XP-72 Interceptor" pack for FS9- MR
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  • Javis's Avatar
    Yesterday, 20:06
    It's Asobo, FC.. You wouldn't want us to call you ClyingsFool or CoolingsFly now would you ? Asabo is something to do with beards and sixpacks and that sort of thing. Get your facts straight. :playful:
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  • StormILM's Avatar
    Yesterday, 19:30
    Today I did some benchmark testing with DCS with everything maxed out on the settings. My rig is an i9-9900k based clock speed at 3.60 GHz, Turbo Boost to 5GHzm 32gb RAM, RTX-2080ti GPU at 11gb, 3 SSD's and one SG barracuda HDD. When I ran the F-16C, my CPU was clocking at 4.75GHz, GPU Temps were very good, looking HUD and above in the VC over dense scenery at Las Vegas, was seeing 60fps with no dips, dropped down low in the VC, 30/40fps with zero stutters. My net connection is nearly 500Mbps. Nearly all of the similar systems I saw running FS2020 showed solid FPS over NYC and other dense areas. Am hoping it pans out that way next week once I am settled into the sim.
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  • warchild's Avatar
    Yesterday, 19:14
    OK, I'm posting this here.. Numbers are great if you have an imagination, but I aint got no imagination.. SO,, Here to see with your own eyes is what a 1070 is capable of. It's X-Plane 11.50b11 I think.. settings are maxed. please skip to 3:30 on the time signature or youll be subjected to what a rogue plugin can do to a sim ( been trying to hunt it down for months ).. I hope you enjoy, and Yes, this card IS that special too me. Hopefully, this shows why..
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