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  • jeansy's Avatar
    Today, 04:59
    jeansy replied to a thread P3D paints in Prepar3D
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  • jeansy's Avatar
    Today, 04:57
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  • roger-wilco-66's Avatar
    Today, 04:51
    Most likely a corrupted shader cache. While FSX is not running, delete everything under C:\Users\<user name>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\FSX\Shaders Start FSX and it will rebuild it. Cheers, Mark
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  • nigel richards's Avatar
    Today, 04:38
    Spot on, Sir! :-)
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  • vortex's Avatar
    Today, 04:34
    If you're worried, try sending the file to VirusTotal - It uses over 60 well-known antivirus programs to check the file or URL you submit. In the URL box you can just copy a link to the download you want and it will check the file without needing to download it first.
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  • Martyn's Avatar
    Today, 04:16
    Hi Dave, We don't have a timeline/ETA just yet but will post more news as soon as it becomes available. Thanks Martyn
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  • hertzie's Avatar
    Today, 03:49
    Hi Guys, I've an 8-years old MSi-laptop which runs XP, a 4-years old Dell laptop which runs Win7 and a desktop which had WinX Professional installed, but now runs Win7 again. On each of them I run CFS1,2,3, FS9, FSXAcc, WOFF, IL2 and other sims like SH3 and Trainsims. My experiences with WinX were horrible, every time I had an update, even though I choose to do the updates by hand and not automatically, all my flightsims were in trouble. As I still love to fly FS9 and CFS1 I got so fed up with WinX that I let my PC-guru remove it completely from my desktop PC and did a fresh Win7 install. Since then my troubles are over. In my opinion (but who am I ??): if you still like to fly and foddle around with the "old" flightsims, stay with XP or Win7. Maybe WinX is better for Prepar 3D, but...
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  • cavaricooper's Avatar
    Today, 03:49
    Absolutely- I run P3D v4.1 on a dedicated SSD. All my scenery (except for Orbx) also resides in a separate folder on the separate drive. HTH- C
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  • lazarus's Avatar
    Today, 03:07
    A new entry has been added to Add-Ons Library, category FSX Military Props Description: Ralph Pegram's Blackburn Beverley C Mk.1, originally from FS2002-FS2004. Updated to FSX MDL X material and animation specs. Airdrop configuration via material visibility condition hacks, assorted freight or vehicle loads, air drop and LAPES. See readme for details and credits.
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  • alcanallen's Avatar
    Today, 02:47
    Just did a run on all 4 gb installs and it`s a go!
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  • DaveQ's Avatar
    Today, 02:31
    Is there a timeline for the transport/tanker versions?? Got a fairly complete walkaround of the one at Newquay earlier this summer and look forward to painting it. DaveQ
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  • jinx's Avatar
    Today, 02:23
    speedy70, Nice idea. Did you watch the utube video?
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  • alehead's Avatar
    Today, 02:11
    What is the issue when not installing to the root drive c? Is this a P3D thing? I have yet to get P3Dv4 installed, as I need to reconfigure the PC with a new SSD. Can I not install P3D on its own drive? Andrew Entwistle Germany
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  • Naismith's Avatar
    Today, 00:24
    I am beginning to think you may be right..
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  • alain0568's Avatar
    Today, 00:20
    -Oh ok! Too bad, I'll do with it! Alain -
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  • Martyn's Avatar
    Today, 00:15
    The demo is now available - Thanks Martyn
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  • PhantomTweak's Avatar
    Today, 00:00
    All flown now. I had 5 children by my ex, and 2 by "other" women. All fully grown. My oldest girl was Navy for 20 years, my middle was a fellow Marine, like daddy. I even gave her my K-Bar when she went to Iraq. She got some senior Marines very interested when they saw it. They carried theirs still, but wondered where a girl like her got one, and one so worn and obviously well used. :D My youngest daughter got married and now lives in Roseville (I think it is) Oregon. My two boys, well they spent their teen years living with their mother in Laramie, Wyoming, their choice, and are now both in and out of jail. Says something about their mother. My son by another woman grew up to be a fine young man, though, and still lives in Yuma. My daughter by yet another woman, I have no idea. we...
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  • PhantomTweak's Avatar
    Yesterday, 23:30
    I am an inactive Marine. Once a Marine... I went to Clark on a det when we were on det (you figger it out!) to Iwakuni for VMFA-333's last Phantom det. I think I just over-detted :pop4: We transitioned to the F/A-18 when we got back to Beautiful Beaufort by the Sea. I am being sarcastic, by the way. Anywho, out of our 6 months at Iwakuni, we went to Clark for 2 months, and Osan, Korea for 2 months. I really enjoyed Clark. Beautiful base, although Angelese City wasn't the greatest I ever saw. Lovely country-side, though. Great food at the street vendors, too. They called it monkey meat. Whether it was or not, I dunno, but for 5 pesos you got 2 skewers full of meat, bar-b-que'd in the most incredibly delectable sauce I ever did have. I had to run an extra 2 miles and do 2 more hours in...
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  • strykerpsg's Avatar
    Yesterday, 23:26
    I see R Laborie's beautiful bird is only P3Dv2 and nothing found on a search of the net shows any mention of an upgrade to P3Dv4 and only turboprop airlifter in the foreseeable future might be Milviz's forthcoming C-130J, which would be an immediate buy for me. Recommendations? I want to do some flying into and out of Afghanistan and would like to test a hop from KTCM, Anchorage, Japan (found a nice MAIW airfield) and then to Kandahar.
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  • blanston12's Avatar
    Yesterday, 21:29
    blanston12 replied to a thread F-35 c in FSX General Discussion
    Actually that one is not available either, does anybody know where it can be found?
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