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  • Sascha66's Avatar
    Today, 06:58
    Stunning job!
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  • RS's Avatar
    Today, 06:38
    Hi Lazarus, what a wonderful idea to make the USS Enterprise and also this ship as part of a battle group containing the unique USS Long Beach cruiser. I would like to assume you are making the most unique ship group ever will be made for FSX (and P3D?). Have a lucky hand and a lot of fun to do this challenging job. Unfortunately I have no idea to bring life to the elevators. In any case I am sure a lot of folks will choose your work.
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  • Motormouse's Avatar
    Today, 06:23
    Section F8 Sabre; 1 paint by the late Mr Garry Smith ; the other I found for er, that other sim, on Orbx Forum ; converted back to fs9 for my own use. ttfn Pete
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  • UncleTgt's Avatar
    Today, 06:19
    Thanks for replying on my behalf Shadow Wolf 07. From the download Readmes, first paragraph "...for a CFS2 install that uses Rhumbas more accurate new world mesh..."
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  • Baragouin's Avatar
    Today, 06:17
    Hi Mike! Here are three bold gentlemen standing against a...what? Cheers Carlo
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  • UncleTgt's Avatar
    Today, 06:12
    Dick is hard at work still ... see this thread in the Landscapers Forum If we show enough interest & support, I'm sure he will come through for us! :redfire:
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  • bearcat241's Avatar
    Today, 05:40
    Ok Kevin...thanks for the info. Man this stuff is complicated sometimes :playful:...i should stick to combat :dizzy:
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  • Rami's Avatar
    Today, 05:35
    Rami replied to a thread For Rami in CFS2 General Discussion
    Good morning from Wisconsin...
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  • kdriver's Avatar
    Today, 05:32
    The pac????p.bgl files in the SCENEDB\world\scenery folder are meant to be removed if installing Rhumba's water masks. Rather than getting rid of them, I moved them to Rhumba's coastal flattens folder. When I have to revert to the older non Rhumba water mask scenery configuration, they are instantly available when the coastal flattens are reactivated.
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  • MaskRider's Avatar
    Today, 05:22
    Hiya Stuart, Yes, I have said this. What I mean by it is that in creation of these huge watermask bgls, a lot of coastal detail is lost in the process of compiling the water-masking bgls. In the processes of using a program (such as Auto-coast for instance) to expedite the creation of these watermasks, smoothing gets aggressively incorporated into the bgl-creation parameters in order to avoid various visual anomalies. The larger the area of ground that a single mater-mask bgl encompasses the more noticeable will be this loss of coastline detail. One can never use the coastlines, meaning the un-adorned beach-less shape at the edge of the water mask, straight out of the box as it were, because it doesn't accurately portray the details of what was/is actually there. I...
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  • hertzie's Avatar
    Today, 05:17
    Yeah, I know Dutch are a pain in the ass, but curious if you did find the final puzzle-piece........ hertzie
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  • kdriver's Avatar
    Today, 05:16
    Hi Stuart, If you want to have all the PTO scenery available, download all of Rhumba's files, viz. water masks, mesh, coast and water files. Install as separate layers via the scenery library in either the SCENEDB or ADDON folders. The water masks, coast and water files are one layer each (the water files are a few separate downloads). The LOD5 mesh goes in the SCENEDB/world folder while the LOD 7 and LOD 8 files are separate layers installed via the scenery library. Once the hierarchy is correct, the complicated part is activating/deactivating layers depending on which part of the PTO you are operating. The mesh can stay active all the time while you may have to switch from Rhumba's older coast and water files to his newer water masks and vice versa depending where you are. ...
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  • dhazelgrove's Avatar
    Today, 05:15
    I've just found a very interesting tool over on the AIG forum. It converts FSX AFDs for use in P3D, either singly or in a batch. Find it here. Dave
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  • stansdds's Avatar
    Today, 05:04
    I didn't know Beechcraft even had a museum.
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  • stansdds's Avatar
    Today, 05:03
    Glad that you are enjoying KSMO!
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  • MajorMagee's Avatar
    Today, 04:53
    Okay, thanks. S!
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  • MajorMagee's Avatar
    Today, 04:50
    It's usually a missing aircraft. (the name must match exactly to what's listed in the mission) Additionally missing weapon loads or sound file references can cause a crash with no explanation. If the game won't start again after the crash you can set ShowUIWorld="false" in the Game.xml, and that will let you back in to select a different aircraft or change the loadout. Then you'll be able to set it back to ShowUIWorld="true" and the game will start normally again.
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  • Rami's Avatar
    Today, 04:34
    Stuart, It's a complicated question. There are certain packages of MaskRider's that are built specifically for Rhunbaflappy's watermasks; some Dutch East Indies airfields, some additional DEI airfields by Onnogras, MaskRider's Marianas, and his Sakishima-Gunto airfield packages. Other than that, it's problematic.
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