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  • Ravenna's Avatar
    Today, 18:59
    Great stuff. Thanks Kurt! I'm so busy working out the controls I almost forgot about the world outside the canopy.:encouragement::applause:
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  • Allen's Avatar
    Today, 18:28
    MS never said what risk caused the removal of SafeDisc/SecuRom. All SafeDisc/SecuRom dose is check and make sure you have the real disk in the CD drive before fully starting the game. Last I knew it was SOH policy to NOT give anything more than Google for CFS2 NoCD.exe. A stupid policy in my mind as MS willing broke there own games that we paid for and won't make patches for them and since MS won't fix there own games we should be able to host the .exe just fine as the .exe by it self is useless and will show errors of you try to use it with out the rest of the game files.
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  • MajorMagee's Avatar
    Today, 18:00
    Here's one for the A-24 and the SBD dive bombers <Effect Type="Track" EffectName="US_AAF_N2a_gunsight" PosX="0.000" PosZ="0.40" PosY="1.0375" Pitch="90" MinVel="-999999" MaxVel="999999"/>
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  • musterpilot's Avatar
    Today, 17:11
    Made a top job of that motor John
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  • gavinc's Avatar
    Today, 16:56
    Thanks, I thought it might be something about the card but my searchfoo wasn't up to finding out what. P3D still happily uses the GPU and I get 50+ FPS flying around the ORBX Pacific Northwest so I'm not complaining. I was just making sure there wasn't an issue with my system. Gavin
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  • musterpilot's Avatar
    Today, 16:03
    musterpilot replied to a thread P3D_V5 Screenshots P3D V 5 in Prepar3D
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  • Phantom88's Avatar
    Today, 16:02
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  • Phantom88's Avatar
    Today, 15:50
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  • Daiwilletti's Avatar
    Today, 15:30
    You've put you finger on one of the more problematic areas :banghead:. Things like having 7 or less wingmen, and flying as a bomber pilot you get an escort of 7 or 8 fighters (or less depending on the squadron health) seem to be hard-coded. One thing I've been thinking of including is instructions how to set up a desktop shortcut to the AppData _mission.xml file. When starting a campaign mission (ie when sitting on the runway waiting to takeoff), you can Alt+Tab to the desktop, click on the shortcut, edit the skill level from 1 to 3 for the player flight and escort flight. What I haven't tried, is to increase the number of wingmen and escort aircraft in the _mission.xml file. After making the edits, you can switch back to CFS3 where you are sitting on the runway, and hopefully the AI...
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  • SSI01's Avatar
    Today, 15:28
    I didn't pick up the original file because I figured what was mentioned in the gripes following the release of the original would be fixed somehow and a new release would follow. I was partially correct - we do have a new release but the description says it requires the original file, which I do not have. How do we go about finding and downloading the original file? Using the download link in the original announcement above results in going to the new download which requires the original file.
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  • HighBypass's Avatar
    Today, 15:20
    I commented to him about going old school and using the key commands (TachyonDriver over on youtube). Heck, once I noticed the strange AP behaviour, the first thing I did was CTRL-Z and CTRL-H. I wanted to try out the VC switches first however. Who can afford a minute of their time to read a 7 page pdf, the majority of which is massive full colour pictures so only about 100 words.. :dizzy: Hehe - excuse my sarcasm! Right there on page 2
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  • SH427's Avatar
    Today, 15:10
    It's WWII Content is second to none. I fly the new P-47 and Spitfire a lot, and the I-16 on a whim here and there and its always great.
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  • Greenhouse357's Avatar
    Today, 14:47
    Nice paints, avi8tor4321!
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  • daypharris's Avatar
    Today, 14:44
    :wavey:Hi simmers! I couldn't resist, and I felt I had to correct som details on my "Flak-Bait"-paint. The 131773-number on the tail-fin is the correct one! NOT 131733.., also moved further down on the tail. Small improvements "here and there", almost readable text on nosewheel-door, adjustments and resize of PN-O letters, etc.. Inside this FIX you will also find alternative glass textures with more glossy shine and light blue colour. Not sure if this glass is necessary in FsX, but looks real nice in my Fs9!! I have "brightened" the alpha a bit, so the shine one the fuse and wings are less shiny. I hope you will find this update to become useful and enjoyment. The FIX is uploaded over at couple of minutes ago..:running: Some screenshots:
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  • bazzar's Avatar
    Today, 14:32
    Interesting video. It might have been better if he had read the manual first, particularly re the autopilot. Ctrl/Ezy is set up for keyboard commands. Achieving level flight in autopilot mode is a keystroke away. I would have thought somebody with his "experience" would know that. He also said he spends little time outside when flying. So, I guess he's probably not the target market.
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  • Phantom88's Avatar
    Today, 14:03
    Lots of WIP Pics
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  • Priller's Avatar
    Today, 13:14
    Hi Chris, And did it get sorted? Cheers, Priller
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  • Priller's Avatar
    Today, 13:12
    Priller replied to a thread inconsistency in Prepar3D V1-4
    Thanks for quoting Rachel Maddow Wombat! ;) We're watching!! Priller
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  • stoney's Avatar
    Today, 13:04
    Found the conflict, It was CBI West: "Allied airfields 1941-45 SE Asia. 291 fields in China, Burma, India, Malay, Sumatra and Java." I just removed the four Chittagong bgls from the scenery folder and the problem fixed! The buildings, tanks and ships were from the "Ford-India-Scenery-Project" by Garry J. Smith.
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  • 000rick000's Avatar
    Today, 12:50
    HAHA! Thanks guys. yeah, it's basically complete now. I finished it up last night. Just found a couple quick fixes. It will be uploaded to DCS User Files for DL. But it will also be incorporated into the main core sim as a stock paint. ED has reached out to me for its inclusion. :)
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