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  • ak416's Avatar
    November 11th, 2022, 08:04
    Today we celebrate the exciting history of aviation with the release of the Microsoft Flight Simulator 40th Anniversary Edition, the most advanced version of this beloved franchise yet. Among the many features included in this update is a true-to-life airliner, the Airbus A310-300, rendered with stunning accuracy. The 40th Anniversary Edition also features, for the first time since the platform’s 2006 release, helicopters and gliders that perform with amazing life-like realism. We’re also introducing seven renowned historical aircraft: the 1903 Wright Flyer, the 1915 Curtiss JN-4 Jenny, the 1927 Ryan NYP Spirit of St. Louis, the 1935 Douglas DC-3, the beautiful 1937 Grumman G-21 Goose, the 1947 Havilland DHC-2 Beaver, and the famous 1947 Hughes H-4 Hercules “Spruce...
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  • woody901's Avatar
    November 23rd, 2022, 02:14 Mick Wood
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  • Team Daedalus's Avatar
    November 15th, 2022, 11:13
    A new entry has been added to Add-Ons Library, category CFS 2 Aircraft - German Description: Messerschmitt Bf109G-2 by Design Team Daedalus Unit: 2./JG53 Stalingrad, Russia, Summer 1942 Pilot: unknown
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  • Pat Pattle's Avatar
    November 23rd, 2022, 04:25
    It is with a very sad heart to let you all know that David died on Saturday. I will miss him greatly, not only as a fellow modder but as a friend. Despite his long term illness he was always upbeat. As a fellow simmer his contribution to our hobby was enormous. Goodbye mate. I recieved this email from his Wife Jennifer; "Clive I am contacting you because I think you are one of David’s flight simulator friends. David died on Saturday at North Shore Hospital. I think the toll of all the cancer treatments, and getting other cancers along the way, and in the end Covid, was too much for him. I will be forever grateful that I was with him when he died. We have spent 33 years together, almost half my life, so I am going to miss him desperately.
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  • Team Daedalus's Avatar
    November 27th, 2022, 13:31
    A new entry has been added to Add-Ons Library, category CFS 2 Aircraft - German Description: Messerschmitt Bf109G-2/Trop by Design Team Daedalus Unit: 4./JG51 El Aouina, Tunesia November 1942 Pilot: Fw. Anton Hafner
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  • Shessi's Avatar
    November 20th, 2022, 14:40
    Hi Folks, After a summer break from FS, getting back into it. First off are a couple of Zeros, a two seat K model trainer and kamikaze model. With the testers as we speak, so hoepfully not long before uploading. Cheers Shessi
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  • YoYo's Avatar
    November 3rd, 2022, 23:59
    Ok, good news! They finished it and model is out! :wavey: They released also ships, Amphibious Ready Group:
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  • Team Daedalus's Avatar
    November 23rd, 2022, 18:20
    A new entry has been added to Add-Ons Library, category CFS 2 Aircraft - German Description: Messerschmitt Bf 109T-2 by Design Team Daedalus Unit: 2./JG77 Lister, Norway 1941 Pilot: unknown
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  • mgr's Avatar
    November 5th, 2022, 07:31
    This is a surprise:
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  • NachtPiloten's Avatar
    November 20th, 2022, 10:23
    Exteriors are done and the pits are ready to be mapped.... here is the R1 w/ FuG 212 Ai
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  • falcon409's Avatar
    November 14th, 2022, 17:02
    A nice Virtavia B-1B Lancer that had been payware at one time. Found on Simviation and immediately I decided to put future scenery on hold and upgrade the interior textures. The one area I always enhance is the main gauge panel but in this case that wasn't possible. The working gauges are not set into a bezel I can redo at better resolution, these are all a combination of bezel and gauge in one so I had to move on to the other interior textures which were mostly 512x512 or lower. I found an excellent website "The National Museum of the Air Force" which contained 360 degree, hi res views of the various compartments for the B1 Bomber. It afforded me some excellent views in detail of every area of the cockpit. I was also able to get excellent screenshots of areas to copy and reproduce to...
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  • Cazzie's Avatar
    November 15th, 2022, 06:28
    A new Update for the above has been released by Just Flight. If you have the airplane, go to Just Flight and redownload and reinstall it. Cazzie
    17 replies | 1340 view(s)
  • StormILM's Avatar
    November 12th, 2022, 13:03
    CAF Texas Raider B-17G and P-63 collided near show center, all persons aboard both aircraft were lost. May they Rest in Peace...
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  • modelr's Avatar
    November 12th, 2022, 06:22
    Hi all, After completing the 40th anniv update, I purchased the Lionheart Trinidad TB 21GT from the marketplace, but it won't install. I've restarted the sim multiple times, but the install keeps failing. Any ideas? The other Lionheart aircraft I own all installed fine; the Quickie Q-200 and Bucker B-131 Jungmann.
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  • mongoose's Avatar
    November 27th, 2022, 15:56
    Did or does CFS3 have one?
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  • YoYo's Avatar
    November 13th, 2022, 04:57
    YoYo started a thread AH Avro Lancaster in MSFS (FS2020)
    It looks like they're not idle. It was actually talked about once. There will be Avro Lancaster from Aeroplane Heaven for MSFS. :wavey:
    14 replies | 1063 view(s)
  • falcon409's Avatar
    November 22nd, 2022, 18:40
    Anyone have specific knowledge on the situation surrounding the airport? A great project for me but currently (or at least the last thing I could find) the FAA shows it as closed permanently. Really nice area and seems a shame if it is actually closed for good. I read some info from various news organizations locally that it's future was still in limbo, so it kinda sounds like there might be investors looking to possibly reopen it. . . .or. . .bulldoze it for commercial use. Not sure which. Either way I'm going to proceed with the project since I haven't done much in Vermont.
    17 replies | 905 view(s)
  • DaveQ's Avatar
    November 4th, 2022, 09:33
    Manfred Jahn has very kindly given me permission to upload a conversion of his B-50 model to take PBR external textures. Just posted in P3D Military Aircraft, there are nine textures, including most of the originals reworked, plus a few others of mine and Jens-Ole's. Personally I think it looks best in P3Dv4.5, but the toned-down propdisk files are worth changing to. As far as I can tell all works properly in v4.5 and 5.3, though somebody is bound to find a glitch...! Hope you get as much fun out of flying it as I did doing the work:very_drunk:!
    18 replies | 661 view(s)
  • Shessi's Avatar
    November 27th, 2022, 06:20
    Hi Folks, Just uploaded CFS2 specific versions of the latest modelling, a Mitsubishi A6M2-K two seat Japanese Naval training ac, and a kamikaze version. Ssshhhh!....Don't tell them but this is actually a better version than the FS9 one, as that one uses alpha channels on the glass to get the see-through effect, unfortunately in CFS2 it causes problems, so I put in 'real' framing in this one..;) Something different to fly. Cheers Shessi
    13 replies | 505 view(s)
  • Cazzie's Avatar
    November 8th, 2022, 13:03
    Denny, you have your Blue Angels Cougar. It's up already here to the Warbird's Library. I wish there were a way to either drop the tanks or rid them altogether. Wing fold is by way of Ctrl>w. Canopy does not open and there is no way I could get a military pilot in it. I tried by altering the .cfg, but to no avail. I like to never have found that octagonal metal piece under the nose to paint it BA Blue. Cazzie
    17 replies | 493 view(s)
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