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  • FlyingsCool's Avatar
    Today, 08:26
    Got it.. Thanks Gary, I'll check it out tonight.
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  • Priller's Avatar
    Today, 08:18
    An -F or -G model Thunderchief? I second that!! And sadly no, there is no double seater Thunderchief in the native FSX Alphasim Thunderchief. Priller
    3 replies | 91 view(s)
  • jmbiii's Avatar
    Today, 08:04
    Got it ! :wavey:Thanks, Gary. I'll give it a once or twice over. :applause:
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  • LCYCowboy's Avatar
    Today, 07:48
    Hi guys, Does someone (a lot more clever than me) know how to install the reality XP - 750 gauge into Manfred Jahn's brilliant DC-3? As the Sperry is still inop, there is a lovely big retangular space in the VC to put the GTN-750. I can install it into the pop up window, but this kind of kills immersion in VR. I've had a quick look at the panel.cfg, but not being an expert, I can't work out how to edit anything to replace the INOP sperry gauge with a GTN-750. Thanks for any help in advance,
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  • gp183601's Avatar
    Today, 07:47
    Limited time only - get it while you can. Essex class SCB-27/125 beta1 Credit where credits due: -Essex Class Model: Karla and all the previous modders at (going back through western022 and Hawk) for creating the model and textures for il2. All the hard work was done by them. Try the il2 version I highly recommend it -Alphasim for the Crusader and Skyhawk
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  • DC1973's Avatar
    Today, 07:38
    DC1973 replied to a thread Beta testing in Flight Simulator 2020
    As a developer, you can e-mail the MS flight simulator team directly, and they'll set you up with the Alpha and SDK - worked for me! :) Takes a while for them to get back to you though...
    2 replies | 165 view(s)
  • euroastar350's Avatar
    Today, 07:37
    euroastar350 replied to a thread Eric Dantès in Prepar3D
    Hi Frank, It's not just a paint, but P3DV4 native model. I have all models he released converted, but no form of contact to get permission to release them.
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  • Mark's Avatar
    Today, 07:27
    You have to go with the best even if you paid more for something else. I have more payware for FSX but use nothing but FS9. No regrets.
    1 replies | 134 view(s)
  • Rallymodeller's Avatar
    Today, 07:23
    I believe he's looking for the two-seater. I'd like that as well.
    3 replies | 91 view(s)
  • noddy's Avatar
    Today, 07:23
    noddy replied to a thread P3D_V5 Screenshots P3D V 5 in Prepar3D
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  • Moses03's Avatar
    Today, 07:22
    Thanks Jim.:very_drunk:
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  • degeus's Avatar
    Today, 07:03
    Hi, Thanks, it works! Piet
    3 replies | 61 view(s)
  • Roxane-21's Avatar
    Today, 07:00
    The story of Williams has always been full of up-and-down. The Mecachrome "fiasco" was not worse than the Judd one in 1988, and they came back to the front with BMW with 10 wins between 2001 and 2004. They were the 3rd best team in 2014/2015, only because Mercedes was by far the best engine. Then, they began to fall downhill when the other engine suppliers (Ferrari, Renault, then Honda the last couple of years) progressively closed the gap. So, their last (final?) downfall started somewhen between 2016 and 2017.
    1 replies | 26 view(s)
  • MrZippy's Avatar
    Today, 06:59
    3 replies | 91 view(s)
  • blohmundvoss's Avatar
    Today, 06:53
    Many thanks for this, Bearcat. Easy when you know how! I notice the airfile for FDG's original version of the P-47 didn't have this issue. Just goes to show how complicated all the spinning plates are and how even old-timey designers can drop one once in a while! Cheers BuV
    8 replies | 155 view(s)
  • heywooood's Avatar
    Today, 06:51
    progress update on the F9c the fuselage infill is done and the Williams Brothers engine, when built to its full 1/12 scale fits nicely into the Sparrowhawk's cowling.. I should have some new videos up on the channel soon -
    355 replies | 91102 view(s)
  • hairyspin's Avatar
    Today, 06:45
    Sadly, Ted, animations are not retained in the BFF process. As far as writing a new compiler to export from later versions of Max to CFS3, that isn’t going to happen, for two reasons. One, the CFS3 model format (.m3d) is not documented or even reverse engineered. Two, the CFS3 exporter for Gmax isn’t a script, but a compiled module built using Gmax Dev, the developer studio version of Gmax, so we can’t simply reverse engineer it for 3ds Max 9 or even 2020. Nobody has Gmax Dev, not even the remnants of ACES Studio, because Autodesk withdrew it after FSX was built, and MS had to beg them for permission to build the Acceleration add-on for Gmax. On bended knees, wearing sackcloth! The price of licensing Gmax Dev would terrify any normal mortal if Autodesk could even be persuaded, which...
    26 replies | 346 view(s)
  • tgycgijoes's Avatar
    Today, 06:34
    Bring up a towel or two for some sun on the flightdeck...not only is it rough but it gets hot too. A blanket and a towel on the catwalk was a lot more comfortable to catch some rays. The pilots may fly the planes but without the flight deck crew the pilots, crew and planes couldn't do the job. Like the generals may get the credit for winning the battle but the soldiers did the winning. All we sim aviators have to do is to get it all done in a blink of the eye. :loyal:
    50 replies | 2220 view(s)
  • harrybasset's Avatar
    Today, 06:20
    Is there a way to have an F-105F in the Alphasim Thunderchief in FSX? I found an F model from OBIO which seems to be for the freeware FS9 F-105 which does not portover very well.
    3 replies | 91 view(s)
  • Phantom88's Avatar
    Today, 06:20
    A Bit More… 720×405 154 KB " Rota Island, also known as the Friendly Island is 19km in length and has a population of 3,500 people. It is the southernmost island of the United States Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands. It has been modelled in extraordinary detail and is close to completion. We continue to work on the organised, unincorporated territory of the United States in Micronesia; Guam. This island was captured by the Japanese in 1941 and occupied for almost 3 years. The American forces recaptured the island on the 21st of July, 1944;
    8 replies | 1028 view(s)
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