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  • Sundog's Avatar
    Today, 13:09
    Aurora was the development code name for the B-2. Having said that, there was reportedly a development program involving all of the major aerospace companies for a TSTO (Two Stage To Orbit) vehicle system. Here's one link. There are multiple patents of such designs. The second stage may have been a sub-orbital recon vehicle. It makes me think it was a continuation of the earlier Isinglass program. The two stage vehicle system was reportedly built and flown, but it proved too expensive to operate. Hopefully, the system will be declassified in the near future, since we already have the X-37 for such missions and it's been nearly thirty years. It's time to move it to the USAF museum, like they did with Tacit Blue and the BOP.
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  • Seahawk72s's Avatar
    Today, 13:00
    new 787 upgrade.
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  • Sundog's Avatar
    Today, 12:49
    Sundog replied to a thread Screenshots in Flight Simulator 2020
    Oh man, seeing in game shots of that F-15 only reminds me of how much I'm really missing them in this sim. I know they'll get here eventually, but I can only handle so much GA, lol. Thanks for the previews Dean. Ken
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  • Sundog's Avatar
    Today, 12:46
    Thanks, I'll give that a shot.
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  • huub vink's Avatar
    Today, 12:46
    Thanks for your quick reply. It must be a DTXbmp think because when I reduce the size like you suggested all is fine. When I save it in 2048x1024 format the file size from the exprended file is the same the size in "normal" 24-bits format. So I expect that DTXbmp will not save this file size in any extended format. Which is a bit weird as I wasn't able to open the dtx3 format file with MSpaint............... Still puzzled, but the problem can be by-passed. Cheers, Huub
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  • Scorch00's Avatar
    Today, 12:44
    Scorch00 replied to a thread P3D MilViz S-64E/F Mods in Prepar3D
    Maybe. I'm not 100% sure yet. My main focus is on P3D functionality with them currently. This I think largely may depend on how many features I end up adding to them. Once the models are more complete, I plan on testing to see if it can be compiled to work in FSX as well. HTS Model
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  • Shessi's Avatar
    Today, 12:34
    Don't forget it's a 2048 x 1024 tex, not 1024 x 1024, so if you've saved it as that it won't show. To test, I've just re-sized it to 1024 x 512 and saved as a DXT3 and it shows fine. Cheers Shessi
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  • Westfront's Avatar
    Today, 12:31
    A new entry has been added to Add-Ons Library, category CFS 2 Scenery Add-Ons Description: The Western Front 1914-1918 This is a package of World War One Western Front airfields, cities, towns and ports. It comprises of new scenery in Flanders and updates to existing airfields along the Western Front. The Flanders scenery encompasses the cities of Ghent and Bruges, the ports of Zeebrugge, Ostend, Dunkirk and Calais, and the towns of Veurne, Ypres, Albert and Armentieres. New aerodromes include Gontrode, St Denijs-Westrem, Koolkerke, Jabbeke, Nieuwmunster, Mariakerke, Coudekerque, Petite Synthe, St Pol-sur-Mer and Droglandt.
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  • Cazzie's Avatar
    Today, 12:30
    Like the aircraft textures, etc. the entire enchilada. I cannot locate the file. Cazzie
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  • Cazzie's Avatar
    Today, 12:23
    This worked for me. I use a Logitech Extreme Pro. Follow close and pause if needed.
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  • gray eagle's Avatar
    Today, 12:17
    I've looked in the sound.cfg folder and no mention of door sounds. I know where to find the co-pilot and Nancy sounds and the C-47 engine sounds. But when V3.146 came out, the doors will make a sound when they open/close. Before V3.146 the doors would open with no sounds.
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  • Cazzie's Avatar
    Today, 11:37
    Like WOW. Okay, I did some upgrades to my fairly new PC, 16 more GB of stick for a total of 32 GB, and a Samsung SSD drive. I retained my NVIDIA 1060, and plan to upgrade in the future. But dang if the 1060 isn't performing like a charm and I use a pretty high setting for all. Except the trees! Too many damn trees! You cannot go lower than LOW and that is way too many. Also, I live in the piney woods and they have far too many deciduous trees. But that's nit picking. The monoliths are a problem for all, but again, I think that will be worked out. But the scenery and the aircraft and the joy of flying almost like being up in a real plane is magnificent. I like being able to adjust things when I started out without leaving the flight. It's a new day. I can see, however, where those probably...
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  • Bomber_12th's Avatar
    Today, 11:33
    Thank you Boez, I will try to remember to do that from now on. On this particular near month-long journey with N6787J, I've put about 9 hrs on the aircraft so-far, flying from Key West, Florida (KEYW), to Rafael Cabrera Airport, Cuba (MUNG), to Cancun Intl, Mexico (MMUN), to Cozumel Intl, Mexico (MMCZ), to Chichen-Itza, Mexico (MMCT), to Mundo Maya Intl, Guatemala (MGMM), to Toncontin Intl, Honduras (MHTG), to Ometepe, Nicaragua (MNLP), and to Sirena Station Airport, Costa Rica (MRSN). Today I added another hour of flight time to N6787J, by flying from Sirena to Juan Santamaria Intl, Costa Rica (MROC), where I will be keeping the airplane until hopefully there is a break in the rain/thunderstorms sometime soon in the next week or two, but that's not looking likely. So-far, I've only...
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  • Bomber_12th's Avatar
    Today, 11:12
    Great screenshots DC, I'm looking forward to your F-15.
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  • huub vink's Avatar
    Today, 11:04
    Shessi, There is something I don't understand about main texture (ColormapGloss1.bmp) as it is not as sharp as at your screenies, I tried to remove the bitmaps using Martin Wrights DTXbmp. However when I save the texture in the same format (16-bits-565) it won't show in the sim anymore. Actually in whatever format I save it the model will only show up without the texture..... A puzzled Huub
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  • Paul Domingue's Avatar
    Today, 10:58
    Little Navmap Beta released for MSFS 2020.
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  • DC1973's Avatar
    Today, 10:54
    DC1973 replied to a thread Screenshots in Flight Simulator 2020
    Aerodynamics testing of the F-15C Eagle over the west coast of the UK, and Nellis AFB, Nevada after it got dark here. I don't think I've ever enjoyed my job as much as I do now with this new simulator :)
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  • Worthless's Avatar
    Today, 10:43
    My bad....found it!
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  • YoYo's Avatar
    Today, 10:41
    As I wrote before - no any product page, Marketplace only (so in MSFS inside).
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