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  • hairyspin's Avatar
    Today, 23:27
    Then the Tin Man hasnít left the building. Those poor souls!!:a1089:
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  • AnKor's Avatar
    Today, 23:07
    Terrain draw distance is the same in DX9 and DX11, it is just usually covered in fog in DX9 while I pushed the fog quite far back in DX11. There's probably a built-in way to adjust fog distance in weather settings, but I don't know it. You can also edit shaders30\Fog.fx and change 7th line from this: return saturate((depth - vFogDistance.x)/vFogDistance.y); to something like this: return saturate((depth - vFogDistance.x * 1.5)/vFogDistance.y); This will increase fog start distance by 50%. Cloud draw distance depends on two factors. First there's hardcoded limit of 32km in stock CFS3, but I found a way to patch it as I do with many other things already. It seems to affect performance and stability so I'm not sure what happens if I include it in DX9 version. There's also...
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  • trucker17's Avatar
    Today, 22:24
    B25 Mitchell..."AKA" The Ink squirts.
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  • trucker17's Avatar
    Today, 22:18
    Easily noticed on the ground and in the air.....:a1310:
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  • Dutcheeseblend's Avatar
    Today, 22:17
    Bjoern, thanks for your efforts. You've been a very important person in our hobby. Sorry, I can't find the words. I want to thank you personally for your contribution in general, and more specific your constructive comments during the early development of my D.21. They meant a lot if not everything for me. I was very premature then, but I was so humbled that you tolerated, accepted and liked both me and my work. Thanks a lot mate. If you need me, just give a shout. Daan
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  • trucker17's Avatar
    Today, 22:15
    A Saturday afternoon flight in the B25 and i end up going thru a time warp.....
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  • trucker17's Avatar
    Today, 22:09
    Dusk landing. just south of Mexico City.......
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  • trucker17's Avatar
    Today, 21:58
    Seeing that.....Makes me wonder of our young out here even know what SNAFU stands for.....:very_drunk:
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  • ColoKent's Avatar
    Today, 20:35
    ColoKent replied to a thread Milviz PC-6 Porter in Prepar3D V4
    ....And let's not forget the C-130J... Man, if these hit all together, I'll be BANKRUPT (but happy) Kent
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  • cthornburg's Avatar
    Today, 20:29
    OK its been 48hrs. I thought we were supposed to find obscure aircraft. Anyway its the Rogozarski ZMAJ Fizir FP1 Chris Open House
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  • Catboat's Avatar
    Today, 19:23
    Thanks Bjoern, Its people like you who make this hobby and obsession of our so great. As a very average non digital tech person, reading the items that you and others like you have produced, increase my awe and enthusiasm. I am still using FSX Acceleration, but am going to have to take the great leap into the unknown, some time in the future-who knows, perhaps X-Plane. As Sundog indicates, hope to still see you around. Again, Many Thanks
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  • trucker17's Avatar
    Today, 18:01
    Yeah,,,,I plan on going this year....
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  • trucker17's Avatar
    Today, 17:58
    Only when the main strip is down. Last year the secondary was used for forestry service to fight fires
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  • Rami's Avatar
    Today, 17:25
    Good evening, Another mission complete... "title_string"=Battle of France (RAF) - Lead HMS Javelin to the sea "summary_string"=Listen, chaps! Defiants of 264 Sqn are responding to a request by HMS Javelin to have an escort to the open sea after taking shelter in the Amsterdam Canal. Your Spitfires will help protect this British destroyer and support the Defiants. Let's help our comrades in need & make sure they can reach the open sea and return to Scapa Flow. Hang on lads, we're coming! "objective_string"=On the afternoon of 12 May, 66 Sqn Spitfires and 264 Sqn Defiants flying in pairs, run into a Ju-88 attacking a British destroyer off of Ijmuiden. The Ju-88 was chased inland & claimed, but in reality the Ju-88 from II/KG 30 was only damaged. This mission has been altered by...
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  • Rami's Avatar
    Today, 17:14
    Good evening, The second went somewhat better...
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  • Rami's Avatar
    Today, 17:13
    Good evening, The first strafing run went okay...
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  • CIMOGT's Avatar
    Today, 17:01
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  • Sundog's Avatar
    Today, 16:59
    Nice. Do you fly the Husky from the secondary strip?
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