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  • Snurdley's Avatar
    Today, 04:56
    A new entry has been added to Add-Ons Library, category P3D / P4D Add-Ons - Warbird repaints Description: Textures only for Vertigo Studios payware SBD-3, VB-6 during the Battle of Midway. To check it out, rate it or add comments, visit FSX/P3D Vertigo Studios Douglas SBD-3 Dauntless The comments you make there will appear in the posts below.
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  • Motormouse's Avatar
    Today, 04:54
    It's the Captain Sim one, payware, was still available on their site Ttfn Pete
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  • Phantom88's Avatar
    Today, 04:51
    ***mini**update*** Hi everyone, It's a small thing, but something many of you have asked for: we have added an option in the Options / Special Tab of the F-16C to select between the gold tint and transparent canopy. Based on talks with SMEs, around 2007 the USAF/ANG started using the transparent canopies and phasing out the gold tint. Both have the same RCS reduction properties. We hope you enjoy the option to have both! Also on the Viper front the next update: 1- Continued work on the Dogfight switch functions 2- Addition of the DLZ to the radar page, Dogfight HUD, and HMCS
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  • bazzar's Avatar
    Today, 04:48
    bazzar replied to a thread AH Caravelle in Prepar3D V4
    We currently have seven projects in production with more coming. With contract work on top of that, we will only update when there is something worthwhile to say. It does not mean that anything is delayed or not going to happen. Like everything else, Caravelle will release when its ready.:engel016:
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  • DC1973's Avatar
    Today, 04:31
    Oh I see, okay, well there's good news and bad news: the good news is that the Super Hornet's engine sounds are actually the real deal! They're real recordings of a GE-404 start-up and shut down sequence. The bad news is that the engine whine and burners are generic recordings, and I'm something of a newbie to sounds so my ability to blend them all in might not be as good as professional dedicated sound set ups. I think they're pretty decent all in all but I'm not up to the standard of some other developers. Maybe some of the other users here could pop in and report what they think of my efforts?
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  • sdsbolt's Avatar
    Today, 04:30
    Plenty of room for after after market parts
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  • lefty's Avatar
    Today, 04:15
    Well it looks like a Jenny with a radial motor, but I can't find anything of that description.
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  • wombat666's Avatar
    Today, 03:59
    wombat666 replied to a thread AH Caravelle in Prepar3D V4
    I'm just patient and have never been let down. :encouragement:
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  • centuryseries's Avatar
    Today, 03:53
    I built a 1/72 model kit of the A7 when I was a kid and I'm sure it was carrying about 20 500lb bombs! Looking forward to flying that little but lethal bomb truck!!
    21 replies | 2333 view(s)
  • gaab's Avatar
    Today, 03:26
    gaab replied to a thread AH Caravelle in Prepar3D V4
    Hi Bazzar, I was able to take a look at your Facebook page (without registring) and I did not see any recent information. Your last post about seats in PBR is dated november Regards Gérard
    15 replies | 995 view(s)
  • thefrog's Avatar
    Today, 02:37
    thefrog replied to a thread AH Caravelle in Prepar3D V4
    Personally I would much rather have a nicely textured aircraft in P3D without PBR than wait longer for one with PBR.
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  • gaab's Avatar
    Today, 02:18
    gaab replied to a thread AH Caravelle in Prepar3D V4
    Thank you Bazzar, By personnal choice, I am not registered on Facebook. And there is no recent update on your AH site, thats why I was "anxious" 😉 Regards Gérard
    15 replies | 995 view(s)
  • huub vink's Avatar
    Today, 01:33
    Thanks Ian, You are currently producing them in a higher rate than I can install and use them.......... :dizzy: And again, very nice to have some sea plane bases in Europe! :encouragement: Cheers, Huub
    2 replies | 93 view(s)
  • Motormouse's Avatar
    Today, 00:16
    Not strictly true there, it would depend on the type of operation (FAR part 91, or part 135) the flight is being operated under, however, as it is an air tanker, the CVR part of part 135 would not apply (not more than 6 passenger seats) so , in that case the part 91 limits apply. Part 91.609 allows an aeroplane to be operated for up to 15 days with an inoperative CVR, either removed for repairs or awaiting repair, all of which is dependent on the initial failure of CVR being actually enunciated to crew as a fault. A Learjet I worked, with same model of CVR flew around for nearly a year with a faulty CVR not recording, only picked it up on annual test using an external test box the cockpit panel didn't display a fault. Ttfn Pete
    3 replies | 89 view(s)
  • zswobbie1's Avatar
    Yesterday, 23:49
    For FS2004? Please?
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  • JosefK's Avatar
    Yesterday, 23:23
    Thanks for the good and relevant news!
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  • Daveroo's Avatar
    Yesterday, 23:17
    Yeah I wondered about that, odd, and I wonder if the other aircraft have it off as well?
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  • YoYo's Avatar
    Yesterday, 23:02
    Btw. Small OT. ORBX will release free addon:
    529 replies | 119698 view(s)
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