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  • italflyer's Avatar
    Today, 01:01
    Always re-run cfs3config after installing Ankors shaders! And run this one as admin too. What I usually do is: create shortcuts for CFS3.exe and CFS3config.exe on my desktop. Right-cklick on them, open properties and change both of them to "Win XP SP3" and "run as admin" Also be sure to delete a file called "uisel.xml" in your appdata-folder. The path is usually called something like "C:\Users\"YourUsernameHere"\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\combatflightsimulator3" you need to set "show hidden files" in the folder properties to find this directory.
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  • Cees Donker's Avatar
    Today, 00:36
    Only dead links! Where can i get the OO-NHN and the OO-NHV? Cees
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  • RS's Avatar
    Today, 00:22
    Hi kl792 your ships are real beauties... I can not await to watch them ruling the virtual sea in my FSX. Meanwhile... a topview from Type 55. May be this photo could help you to design the helideck.
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  • fabulousfour's Avatar
    Yesterday, 23:53
    Mike, I have it as the Wibault 121, but I will not be too picky. :very_drunk: Over to Scotland. :icon29:
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  • BorekS's Avatar
    Yesterday, 23:43
    There is not clear to me which place you install or / reinstall the alternative CFS3 game or whatelse we should call it. The point is when simply clone or move some CFS3 game copy, it always will look same main settings. So, if you run one copy with different content sucessfully, the next another, when start will look for latest loaded settings from the previously played game. Mission error or freeze can then easy happen. If your AppData contents only one CFS3 folder, then such problems make a sure sence. But that is not all, even in case each CFS3 is installed wisely, you have to be sure which one to patch with AnkorS shaders. And always check if you run all things in administrator mode.
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  • lefty's Avatar
    Yesterday, 23:20
    Robert, I think we have a Wibault 12 Scirroco here ?
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  • kl791's Avatar
    Yesterday, 22:30
    Thanks - trying my best to turn the flightsim into a ship sim :D
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  • eddie's Avatar
    Yesterday, 21:53
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  • hunter's Avatar
    Yesterday, 20:14
    Hi, Mongoose , i have follow your suggestion and i have reinstall a clean install up to 3.1a and keep a backup . The new install NOT work whit Ankor shaders how you suggest . If i remove the ankor shaders it work like new. The OLD cfs3 folder whitout Ankor shaders , now give me this error : mission failed to load , ever , quick combat not work for same error. No more CTD when loading the game. In the NEW cfs3 folder if i copy and paste the mission folder from old cfs3 folder to new give me error : mission failed to load. In the NEW install of CFS3 , i have NOT install winding man 4.7 seasons again.
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  • Willy's Avatar
    Yesterday, 19:01
    That nakes better sense than some of the theories I was coming up with and is probably what happened. Although I was kind of fond the idea of using chicken blood to voo doo it into showing some color. I'm getting some progress on the htail textures, but I'm sure going to need to tone the alpha down a bit as it's shinier than a lot of chrome at the moment.
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  • CIMOGT's Avatar
    Yesterday, 18:36
    Today i check the textures of the ship and test the repaint for the Lexington
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  • jamminjames's Avatar
    Yesterday, 18:35
    Good news! Heal fast.....
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  • 000rick000's Avatar
    Yesterday, 18:21
    NC, no they are not actual scenery for DCS at this time. However, DCS has announced that they are going to be moving to an "ALL WORLD" map system. So the whole earth will be covered in the future. right now the only North American scenery is the Nevada Test and Training Range Map. And it's unbelievable how good it is. Detailed bases are incredible. Way more than I've ever seen in FSX/P3D without it bringing your system to a crawl.. This runs ULTRA smooth and I've almost got in maxed out on my 6 year old system.
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  • Melo's Avatar
    Yesterday, 18:18
    I have all of the Spitfires you mentioned. Have not flown the Plane Design one in a while, so I will have to have another look at it, maybe fly it tomorrow. The cool thing about the Just Flight set is that you can fly any mark you prefer. And they even added a float plane version to their set when they upgraded the set to FSX. I actually helped them re-program the floats so they would work correctly, shortly after the float plane model became available. (Still have a mention on their web page which is cool!) I also have the A2A Spitfire with Accusim, and both the RealAir Spitfires. I have done comparison flight testing with a lot of the spitfires in my hangar, and I keep coming back to the RealAir Mk IX as my favorite. My current favorite is the RealAir Mk IX but repainted as a...
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  • sixstrings5859's Avatar
    Yesterday, 18:01
    Thanks for all the help. Will give it another try when i have time on my hands and not playing with my all my sims. Keeps my free time busy. Thanks again fellas.
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  • Navy Chief's Avatar
    Yesterday, 17:42
    So Oceana and Miramar are included? NC
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  • BoeingvsAirbusNKL's Avatar
    Yesterday, 17:22
    It turned out worse than I thought... good riddance from fsx.
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  • manfredc3's Avatar
    Yesterday, 16:58
    Looking forward to the release. Another gem in the works.
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