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  • mongoose's Avatar
    Today, 15:18
    So the idea of using Fighter Command for guiding ac towards bogies originally arose from guiding non radar 'Cats's Eyes' RAF Defiant and Hurricane Night Fighters to targets. The 2 videos here are examples of a Hurricane and a Defiant MkI. The Hurri should not be cannon mounted but AFAIK we don't have a NF skin with machine guns. I didn't show much or any of the combat and in the case of the Defiant, I ran into the belly of the He111.:biggrin-new:
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  • jimjones's Avatar
    Today, 14:55
    jimjones replied to a thread Autopilots in Flight Simulator 2020
    Great videos. Much to learn,. Many thanks for your help.
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  • dvj's Avatar
    Today, 14:35
    I fear the tradeoff is for X-Box users in favor of FPS. Note the total lack of detail (black areas), in some of the terrain in the new update. Fine detail in the distance is totally missing. It's not my settings, it the update. SAD! Asobo did this to the water textures as well. As has been written, one step forward, two steps backward with every update. A few in the MS forums have noticed, but it's falling of deaf ears. If this turns in to "Flight", I'm out. I certantly won't be buying any addon payware until this improves. -d
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  • stovall's Avatar
    Today, 14:17
    Good to know Tom, I should have known. Got the XBox server error. I thought it was me so I uninstalled again and in the process of putting everything back in place. The problems have made me drift back to the DCS area. Haven't used that for about 10 years with "Lock On." DCS has come a long way since then.
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  • pbearsailor's Avatar
    Today, 14:10
    pbearsailor replied to a thread Turbo Connie in Prepar3D
    This is great fun Roland! Thanks for the effort. :applause: cheers, steve :wavey:
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  • Tom Clayton's Avatar
    Today, 13:47
    I didn't try to fly yesterday, but apparently MS started having issues with their Xbox Live servers yesterday - and it looks like they're still happening. They've acknowledged the issue on their Support Twitter account.
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  • pomme homme's Avatar
    Today, 13:29
    Think back to your childhood and playing in the sandpit .....
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  • Tom Clayton's Avatar
    Today, 13:29
    The sim rate is there, but I forget the default commands. But yeah, there are some things like 2D controls that I miss sometimes. There is a semi-sort-of workaround for that though. Hold the right Alt key as you hover over any electronic display and the mouse should turn to a magnifying glass. Click the display and that screen will pop out as a new undocked window that can be moved to another display. If you're flying a plane that has touch screens, they will still respond to mouse clicks.
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  • Desert Rat's Avatar
    Today, 13:18
    Rami, Happy Thanksgiving to you too (whatever that is, lol, I'm sure eventually it will become a 'thing' here too, Halloween was a minor thing here, with not much fuss until you guys exported it as a balls-to-the-wall thing, with film, lots of decorations, yada yada yada...). It'll be good to have you round here a bit more (keep me out of trouble, lol). Glad you and your family have recovered from what ails you. Wish them all well for me. Give Erica my love and look after her (I know you will), she is probably keeping a lot inside, brave face and all. More than happy to help with the library, a pleasure sir.
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  • Worthless's Avatar
    Today, 13:15
    Worthless replied to a thread Ki-44? in CFS2 General Discussion
    Thanks Roxane-21 and Mikezola....... Appreciate the feed-back. Actually, I found a file I had saved years ago that led me to another site. Still up by the way, with 5 versions. I still think Wolfi's shoki beta is the best looking Ki-44 and Morton's metal skins really dress it up. I also found that UncleTgt did some damage textures to go with Wolfi's beta , but this one at pigeonhole is very good and the cockpit animation is unusual. Especially the two piece 2d panel, and this one has a working VC.
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  • Ferry_vO's Avatar
    Today, 13:12
    Looks like a fun game!
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  • Ferry_vO's Avatar
    Today, 13:11
    A few slightly cropped screenshots from my first hour or so:
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  • dcc's Avatar
    Today, 13:10
    I'm still new to MSFS (coming from FS9 mostly), and between reading posts and running the sim I'm trying to find out if either I'm missing something (haven't found it yet) or the sim just doesn't have some of the functions I regularly use in FS9. As far as I can tell these things are missing - adjustable simulation rate - tower view (fixed point camera) - instant replay - flight analysis window - interactive map, (click on things to get info, drag a/c to reposition a/c etc. - pop-up 2D controls (other than the right Alt feature to detach the graphics portions of glass devices and the few windows that can be detached side as ATC, moving map) - switch aircraft in flight
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  • YoYo's Avatar
    Today, 13:08
    I'm afraid you won't stand it :biggrin-new:! you can deny yourself 4-5 beers ; )
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  • Marty's Avatar
    Today, 12:40
    Thanks alot that was giving me grey hair. It is working great now. Thanks again you are the Best of the Best. :snowman:
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  • Javis's Avatar
    Today, 12:16
    I knew it ! :wink: Despite the fact that i think it should be forbidden for any aircraft manufacturer to develop such a monstrosity except to serve as a merry-go-round object, according to the screenshots this MSFS edition seems to have been put together very well indeed (i do fail to understand why they did not put all this work into developing a proper single seat aircraft) Wasn't it like this grasshopper on steroids is available for FSX/P3D as well ? I just wonder could that have been the basis of this MSFS edition ? ( like Dino's Long EZ and MB339 ?...) Or would this be a first thirdparty original 'from scratch' MSFS iteration ? ( just curious ;-)
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  • Priller's Avatar
    Today, 12:11
    So that is why all of a sudden my GFX card gets hot and I get stutters! I didn't check my settings, but now I will! Thanks for that important pointer dvj!! Priller
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  • Tom Clayton's Avatar
    Today, 12:03
    The lower right of each pic looks like higher detail rather than lower, but the lower elevation areas look like less detail. Maybe it was a tradeoff?
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  • Ferry_vO's Avatar
    Today, 12:01
    Over at the Epic Store, Mudrunner and three DLC packs now for free until December 3rd:
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  • dvj's Avatar
    Today, 11:38
    I am NOT going to buy this!
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