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  • dvj's Avatar
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  • falcon409's Avatar
    Today, 08:43
    All good now. The steer angle was set too high. I've looked at so many other settings from other aircraft I failed to check the Citation (I thought I had). It did require a lower setting than any other airplane I've ever adjusted (20.00), but it works.
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  • Shadow Wolf 07's Avatar
    Today, 08:36
    Thank you for such great work, Max! :wavey::applause:
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  • Dev One's Avatar
    Today, 08:27
    Make sure that the class number is correct in contact points, if it thinks its a skid it makes it solid....found that the other day....memory fade again! Keith
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  • jankees's Avatar
    Today, 08:26
    my first flight, touring the north of Sicily, too bad the Etna was hidden in the clouds jk2075 but it appeared a while later: jk2085 turning over Lipari jk2091 and flying past Reggio Calabria
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  • sixstrings5859's Avatar
    Today, 07:46
    Having a problem installing the new ETO Hs-129. Where do the texture files go ? Thanks anyone for helping this dummy.:dizzy: Regards,Scott ps not sure if these are fx textures or not...
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  • sixstrings5859's Avatar
    Today, 07:38
    A little late but Happy 85th Birthday to the Spitfire !
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  • sixstrings5859's Avatar
    Today, 07:35
    Thank you Ted for the new aircraft. One question though. Where do the texture files go ? I'm not sure. Any help would be appreciated from this dummy:dizzy:. Regards,Scott
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  • srgalahad's Avatar
    Today, 06:58
    You sure can tell a tubby! More beer!:very_drunk:
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  • Motormouse's Avatar
    Today, 06:49
    Real Air 172 its an oldie but goodie Ttfn Pete
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  • MDIvey's Avatar
    Today, 06:41
    MDIvey replied to a thread X-Plane Screenshots in X-Plane
    X Hanger Hercules Flying from Thule (Grand Arctic scenery) Dom Henry Canberra Torquesim Islander
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  • Navy Chief's Avatar
    Today, 06:37
    A friend of mine (who studies the history of Spitfire) tells me that the USN flew them in WW2 as well. It would be cool to have one in USN markings! NC He is coming for a visit later this month, and has never tried flight simulation, let alone VR, so he will be in for a treat!
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  • Navy Chief's Avatar
    Today, 06:32
    Flying this beauty in VR is AMAZING!! NC:encouragement:
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  • Ivan's Avatar
    Today, 06:31
    Hello Aleatorylamp, 12 Degrees C would have been about perfect. I figure it was about 3 Degrees C when I started in the afternoon and the sun was still out and got progressively colder and much more windy. I had a space heater but it didn't help much. The wind was strong enough to close the lid to my tool box and gusts didn't have any trouble going through my jackets. The problem with "Collection" Components isn't that it is hard to call them correctly. It is more that it is hard to create a Collection Component that doesn't bleed through ITSELF at some point. As for flipping a Smooth or Sharp Component inside out, you will observe that each polygon is a (X.Y,Z) direction with a Length. This describes a vector. All I am TRYING to do is to reverse the direction of each vector...
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  • falcon409's Avatar
    Today, 06:21
    7:40 AM XtoMDL Warning warning : Part information for rudder_key indicates that it is deprecated! There are two "Model_Parts" sections to the nose wheel. The full assembly, and the assy that includes the piston, scissors, wheel and tire. It is that section that I applied the change to. The full assy is coded to "Rudder_Key" which kicks out the error seen above whenever I save the mdl file. There are only two options for that. . . ."Rudder_Key" which MCX says is incorrect or "Rudder_Percent_Key" which doesn't work. I changed that to c_gear, which works but allows the nose wheel to deflect 90 degrees left or right. So I'm sticking with this, at least the nose wheel will turn.
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  • expat's Avatar
    Today, 06:09
    Where do people put their maps on their system? SSW says x drive > Programs > Lockheed Martin > P3Dv4 folder. I don't have the last folder down that path, just the P3D SDK's are there. I put the maps in path via Program Data > etc > etc that does lead to a P3DV4 folder. Ist that where others locate it? I don't get the ground return images one sees in the F104 SSW docs - idiot's guide to the radar. Guess the title isn't accurate, LOL!!
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